Eeyore Aerial Topper (Free Pattern)

So I don’t think this can technically be counted as part of Yarndango, since I designed it back March/ April time, but I’ve crocheted a few of these now and so I thought I’d share the pattern. There’s nothing new because I have no time whatsoever this week to actually crochet which is a whole bucket load of sucky. Life should calm down in a couple of weeks though.

Anyway – enough of my personal woes, here’s what I’m giving you this week. The Eeyore Aerial Topper!



Aerial Toppers are, of course, things that stick on your car aerial (sometimes also called Aerial Boppers). They’re very useful for helping you find your car in packed car parks, something I definitely needed. As a HUGE Eeyore fan, I knew what I wanted to grace my little KA when I got her last summer. After quickly losing an official Disney one I decided that It’d be far more personal, and a damned site cheaper, to crochet my own. Make yours with the pattern after the jump. If you’re not a driver, they also make great Pencil Toppers for school/ college/ uni.

First things first – yes, I know this is inside out. I hadn’t learnt how to flip my crochet as I worked when I first made this so the photos are all the wrong way out. I would show you my current right way out one (I’ve made three so far – this one has lasted the longest since I glued it to my aerial to prevent fall off/ being nicked) but it’s months old and has suffered with sun fading. It doesn’t detract that much anyway πŸ™‚

Secondly, this pattern isn’t formatted like my usual ones because I don’t have much time to post this. At some point I may go back and get it in line with the rest of my blog, but it hopefully won’t matter too much for you following it.

Right, here we go:

The Essentials:

Hook: 4mm (6) and 3mm (D).

Wool: DK in pale blue, lilac, peach and black.

Also needed: Black embroidery thread, cotton ball 2.5cm/ 1″ in diameter (widely available for just pennies at your local fabric store. Make sure it has a hole in the bottom).

Finished Size: 2.5cm diameter.



CH = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

SL ST = Slip Stitch

DEC = Decrease


NB I start my amigurumi using CH2 for simplicity, but if you prefer you can use a magic ring.

BODY(Use 4mm hook):

Ch2 in lilac

Round 1: 6Sc in second chain from hook (6) Leave a small hole in the centre for the aerial to go through.

Round 2: Inc around (12)

Round 3: [Inc, Sc] repeat around (18)


Switch to light blue:

Round 4: [Inc, Sc, Sc] repeat around (24)

Round 5: [Inc, Sc, Sc, Sc,] repeat around (30)

Rounds 6 – 9: Sc around (30)


Put your ball in here. The rest of the body is crocheted around the ball. Stick a spare crochet hook in the hole to keep it in place – I found a 6mm/ Size J hook is the same size as my aerial!


Round 10: [Dec, Sc, Sc, Sc] repeat around (24)

Round 11: [Dec, Sc, Sc] repeat around (18)

Round 12: [Dec, Sc] repeat around (12)

Round 13: Dec around (6)

Round 14: Dec around (3)

Sew closed to finish.

The wool grows higher…


Ball is covered! Leave the hole finding crochet hook stuck in so the wool doesn’t slide around!



NOSE(use 3mm/ size D hook):

Ch2 in peach

Round 1: 6Sc in second chain from hook (6)

Round 2: Inc around (12)

Round 3: [Inc, Sc] repeat around (18)

Round 4: [Inc, Sc, Sc] repeat x3 = half way only (12)

Ch1, turn

Round 5: [Inc, Sc, Sc, Sc] repeat x3 = half way only (15)

Finish leaving long tail for sewing.

Pictorial representation! I forgot to photograph this bit…


EARS (x2) (use 3mm/ size D hook):


Ch2 in light blue

Round 1: 4Sc in second chain from hook (4)

Round 2: [Inc, Sc] repeat around (6)

Round 3: [Inc, Sc, Sc,] repeat around (8)

Round 4: [Inc, Sc, Sc, Sc] repeat around (10)

Round 5: Sc around (10)

Round 6: [Dec, Sc, Sc, Sc] repeat around (8)

Round 7: [Dec, Sc, Sc] repeat around (6)

Round 8: [Dec, Sc] repeat around (4)

Finish leaving long tail for sewing, and flatten (you should end up with long flat ovals, like a petal shape).

