Batman villain bat keyrings (free pattern)

So here’s the follow up to last weeks Batman and Robin pattern – the Batman villain series. Introducing: Bane, The Joker and Harley Quinn!

(Harley Quinn after the jump is a little different, but I forgot to retake the group shot after I improved her before I gave her away). 

Clearer photos and how to edit the pattern from last week after the jump.

Now, I’ll start by saying that I’m not actually as pleased with these three as I am with last weeks heroes. They all need some work, but I wanted to share the pattern and see if anyone else could help me with improvements because I have creation blindness – that feeling you get when you’ve looked at a piece for slightly too long and can’t see the wood for the trees (or in this case, the faults for the stitches). Any alterations and additions or just photos of versions are very welcome – email me at amiguruthi[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk.

Before the alterations, here’s the trunkated version of the basic body/head pattern, no colour changes (they’ll be in the seperate character sections below).

Using a 3.5mm (E) hook, CH2/ magic ring

Round 1: 6sc into centre of 2nd stitch from hook/ magic ring [6]
Round 2: INC around [12]
Round 3: [1sc, INC] Repeat around [18]
Round 4: [2sc, INC] Repeat around [24]
Round 5 – 7: Sc around [24]
Round 8: [2sc, DEC] Repeat around [18]
Round 9: [1sc, DEC] Repeat around [12]
Round 10: DEC around [6]

Stuff firmly

Switch to peach (all versions except Harley Quinn)

Round 11: INC around [12]
Round 12: [1sc, INC] Repeat around [18]
Round 13: [2sc, INC] Repeat around [24]
Round 14 – 16: Sc around [24]
Round 17: [2sc, DEC] Repeat around [18]
Round 18: [1sc, DEC] Repeat around [12]
Round 19: DEC around [6]

Finish off, stuff firmly and sew the hole closed.

Turn by turn on the alternations then, starting with my favourite:


Bane Bat is heavily based on the Dark Knight Rises version, not the original comic book (or Tim Burton) version. This is because I just like the new guy!

I didn’t have much brown felt, so his wings are slightly smaller than the others.

To make his body, colour change as below:

Rounds 1 – 5: Black (trousers)
Rounds 6 – 10: Grey (vest)
Rounds 11 – 19: Peach
Wings: Brown felt (like his coat in the film)

The mask was made by:

Ch 7
Row 1: 6sc (start in second chain from hook). [6] Ch1 turn
Row 2: DEC, 2sc, DEC [4] Ch1 turn
Row 3: DEC, DEC, [2] Ch1 turn
Row 4: DEC [1]
SL ST around the whole of the outside (I think it was around 12 sl st, but I can’t honestly remember! Do as many as you need to). Finish off leaving long tail for sewing, and attach to the face with the top point just above the centre.

To make the straps, ch approx 15 to go around the head horizontally and sew in place. Ch approx 12 to go over the head vertically (I say ‘approx’ because your head may turn out bigger/ smaller than mine, so try before you stitch!).

Sew on eyes using black wool/ embroidery thread.

The Joker

This time based very heavily on the original clowny Joker, not the Heath Ledger, Dark Knight version.

To make his body, colour change as below:

Rounds 1 – 5: Purple (trousers)
Rounds 6 – 9: Green (waistcoat)
Round 10: Orange (shirt)
Rounds 11 – 15: Peach
Rounds 16 – 19: Green
Wings: Green felt (or you could skip the coat section below and go for purple).

To make the coat (not seen great on the photo, but you can just see the little tails at the bottom on the photo above):

Jacket body

Rows 1 – 5: 15sc starting in second chain from hook [15] ch1, turn
Row 6: 15sc starting in second chain from hook [15]
Finish off leaving long tail for sewing.

Jacket tails (make two)
Rows 1-3: 4sc starting in second chain from hook [3] ch1, turn
Row 4: DEC, DEC [2] ch1, turn
Row 5: 2sc
Finish off and sew to middle of jacket body.

Sew the completed jacket around the body section, lining up where the tails meet the jacket body with the colour change from purple to green.

Sew on eyes, nose and (erm, name needed!) line with black wool/ embroidery thread, and mouth with red wool/ embroidery thread. Sew a line down the front of the shirt/waistcoat to show the split in black wool/ embroidery thread.

Harley Quinn

Since she’s not been in any films yet (Travesty! She’s an awesome character!) Harley Quinn Bat is based on the original comic books. I love her costume in the Arkham Asylum game though, that’d make a neat version too.

The edits from above are a bigger mask and cleaner wings. The first photo show a four way split in the wings, but I glue gunned the joins and they looked a mess, so I simplified. If you’re more patient than me and sew them, a four way split would look awesome.

