Midweek Squee: Base Edit

So here’s how I’ve so far customised my Basic Human Amigurumi Base which I posted at the weekend.

First up is Finnick Odair for the Hunger Games Trilogy (Books 2 and 3) which I made for my little sister’s birthday (I say little – she turned 20 on Sunday!).

For those of you not familiar with Finnick, he is a former Hunger Games champion from a water based District (District 4) and the ‘clothes’ (term used loosely!) I’ve made him in are from the opening ceremony where he wears just a net and carries a trident. Fisherman, gettit? He’s by far the funniest character in the book, and my sister and I both have a mini lit-crush on him. Even if you DON’T know who he is, after the jump I’ll go through how I made and attached his hair, the net and his trident which might be of use to you 🙂

The second edit I have made so far is Ajani Goldmane, a Planeswalker from the card game Magic: The Gathering.

Again, probably one most readers won’t know – he’s essentially a White Magic wielder that looks like a big albino lion. Again, after the jump I’ll tell you how I made his mane.

So, jump on in!

Ok, lets start with Finnick. I made his hair using fringe, which I’m not particularly sure I make in the correct way, but it’s the way that works for me! In this case, fringe is like the loop stitch, with a chain foundation and a loop of wool.

Firstly, to make fringe, you need a strip of card as wide as you want your loops to be. For Finnick, I wanted tightly-loose curls. That makes no sense I know – think cool surfer guy. Either way, my card was about 5mm wide, so very thin. Grab your crochet hook (for small hoops I used my 2mm hook, but any size works depending on if you want big loops or little loops). Take your yarn, and make a slip stitch and Ch1 as you would normally. Now, before making your next ch, wrap the yarn around the card THEN yarn over and complete the ch stitch. This should leave you with a loop around the card.

Here’s a diagram:


Repeat until you have a loooong strand of fringe (for Finnick I had a good 6 inches), finish off and pull the card out from the centre. The loops aren’t particularly secure, so you need to sew it on the head ASAP. Start by working out where you want your hair line to be – in Finnick’s case, I decided that I wanted it to cover the back half of his head. Start at the centre point (on the photo below that nicely worked out as the centre ring) and lay your hair down from centre to outside edge (however far down the side you want it to go – where I decreed chin length to be in this case). Sew it down as you go using either yarn of the same colour you made the hair from (like I did) or regular sewing cotton that won’t show through. Then loop around and make a row behind the first one coming back up to the centre. Keep going until you’ve covered all the area you need covered.



What you should try to keep using this way is a natural parting of the hair (you might be able to just see the line down the centre in the photo below).



Or to put it in a very bad diagram form:


Follow the red line, the green line is your centre parting.

Of course, you can just go left to right, right to left down the head from front to back, but that gave a more mane like effect than I wanted.

If none of that makes sense, let me know in the comments and I’ll take more photos next time I do it!

To finish off Finnick’s hair, I added a few bits of fringe. I made six short strands of ch7, and sewed them on to the front of the hairline, fanning out from the centre.

To finish Finnick entirely, I created a net using gold embroidery thread. I made enough chains to tie round him (I cannot remember the amount and I didn’t write it down – oops), then repeated {Dc, Skip/Ch1} to the end of the row, ch3 to turn and repeat back the other way. This makes pretty convincing net. The trident is made of fimo modelling clay and sewn in place.

Here’s the 360 degree photo shoot:

Front close up

Back close up


And here’s the happy new owner:

Right, now onto Ajani Goldmane (have you kept reading this far? One internetz cookie for you if you have!) This bit won’t be as long cos I don’t have to go through making fringe again!

Ajani should look like this:


I’ve obviously chibi-fied him a little!

Side by side for comparison of chibification.

Ajani’s mane is made using the exact same fringe technique as Finnick’s hair, but this time I made the loops about 2 inches wide, and after sewing in place in the head (using the left to right, right to left layout this time) I cut them so they’re strands not loops. Note I say AFTER sewing them in place – I tried it before sewing them on and the fringe fell to bits. Not recommended! It turns out like this:


I also added a few strands at the front again, but this time I just looped lengths of wool around a stitch (ditto for making his tiny beard).

