Midweek Squee: Moving House

This week is The Week of Stress.

I am moving house.

I hate moving house. Well, no, I’ll love moving house, I just hate packing. My house is full of boxes and half packed rooms and totally NO MOTIVATION to finish packing because PACKING WAS INVENTED BY THE DEVIL. If only I were rich enough to pay someone to do it for me…

Anyway, with the house move comes ENFORCED INTERNET WITHDRAWAL! (Yes, I’m shouting a lot today. I feel shouty). I won’t be back online regularly until November.


That’s ages.

I’m going to try find time to schedule some weekly posts – no midweek squees for a while unfortunately, but I’ve got at least one pattern held back that I’ll try set posting automatically on Sundays, and a couple of links to others work I’ve done too. So there should be content at least. I won’t be able to reply to comments probably, unless I take the laptop to a wifi hotspot and have time for a quick browse. I’ll try respond to any I get when I come back online though, so do still comment on stuff and ask questions, just be patient waiting for an answer.

Bye bye internet for now!

5 thoughts on “Midweek Squee: Moving House

  1. The cartoon is perfect! I can’t believe all you are doing (have done) and still set up posts for while you’d be too busy. You amaze me! Looking forward to having you back live, but will enjoy reading and linking to your posts while you settle in! ❤

    • Thank you – both the doodle and the prewritten posts were one of those daft 2am ideas that I ran with (much like setting up this blog in the first place!) and luckily they turned out perfectly 🙂

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