Team GB Olympic Hammer Throwing Lemming (link to free pattern)

The Olympics have started! I watched the opening ceremony, felt proud to be British, and then probably won’t be watching any more until the closing ceremony. I’m just not that into sport…

But, I am into Lemmings and I am into crochet, so I got involved with the Ravellenic – Ravelry’s wooly answer the the Olympics. The idea is that you join a team and submit your creations in different events to win ‘medals’. I joined Team Planet June, because I’ve wanted to crochet her Lemming pattern for the longest time. Here’s my entry to the Toy Toss: The Team GB Hammer Throwing Lemming!

More photos and a pattern analysis after the jump, but if you just want to get the patten follow the link above.

The pattern is actually called ‘Mop Top Mascot’ but they look so much like Lemmings that the creator also made the props to create all the traditional Lemmings. I decided when I found out about the Ravellenics that they would also lend themselves to a variety of events, the Hammer Throw being one of the most fun to make and pose – all it took was a length of chain reinforced with wire and a bead stuck on the end.

Team GB Lemming prepares for the Throw…

The pattern is largely pretty simple. I did try to master the magic circle for this, because June is a big fan, but I got it to work on the nose and then couldn’t crack it again, so I reverted back to my usual CH2 approach.

… she winds it up …

I’ve been using a 2mm hook for a few projects recently, so going back up to a 3.5mm hook felt a bit clunky. It also left a few holes in the stitches, although I assume this is more to do with my technique rather than the hook. Regardless,  the separate pieces (head, body, arms and feet) were a dream to crochet after trying some more fiddly stuff recently. It’s also a really clear pattern, so nice and straight forward to follow.

… she winds it up some more …

The hair was the main problem I had with this pattern. It calls for eyelash yarn, which, as you can see, looks really cute when it’s all made and attached, but is absolute hell to crochet with. I’m not entirely sure that I kept up the stitch count but I tried my best. As it went along it got easier, so maybe with a full piece it’d be ok to work with, but for a tiny cap it almost made me give up! If anyone has any techniques for working with the stuff, please let me know in the comments!

… and lets the hammer fly! Or she would if it wasn’t glued into her hands.

The last thing I did once I’d assembled the Lemming was to pose her, which I don’t usually bother with but I wanted to make this one look extra good since it’s a competition entry. In June’s Lemming adaptations linked above, she does a Floater (Lemming with an umbrella) which is held up off the ground with a wire base. So I tried to imitate that, but the wire I had is only thin jewellery wire, so while it holds the Lemming in the action pose, without some sort of ballast she falls over (ruining her Olympic hopes!). Hence the rock in the photos.

Overall, I’m pleased with how my Olympian Lemming has turned out. I saw on Ravelry that someone has made a whole bunch of Lemmings that run round their room, which is awesome and is something I aspire to emulating. Once i get over my aversion to eyelash yarn maybe…

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