If you look at a side view of Ajani, you can see his face has been elongated slightly to create a muzzle.

Ok, so it isn’t a proper side view, but you can see what I mean right?

I was planning on telling you how I made that effect, but clever girl that I am I’ve written over the edit when I was typing the pattern out in full *Sigh* If I ever try it again I’ll do an update. I know that when it came to the ‘Round 9 – 13: Sc around [48]’ I added a bunch of increases half way through each row (I want to say I added in 24 extra stitches on row 10, making rows 10 – 12 72sc, but I need to think properly how I achieved that).

Memo to self – always write down the full pattern at the time and don’t delete anything ever!

I could go through how I made all his bits of clothes, because I DID write them down (I plan on making the four other main Planeswalkers from the game, and some of them wear similar stuff) but I’ll only bother if there is demand for it since this is such a long post already.

Ajani still needs a weapon, but I need more fimo before I can give him his two headed axe/ scythe thingy!

So that’s my base edits – I’ll be doing many more in the future no doubt, and I’d love to see yours. I’d do a gallery post specially for them if you email me at amiguruthi[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk



13 thoughts on “Midweek Squee: Base Edit

  1. Oh, wow! These are terrific! Isn’t it amazing how you can get such different hair looks by just altering a technique? You are so clever and these are wonderful interpretations of your base pattern! I did not know either of these characters but I do want to read Hunger Games – I already saw the first movie and normally I read the books first but I am still reading The Name of the Wind Trilogy so need to get to that next. Oh, I just noticed that you took some photos outside on the street! Did you really do that or is that photoshop trick photography? Maybe I should do that to get better photos! 😀 I am going to link to these posts with the next Yarndango post next Wednesday if that is okay with you so more people will see what can be done with your basic pattern!

    • Fine by me – I didn’t tag them as Yarndango cos it’s basically the same thing, but I’ll go back and add the tag is that’s the case 🙂

      The Hunger Games are seriously amazing books. I was dubious because it just sounded like a Battle Royale knock off, and I really love BR, but they definitely stand alone as a series. Surprisingly adult to say they’re meant to be kids books too. I’ve not heard of the Name of the Wind Trilogy – what’s that about? I’m reading the Game of Thrones books at the mo. Half way through book two, so I’ve got a fair while to go lol.

      I did actually go outside for the photos, it’s in my tiny square of patio’d front yard. It’s rare to see sun in Yorkshire, so I thought I’d make the most of it. It does make for a better photo I find, no issues with the flash beggering things up!

  2. So cute! And I love this series you’re doing on basic but more advanced techniques! There’s so much basic amigurumi information out there but not enough about how to take that information to the next level. Very clever!

    • Thanks – I hadn’t thought about it like that. I still consider myself a beginner so the idea of helping others take it to the next level was alien for a sec there lol. But it’s true you really do have to dig for the next level techniques, everything seems to be basic basic or really advanced.

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  6. I have a grandson due in December…my first grandchild!!! My son and daughter in law are avid Magic players and plan to name him Jace. I would love a written pattern for Jace as well as his clothing. I am not good at making and writing patterns. Thank you in advance!!

    • Hi Barbara. That sounds awesome! Congratulations on your first grandchild (and on raising such a cool kid to become his father!)

      I did actually make Jace with a different body. I didn’t write down the pattern unfortunately, and n longer have the doll to work it out retroactively but you can see it at the link below and see what you can work out? I basically did the body all in blue and the head and one hand peach, then used embroidery to add on the detail, and some square/rectangle bits to form the cape and skirt. The hood I believe was as below:

      Round 1: 6sc into centre of the magic ring [6]
      Round 2: INC around [12]
      Round 3: {1sc, INC} repeat around [18]
      Round 4: {2sc, INC} repeat around [24]
      Round 5: {3sc, INC} repeat around [30]
      Round 6: {4sc, INC} repeat around [36]
      Round 7-9: Sc around [36]

      Final round in white. It might take some fiddling with though.


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