For ease, I’m writing out her full pattern for body/head:

CH2/ magic ring in red

Round 1: 3sc red; 3sc black into centre of 2nd stitch from hook/ magic ring [6]
Round 2: INC three times in red, INC three times in black around [6 red, 6 black = 12]
Round 3: [1sc, INC] Repeat three times red, three times black [9 red, 9 black = 18]
Round 4: [2sc, INC] Repeat  three times red, three times black [12 red, 12 black = 24]
Round 5: 12sc red, 12sc black [24]
Round 6 – 7:  12sc black, 12sc red [24]
Round 8: [2sc, DEC] Repeat three times black, three times red [9 black, 9 red = 18]
Round 9: [1sc, DEC] Repeat three times black, three times red [6 black, 6 red = 12]
Round 10: DEC  three times black, three times red [3 black, 3 red = 6]

Stuff firmly

Round 11: INC white, INC twice red, INC twice black, INC white [2 white, 4 red, 4 black, 2 white = 12]
Round 12: [1sc, INC] once white, twice red, twice black, once white [3 white, 6 red, 6 black, 3 white = 18]
Round 13: [2sc, INC] once white, twice red, twice black, once white [4 white, 8 red, 8 black, 4 white = 24]
Round 14 – 16: 4sc white, 8sc red, 8sc black, 4sc white [24]
Round 17: [2sc, DEC] three times red, three times black [9 red, 9 black = 18]
Round 18: [1sc, DEC] three times red, three times black [6 red, 6 black = 12]Round 19: DEC three times red, three times black [3 red, 3 black = 6]

I really hope that makes sense! If not please ask in the comments and I’ll try clarify. An easier way  to make the head would be to make a fully white head with a separate hood, but that’s a trial for another time!

To make the hood horns (one red, one black):

Row 1 – 3: 6sc starting in second chain from hook [6] Ch1, turn
Row 4: 6sc starting in second chain from hook [6]
finish leaving a long tail for sewing. Fold in half length ways and sew edges together. Sew to the correct side of the hood, and add a decorative white stitch in the tip (should be bobbles on the end, so really tiny pompoms would look cute if you have any too).

Neck Ruff (just seen):

Ch16 (or as many as you need to go round the neck)
Row 1: 15sc starting in second chain from hook.
Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing and sew in place.


Make half a wing in black felt and half a wing in red felt. Join along the centre and sew in place.

The mask is the same as Robins, but in black:

Row 1: 6Sc starting in second chain from hook. [6] CH1 to turn.
Row 2: 6Sc
Finish leaving long tail for sewing. Once sewn on, sew two eyes in white yarn.

Sew on her nose and mouth in black wool/ embroidery thread.

Out of the three (in fact, out of the FIVE) Harley Quinn is by far the hardest to make because of all the colour changing. I made two of all the others to try sell at a local gallery, but I only attempted one of her. They’ve been on sale a week, and none have sold though, so give it a few more weeks and they might end up on Etsy or Ebay!

I’d love to see any photos of your creations as always, email me at amiguruthi[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk. If you have a go at adapting the design into other characters I’d love to see them too, I just ran out of steam and time!

Back to a fuller photo step by step guide next week too – I have a bigger challenge for you in the works…

This project is my second entry to Yarndango over at Aunty’s Tearoom.

6 thoughts on “Batman villain bat keyrings (free pattern)

  1. Oh, LOL – Love that – spin a yarn! I don’t know how you did that so quickly, but welcome to WordPress! I am going to update the links from my blog to yours. You must be a techno-wizard. 🙂

    • Lol I looked up how to import all my posts over from Tumblr quickly so initially I was just having a play to see if it worked. Found a theme, messed around and it’s not half bad so I decided to stay! I still want to personalise it a bit more, make an official logo and get a nice background, but it’ll all do for now. I worked out how to get a Yarndango link up permanently too which is totally better than Tumblr!

  2. Hi,
    Those are so cute, very creative! Truthfully, I work much better with scissors and paper, they are my favorite to work with. I Never learned how to crochet, well except for the chain stitch my grandma taught me. My mom tried to teach me to knit, but all I did was irritate my mother…and she gave up. Anyway, when I found the knifty knitter it looked easy for me to figure out and I have been making hats and scarves for the past three or four years. I am just now figuring out that I can make other things with the knifty knitters, which makes me happy. Anyway…It is nice to meet you!

    • Nice meeting you too!
      I’m only a recent convert to crochet myself. My Mum is adamant that I learn to knit (in her words ‘before [she] dies’) so I thought I’d start with what I perceived to be the simpler option lol. I really like the pumpkins you posted that were knifty knitted – looks like something you can get really creative with 🙂

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