Ears as so.


MANE (use 3mm/ size D hook):

Create fringe in black however you prefer or use the technique below (diagram below that!).

Using a long piece of cardboard, approx 1cm wide:

In black:

1: CH1
2: Rest your chain on the thin edge of the cardboard
3: YO going around the cardboard.
4: CH1
Repeat until you have 8cm of fringe.

Finish off and slip off the card.



Β 1: Sew the nose to the body so that the nostrils (where you start making the crescent) line up with the purple/blue join line (make sure you’re not covering the hole at the bottom).

2: Sew the ears on either side.

3: Sew the fringe in place – centre of top, slightly forward and running down the back. When halfway down the back, fold the fringe and run back up to your start point (doubling the fringe this way gives a fuller mane).

Mane should go to here

4: Add a face and nostrils using black embroidery thread.

5: A tip from my Mum – spray liberally with hairspray to protect the wool in the rain. You won’t manage to block out sun damage, but they’re so quick and cheap to make that you can chuck a manky looking one and make a fresh one when it gets too pale! As I said above too I suggest a small dab of Hard As Nails glue on your aerial to prevent him accidentally slipping off as you zoom down the motorway. A good yank will pull it off, but mine has been on for nearly six months without getting lost.

6: Pop Eeyore on your aerial and never lose your parked car again!

I hope this was ok and all makes sense. You could also use the basic idea to make your own characters, which I’d love to see versions of (send any to amigurthi[a]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk). I’ll be back with something new and exciting (and with clearer photos!) next week, fingers crossed!


8 thoughts on “Eeyore Aerial Topper (Free Pattern)

  1. He’s adorable! I love how you explain everything in detail. Some people actually prefer the wrong side as the right side so no worries there. In the end, he looks great, does the job of helping you find your car and I bet all your friends want one now too! LOL. I know it’s not one of your newer patterns, but I’ll still link it to Yarndango since my readers have not seen it and it’s still amigurumi. Oh, and we may have a new Yarndango joiner – she has been emailing me and trying to finish up a project so she can join in. Too cool! Melanie on the other hand, is making me want to pull out my knitting board and start doing some projects on that now too. She’s been making so many cute things on that contraption! πŸ™‚

    • Yeah I do like how the reverse looks sometimes, it was only when I wanted to recreate a specific pattern for my Stripy Cat that I bothered learning how to crochet right side out! πŸ™‚
      It’ll be nice to have a new Yarndangoer, spread the love a bit. Is she an established blogger or someone you’ve inspired to learn crochet? πŸ™‚ I love the knitter thingy Melanie has – I’d never seen one before so it’s been interesting to see what can be done with it.

  2. The newest Yarndangoer is an established blogger and crocheter already but she contacted me through a comment on my blog. She has some nice work at her site and I can’t wait to link her up. Just waiting on the word from her! πŸ™‚

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  4. just a thought since you talk about losing them, and I couple rubber cactus I lost, it came with two little o ring that was to help hold it on, one to keep if from sliding down any further, and one to go over the top to keep it from sliding off. Only helped some, but just a thought or idea, could probably even be stitched into the topper so it wouldn’t show. I may have to try a Jack Skellington. I might even try for a version of the cactus, but not sure what I would put inside, maybe some small pvc, but would definitely need to do something with the o rings then.

    • quick look i found soft cell and closed cell foam backer rods, that would work to make a cactus. Now to get busy. I think I have some olive peaches and cream yarn that would work…

      • That’s a good idea! I just tied mine on to begin with, then I got out the hard as nails glue and stuck it on there lol (actually oddly enough he finally worked his way off last week and is currently just hanging from my ariel by the wool tether! He’s lost a lot of colour to the sun but he’s still going bless him).
        Good luck with yours!

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