Cute Lil’ Voodoo Doll (free pattern)

This weeks offering to the amigurumi gods is a pattern I created back the beginning of the year. It’s very simple and quick, especially for beginner crocheters.

A cute lil’ Voodoo Doll, for anyone who needs a bit of heart soothing, or some revenge…

Ooh look – borders and text too!

More photos and free pattern after the jump.

The Essentials:

Hook: Depends what wool you use. In the photo I used a 3.5mm E hook because I used what I think is either lace or super fine yarn (I got given it without any tags so I don’t know for sure). If you’re using DK, then go down a few hook sizes, try a 2mm hook to get the same size.

Wool: Any in any colour – this is a good way to use up scraps.

Also needed: Contrasting wool for face stitching; red or pink wool for heart motif.

Finished Size: 2” tall, 1” wide.


CH = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

INC = Increase

DEC = Decrease

NB: I start my amigurumi using CH2 for simplicity, but if you prefer you can use a magic ring.


Round 1: Ch 3/ magic ring
Round 2: 6sc in 2nd stitch/ centre (depends how you started!) (6)
Round 3: Inc around (12)
Round 4: [1sc, Inc] (Repeat around) (18)
Round 5: [2sc, Inc] (Repeat around) (24)
Round 6: 24sc (24)
Round 7: 24sc (24)
Round 8: [2sc, Dec] (Repeat around) (18)
Round 9: [1sc, Dec] (Repeat around) (12)
Round 10: Dec around (6)
Round 11: Dec around (3)
Finish off leaving really long tail, then make this tail into a loop (if you want this as a ‘keyring’ like in the photo).


Round 1: Ch 3/ magic ring
Round 2: 6sc in 2nd stitch/ centre (6)
Round 3: Inc around (12)
Round 4: 12sc (12)
Round 5: 12sc (12)
Round 6: 12sc (12)
Round 7: Dec around (6)
STUFF (including your victims hair if you’re going for Voodoo authenticity!)
Round 8: Dec around (3)
Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing. Attach body to head.

LEGS (Make two)
Round 1: Ch 3/ magic ring
Round 2: 6sc in 2nd stitch/ centre (6)
Round 3: 6sc (6)
Round 4: 6sc (6)
Round 5: Dec around (3)
Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing. Attach legs to body.

ARMS (Make two)
Round 1: Ch 3/ magic ring
Round 2: 6sc in 2nd stitch/ centre (6)
Round 3: 6sc (6)
Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing. Attach arms to body.


To decorate, use a bright red or pink yarn to embroider a heart to the chest (I cannot say how I did my heart, because it was trial and error, but it’s just using usual DK yarn and pretty easy to work out how to do).
Also using a bright coloured DK yarn stick on some crosses for eyes and a long horizontal line crossed with vertical lines (classic zombie face).

Sorry that there aren’t more instructional photos. I would’ve made another to photograph as I went along, but I’m in a bit of a rush today, and most of this week in fact! At some point I will update this patterns with better photos.

As always, if you have a go at the Cute Lil’ Voodoo Doll, I’d love to see photos. Email me at amiguruthi[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk.

21 thoughts on “Cute Lil’ Voodoo Doll (free pattern)

    • Well if you have constructive critism I’m happy to hear it. I’m not sure if you’re trying to say this amigurumi is bad or not but if you can give me tips for how to improve that’d be more helpful. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Being a long time crafter since childhood. I learned it from my Great Grandmother, Grandmother and Mother, every thing from A to Z. I can still remember being woken up in the middle of the night by the pounding taps of the mallot on the leather stamps or the Singer sewing machine running in spurts. I think your Voodoo Doll is Cute and creative. I was surprised to see what the actual size was, 2″x1″?! That’s tiny! That’s what makes it sooo cute. I love it! It’s obvious that your not using it for any occult means. I think it’s fine just as it is. In reviewing and reflection: I really can’t think of much else you could do. Except maybe add some hair, maybe? Other wise, excellent job well done!

      • It is very tiny, the head is what makes it look bigger than it actually is.
        Thanks for the comment – sorry it’s taken me so long to respond but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate it. I grew up crafting too, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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  2. I was in New Orleans last week with my family. They fell in love with the different voodoo dolls. I told my kids I could probably make them each one. Thanks for the pattern. It is cute!!!

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  5. omg so cute! i had a go and i’m so happy! i’ve always wanted to learn how to make a crochet doll and this has helped so much. My little voodoo doll isn’t perfect but for my very first doll every i am over the moon ❤ thank you very much 😀

    • Ooh cute idea! You could combine this idea with some triangle felt ears (look on my ‘patterns’ page for ‘lucky kitty’ and there’s a photo of how you’d do it there) and some yarn whiskers perhaps? x

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