Alf comes to visit!

A mid-week Amiguruthi post?! I know right? Not a pattern, rather a chance to squee about something I won recently. It’s amigurumi related I promise!

This little guy arrived in my life mere hours ago:

How he came to invade my home is one of those awesome internet happen stance stories. Find out he travelled from Aunty’s Tea Room over to me after the jump.

So one day, I was browsing the blogosphere, and I came across a lovely little Facebook page called Mad Crochet Lab, which linked to a very cool blog called Aunty’s Tea Room. On there was a competition to win a little Alien Finger Puppet by being the lucky commenter, so I whacked a comment on and continued browsing. Scanning through the pages I found that not only is Teeni, the blogger, a talented crafter, but that she’d also recently found a cat called Chocolate Chip who has FIV (precursor to feline AIDS) and is using her creativity to afford his treatment. Since my own cat – Squeak (named after the noise she makes) – came to live with us in much the same way Chocolate Chip did to her (turned up on the doorstep all thin and lost and demanded attention, luckily for me without any medical issues other than a tendency to eat caterpillars) I immediately liked the place and hung around. If you care for kitties go check out her blog! She’s also the one running Yarndango, and presumably never sleeps.

Anyway, I was happily lurking and had even forgotten the competition until I got an email (and blog comment – I’m hard to track down some weeks) saying that a little Alien was flying over to me from the mystical planet of the US of A! (Although I apparently write patterns using US terminology, I am in fact UK based. That’s what learning crochet on the internet does for you!) I waited excitedly, watching for spaceships…

Unfortunately he got held up in customs. So I had to wait a week until I could go bail him out of his cell and bring him home. At the Post Office – sorry, the Illegal Aliens department – I was given a large box:

The tiniest prison cell in the world

I took a pen to the tape (I use lots of technical tools in my every day life) and struggled to free my new house guest. Inside was a mass of pink Alien Transportation Goo:

What is this unearthly substance?

Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be remarkably similar to Earth’s own bubble wrap. I must admit, I nearly stopped unpacking just to pop bubbles, but no! I continued! And finally I released Alf…

… and his sidekick, Packaging Peanut.

Without further ado, Alf clambered his way out of the Spaceship, no doubt needing to stretch his legs after so long in transit.

He briefly came closer to introduced himself and let me inspect the first other non-me made amigurumi I have ever seen:

And then pounced on my laptop to email the folks back home and let them know he was safe.

Dear all. Made it to the strange planet of Yorkshire. It is raining so much I am scared of flooding. Packaging Peanut floats however, so I am confident of my ability to survive.

Email sent, he got back in the spaceship to explore and meet the other inhabitatants of the planet, starting with Squeak, the lady in charge of everyone.

Alf pays worship to the Cat Goddess Squeak…

Squeak approves.

He is currently off exploring, although I expect him back in time for tea…

5 thoughts on “Alf comes to visit!

  1. Oh my word – this is the best post ever. You had me in stitches the whole time and gave LOL a whole new meaning for me since it was the most caught-off-guard laughter to escape me while sitting here alone and reading a post. I am so excited that you were the winner of this little alien and so glad you have a silly sense of humor much like my own. I thoroughly enjoyed this and cannot wait to link to this post so everyone else can read it. Not only a funny post but very well written and great photos! I love your kitty Squeak (and her name). She is very much in charge! 🙂

    • Oh Squeak is totally in charge! She originally decided that she was going to live with us when my boyfriend started stroking her one day after she came to eat the caterpillars in our garden – just waltzed in and sat on the sofa, giving us all fleas in the process. She also regularly invades the house of an older guy across the road if we’re both out of the house, and she has him wrapped round her little finger too. I love her to bits though, even when she’s a proper madam. She’s very taken with Alf! As am I – I’m never actually seen anyone else’s amigurumi work, so it’s really cool for me 🙂
      Thanks for the compliments! This is literally what was going through my mind as I was unboxing (the pink bubble wrap amazed me – simple things eh?!).

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