Tooth Fairy (free pattern)

To make up for my last post not actually being an amigurumi, here’s a quicky pattern I whipped up literally half an hour ago! Took me an hour so shouldn’t take you long at all.

Introducing – The Tooth Fairy!

Ok, yes, technically the Tooth Angel, with the halo and all…

I’ve whipped her up for my little sister (she’s a dental nurse, just about to finish training and start her first proper job) but this would be a cute gift for kids who’ve just lost their first teeth, or who’re nervous about any dental treatment (I know I was terrified when I first got braces – I wore them for almost seven years, so at least I had time to get over the fear!).

Free pattern after the jump.

The Essentials:

Hook: 2mm. (The finished size is only 1.5” tall, so tiny is better here)

Wool: DK in white and pale yellow

Also needed: Black embroidery thread; yellow felt.

Finished Size: 1.5” tall, 3/4” wide.


CH = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

SL ST = Slip Stitch

INC = Increase

DEC = Decrease

NB: I start my amigurumi using CH2 for simplicity, but if you prefer you can use a magic ring.

Tooth body


Round 1: 6sc in 2nd ch from hook (6)
Round 2: 1sc in each (6)
Round 3: 1sc in each (6)

Finish, leave a long tail for sewing. Repeat so that you have two numbs (or roots):

Sew together through one stitch:

I also tied the spare tails at the top for security then trimmed them off.

To continue the tooth, insert your hook into any stitch and CH1:

Insert, yarn over

Draw loop through and CH1

Round 1: Sc around the outside edge of the roots (12sc)
(NB: The count gets dodgy, but try get 12sc to carry on following this pattern)
Round 2: INC around, 2sc in each stitch (24sc)
Round 3: Sc around (24sc)
Round 4: Sc around (24sc)
Round 5: DEC around (12sc)
Round 6: DEC around (6sc)

Finish off and sew closed. Leave a long tail to create a loop if you want to make this into a keyring as I will be doing, or you can make it just a tiny pocket buddy.


Cut this shape out of yellow felt:

Tip: Fold in half and cut three rounded points on the non-folded egde. Unfold and you’ll have symmetrical wings.

Sew to the back of your tooth.


Join ends with SL ST and tie off leaving long tail for sewing.
Sew to head using the tail – I secured it at just one point at the back of the head. If you’re making a loop, remember to slip the halo over the white tail:


Embroider your face using the black thread.

Create your loop if you want one, and enjoy your Tooth fairy!

As always, I’d love to see photos of any you make. Email me at amiguruthi[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk.

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