Pinky-Orange Hippy Beanie (link to free pattern)

Slight deviation from the theme today, because I’ve had one of those weeks where I don’t seem to have found the time to sit down and really focus on a project, which is how I like to approach my amigurumi, rather than in little chunks. That annoys me. So I settled this week for making a beanie hat.

Ignore my ear and focus on the wool!

Link to the pattern and more photos/ ramblings after the jump.

I’m NOT a hat person by nature. In fact, I go out of my way to avoid hats at all cost (I’ll never be able to work in the fast food industry because of this. I feel robbed, really I do). But recently I’ve been looking at pictures of slouchy hats (when you start to crochet, there seems to be a million patterns for them!) and thinking ‘hmm, that might look ok…’ I never tried one before now because I rapidly talk myself out of it, usually with ‘oh but I don’t have good quality wool, and cheap wool wouldn’t hold up to regular wear, now where’s my *insert name of amigurumi here*?’

BUT! The other week I was looking for something in a charity shop. I LOVE charity shops! So much useless tat, but if you look hard enough you can find a total gem: a designer top, a pair of killer shoes, or, just occasionally, wool. I found six skeins of some gorgeous pinky orange wool from Araucania, plus a few balls of chunky fleecy wool, and some cheaper but still ok quality peach wool all going for £8 total ($16ish to my American readers). Considering that just one skein of the first would cost probably a good £5 I snapped them up.

Then I found I had no excuse NOT to try making a hat, plus I needed something I could do ten minutes of and then put back down again.

So pattern hunting I went, and I found this Really Easy Slouchy Beanie pattern from Jen Likes Yarn. I figured it looked easy enough (the clue was in the name wasn’t it?) and if it turned out that it looked horrible on me, my little sister’s birthday is next week and I could give it to her.

Surprisingly , it turned out very nice!

Ruth gurns at the camera…

And the back doesn’t look silly either!

It really is slouchy!

The pattern really was incredibly easy. If you can do Double Crochet then you’re fine, and if you can’t then by the end you’ll have learnt! In fact, when it switched to Single Crochet for the brim, I kept getting confused and trying to double it up. It took me a while to make because I kept breaking off, plus it is literally just rounds and rounds of the same thing which didn’t hold my attention too well, but I’m glad I stuck with it because I really like the final piece. I think the good quality wool really helps when it comes to a pattern like this. In the past I’ve always ended up doing a lot of stitch splitting while crocheting Double Crochet (although, since I can only usually afford cheap wool, I tend to find a lot of my work is peppered with undoing rounds to take out the ugly split stitch even in Single Crochet). When I’m rich, I’m only going to use expensive yarn! This stuff is also sport weight I think, so much smoother than the usual DK stuff. Which actually made it a very tight fit, but it’s stretching out well so that’s ok. My other half really likes this hat too, say it really suits me, which is the biggest selling point for me!

So hat made (Yarndango project number 3!), now I just have to find a project for the remaining five skeins. I’m thinking a really big rhino. If I can get through balling them up – honestly the most infuriating thing EVER!

Next week I’ll be back posting a free amigurumi pattern of my own design, I already started working on it, just weeding out the faults in the pattern at the moment. I actually already have the next weeks pattern too, but it was made for a birthday present for a friend so I don’t want to post it until after I’ve given it to her just in case. It’s awesome though. Just so you know 🙂

5 thoughts on “Pinky-Orange Hippy Beanie (link to free pattern)

  1. Oh wow! That is a really neat hat! I love hats and I don’t know why you wouldn’t wear one before this – it looks great on you as I’m sure other styles do also! Regardless, your hat came out great – I love the colors and goodness don’t you have the most beautiful silvery blonde hair ever?! You’re a very pretty model! 🙂 I cannot wait to see what other things you have been working on!

    • Aww I’m blushing now, thank you. The hair is the result of many, many home bleaching kits and the recent discovery of silver shampoo and conditioner. I have a love hate (currently on the upwards swing) relationship with my hair so it’s nice to have it complimented!

      I have quite a small head, so hats tend to swap my face and make me look really weird (I’ve had this confirmed by my family in the nicest way possible lol) so I’m pleased to find one that suits me. I’ll probably end up making a few different colour ones to match to different outfits – it’s opened up a world of hat based possibilities 🙂

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