Shakespeare Plushy + free pattern

Hi all

Sorry for the quick and delayed post (as a new blog I can get away with it though, since I have no regular readers!).

This isn’t an amigurumi, because the amigurumi I wanted to post isn’t finished, so instead here is a plushy Shakespeare I made as a leaving thank you gift to the English department I’ve been working in for the last year:

More pictures after the jump, or if you want to go straight to my pattern following this link to my Cut Out and Keep page (it’s 100% designed, drafted and made by me, but I wrote up the How To there and uploaded the pattern pieces, so it’s just easier to send you over there to get them!). Alternatively, email me and I’ll send you the document!

Here’s the 360 degree view:

Close up on his face:

And just so you can get a concept of size:

Snack guarding Shakespeare!

I know he’s not crochet, but I’d be interested if anyone does make him. Emails as usual to amiguruthi[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk.

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