Lucky Tiny Kitty (Free Pattern)

Ok, so while I was offline my university life EXPLODED. I think I mentioned that I’d started my teacher training right? I’m specialising in Design and Technology, with a primary focus on Textiles and a secondary focus on Resistant Materials (or woodwork, metalwork and plastics as most people know it). The primary focus I’m ok on because I’ve been sewing for years (and my amigurumi creations helped tipped the favour to get me on the course – I have no formal textiles qualifications so I had to make a portfolio of my personal creations, and the ami’s had a page all to themselves!). The secondary focus I’ve had to do a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course for – basically I’ve had to play with tools, graphics packages and laser cutters. I’m not complaining! I actually love it possibly MORE than textiles, although now that I’ve started my in school placements I’m finding it a real challenge to teach.

Anyway, why am I telling you this? Well, one of my SKE course projects was to make two plain wooden boxes:

into something cool. I used one to make this:


Which has these inside:


They’re little firemen. I’m so proud of this make, hence why I’m showing you lot even tho it has nothing to do with the pattern that I promise I will eventually come on to. The pattern is actually related to the second box which I made into a suitcase:


This was heavily influenced by my recent house move. It says ‘Home is where the cat is’ around the edges, and has a map of the world on top and some plastic postcards. All fun. Then inside I have a cat ID tag (a copy of which is now hanging round my own cats neck) and an ‘I ❤ Cats’ pewter cast keyring. But it looked really empty, so I decided to pull in my ami skills and make this:

A mini green Lucky Tiny Kitty.

This is one of the simplest patterns I’ve every written, and it’s not rocket science, but I thought I’d share it with you all anyway. Plus it’s a great stash buster. Make your own plus further photos after the jump.

The Essentials:

Hook: 2mm (makes the size shown, but I’m sure any hook size would work and scale up or down accordingly).

Wool: DK in green, scrap of DK red.

Finished Size: 3cm long.

Also needed: Small amount of green felt


CH = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

INC = Increase

DEC = Decrease

I start my amigurumi using CH2 for simplicity, but if you prefer you can use a magic ring.

Head and body (all in one)

Round 1: 6sc into magic ring/ second chain from hook [6]
Round 2: INC around [12]
Round 3:{1sc, INC} around [18]
Round 4:{2sc, INC} around [24]~
Round 5-6: SC around [24]
Round 7: {2sc, DEC} around [18]
Round 8: {1sc, DEC} around [12]
Round 9: DEC around [6]
Round 10: INC around [12]
Round 11:{1sc, INC} around [18]
Round 12: SC around [18]
Round 13: {1sc, DEC} around [12]
Round 14: DEC around [6]

Finish off leaving a long tail. Thread the tail through the body to the back and cut to desired tail length.

The above crocheted from bum to nose by the way. You’ll end up with:

That’s all the crochet done. Embroider on your face too:

I took that photo at the end after these next steps, so lets get up to speed. Grab your felt and cut two triangles for ears, and four ovals for feet. Stick the ovals straight on using your glue gun or some all purpose glue.

Fold your triangles in half and glue them in place too:

See the collar as well? That’s just a scrap of red wool glued in place. Or you could tie a bow round his neck if you’ve got a longer scrap or some nice thin ribbon.

And you’re done! Here’s my Lucky Tiny Kitty in his new suitcase home:

Right, I’m off to lesson plan…



5 thoughts on “Lucky Tiny Kitty (Free Pattern)

  1. Crazy good detail on the fire truck! I love all the little firemen inside. How on earth did you get the design on the outside of the box? Did you paint all that? Goodness you are such a busy gal! Of course you KNOW I LOVE the kitten – my favorite pets ever! Thanks so much for sharing your patterns and for being so awesome! I’m working on putting up my Yarndango post right now!

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  3. I cheated a little with the details on the fire engine – uni has a printer that prints onto vinyl, so makes stickers essentially. I designed them on coral draw and printed them off so I didn’t have to paint them lol.

    I was a little worried my kitty looked too much like a mouse, so I’m glad one of the biggest cat lovers I know approves 😀

  4. LOL. Yes, your tiny kitty looks to me like a little kitten playing, waiting to sneak up and pounce on something. That is so cool about the stickers you were able to make! Yay for crafts! 🙂

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