Diablo Sackboy (Free Pattern Link)

Another modified pattern for you and Yarndango this week.

I made this for my boyfriend for Valentines Day 2012, so this is one of my oldies. I had only been crocheting for a few months when I attempted it, so I was really pleased I managed it because the patterns looks quite complicated for a newbie. Luckily it was very well written.

What was it? A Diablo Sackboy


Diablo is a video game – the third in the series was released recently and I lost my other half to it for a good month. He’d been excited about it for a couple of years before that, so I knew what was coming. I also knew he’d appreciate this present.

So what modifications did I make? Well, the original pattern in the Little Big Planet Sackboy pattern from Nerdigurumi. As you can see at the link, she has him finished with a zipper in her version, like the actual video game character, but I left that out because I was more interested in the shape rather than authenticity (we’re an Xbox 360 household, and Little Big Planet is a PS3 game, so actually isn’t one we’ve played overly much. Not enough to form more than a passing attachment to the character anyway).

I also added some spikes at the elbows, knees and on the back (latter not shown – he’s packed in a box for moving as I write too so I can’t snap a quick shot like I would normally). These were just simple. I also added the big ol’ horns which took more creativity. I crocheted two thin pointed tubes, and wired them to give them the curly shape. To do that, I unfolded a big paper clip, slipped it through the head and slipped the horn tubes over. Sew the tubes to the head and pose away!

I added the big pink diamond too, but nowadays I’d make that a whole lot differently!

Nerdigurumi wrote a very clear pattern, and I didn’t have any trouble following it, so if you fancy making your own Sackboy of any kind (there are some fantastic Sackboy edits out there in the big wide web) give hers a try. If you make a Diablo, get yourself some protection though – Diablo is the bad guy!

Raw! Ninja takes a shot…

Since I’m moving house and have no internet access until November I won’t be able to respond to comments most likely. I will read any that get posted, and I’ll respond in time, it’ll just take me a while. Thanks for understanding! 

6 thoughts on “Diablo Sackboy (Free Pattern Link)

  1. You did an awesome job on this! He’s adorable and it’s hard to believe he was one of your first creations! Also, I am still super-impressed that you got all these posts automated ahead of time while planning your move. You are amazing! 🙂

    • I’m just so pleased they appear to have all worked! I worried they’d all end up infected by Gremlins and post as gibberish lol.
      Diablo had pride of place on my boyf’s computer desk at the old house. I’ve still got my amigurumi’s to unpack so he’s in with them at the mo. It was nice to see him next to some of my new creations and realise that although some of my early stuff is shameful there was a point when it all clicked and this guy was born 🙂

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  3. I’m curious.. and I know this is an OLD post.. where is the link to the pattern?? We are HUGE Diablo fans (played on our PC’s on our home LAN). I lost interest when the DIII version was released and the characters lost their autonomy; had to play on the Blizzard servers among so many other disappointments. My husband continued playing off and on. He recently received the DIII Expansion for Christmas. He likes it..
    Anyway, I’d like to make this for US .. as a throwback to much simpler times.. LOL

    Thank you!!

    • Hiya – the pattern link didn’t underline in the body of the text for some reason so I had to go hunting lol. Here it is:
      Her pattern is just the standard sackboy, but it’s easy enough to make up the additions yourself.

      I didn’t play past D2, but my boyfriend got really hooked on D3 for a good long time, still occasionally goes back to it. He said the same thing about it having a lot less autonomy too. Nostalgia was enough to keep him hooked I think!

      • Thank you! So sorry to make you have to go a-hunting!! I appreciate your effort though.

        We played (D2) for a while last night. I used to play on pc/monitor set up. Now using a laptop for the first time with a mouse attached. I was a bit frustrated; I couldn’t remember how to map my controls!! Plus the game is so old, the graphics were horrible-800×600 did not want to play well with my laptop. LOL
        We had fun for the hour or so that we played. Will be playing again-in between my (new hobby of) crocheting and other stuff going on in our lives.

        Anyway, TY so much for the link and responding. This is going to probably show a different name when I reply bc I’m logged in using my WordPress account -something I forgot to do when I originally posted.

        Once I get around to making my Diablo sack guy (can’t call it a doll); I will post a pic!! TY!!

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