Amigurumi customisation – Pinkie Pie from MLP:FIM

Hi again. I’ve been trying to post new patterns every week, but I don’t think I’ll be able to sustain that since I currently work and in September I’ll be going back to uni to train as a Textiles teacher. So instead this week I want to link to a free basic pattern someone else has designed, and then give you directions for how to customise it as I did.

So, in a shout out to all my fellow bronies (bronys? I’m not sure how to pluralise my fandom!) here’s Pinkie Pie!

Tips (useful even if you’re not a brony) after the jump.

Ok so the basic pattern can be found over at Cut Out and Keep, designed by Brianna. B. Very simple pattern, one of the first I attempted.

You’ll notice that I changed a few things straight away – no differently coloured feet is the main one, also I’ve put Pinkie Pie together slightly differently so she’s more stood up than the original slumpy pose.

Then there’re three big changes to turn this every day horse into Pinkie Pie.

Cutie Mark

I started by adding the cutie mark (the little picture on her flank for non-brony readers). You can’t see it great, but basically it’s three balloons.

(Not the best photo I know, my camera is my phone and isn’t good with close ups. Also this is technically to show tail placement!)

The cutie mark is simple to add – just three single stitches in blue then yellow the blue again, and three long stitches of white for the strings. Pinkie Pie does have a few scrolling streamers too in the cartoon, but I missed them off to keep this simple.

Mane and Tail

The mane and tail are the next bit changes. Pinkie Pie has LOTS of curly pink hair, so I needed to work out how to curl yarn. Lots of tutorials online tell you how to bake  yarn in the oven to get it to stay curly but could I heck as get any of them to work!

So here’s my way.

Grab a knitting needle (or crochet hook, or long thin cylinder of some kind). Secure your yarn at the top using a slip knot, and then TIGHTLY wrap it around the length of the needle and tie off the end securely.

My kitty Squeak is inspecting my needles to make sure I’ve done it right.

Once you have your wrapped yarn, head over to the sink and soak it through with hot water (doesn’t need to be boiling, and cold will actually work, but hot it probably better). Get it really, thoroughly soaked. Then simply leave it to dry over night (I tried using a hair dryer on one, which you can do if you’re in a rush, but it doesn’t work quite so well.)

Next morning, you slide your yarn off the needle and you should have a corkscrew looking something like this:

Lovely Pinkie Pie hair! Sew it on as the mane and tail and she’s almost done.


The eyes of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters are the key to getting your pony looking just right. They’re all similar, but very different. I’ve seen some fabulously embroidered eyes or felt eyes, but I made up this little (eco friendly!) method myself.

Grab yourself this picture of Pinkie Pie. Using MS Paint or another image editor, get rid of everything but the big eye (the one you can see all of, not her half turned away eye). Double it and flip one image (right and left you see, that’s important!) and size them to the correct size then print them off. Next, grab a (clean) plastic pop bottle (make sure it’s smooth – I used a Lucozade bottle) and cut off a chunk. Cover your eyes with glue over the image (not on the back, on the front) and stick them face down to the bottle chunk. Wait for them to dry, cut round and voila! Plasticated eyes for Pinkie Pie. Use a glue gun to stick them in place.

If you need a fuller tutorial for eye making with step by step photos, then you can find one I wrote on my own Cut Out and Keep page.

And that’s how you customise your own Pinkie Pie! These tips can be used for other amigurumi as well (the mane makes great hair for example). I have also made the rest of the mane six MLP:FIM characters, but they were made when I wasn’t that proficient at crochet, so I’m not pleased with them. They’ll probably get remade at some point and I can post them then.

As always, if you use these tips – in any way, not just on Pinkie Pie – let me know by sending a photo to amiguruthi[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk. If you’re not a brony then I suggest you join the herd because it’s awesome – go to You Tube and look them up 🙂

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