Sunshine Blog Award

HIjinKs Crochet has nominated me for the Sunshine Blog Award!



Which is pretty awesome because although I’ve crocheted a few things this week, I’m not quite ready to post them yet so I’ll fill time doing this instead lol. Check out HijinKs site (linked above) – she shares a lot of cool crochet stuff, both her own and from around the webs (she featured my Finnick O’Dair in a weekly spot she does called Fan Friday). So huge thank yous and squees to her! 😀

Anyway, rules of the award. I now have to:

1) Tell you ten things about me.
2) Nominate some bloggers.

So what, to tell you about me?

1) December 18th is my Yarniversary, the day I’ll have been crocheting for one whole year. It’s been an awesome year, I’m so glad I got stuck in a rut in 2011 and decided to pick up a hook, even if it has resulted in my house being taken over by yarn and critters.

2) In my life there have always been oddly named cats. When I was born my parents already had Rassie (named as a compromise because my Mum wouldn’t let me Dad call the little black kitten they got soon after marrying ‘Rastafarian’. My Dad’s well tactful! And not at all racist, he just has a skewed sense of humour!). She hated me, but she died when I was a toddler so I don’t remember her much. Then we got Jasper (my brother and I named him after the villain’s sidekick  in ‘101 Dalmatians’). He went to a farm when my little sister was born because he got super jealous. Then a few years later we got Astra, named for the car my Dad – a fireman – pulled her out from under the dashboard of. She’s living at my parents house and is still going 15 years later, and although she’s definitely senile she’ll hang on in there for a while to come I bet. Finally I’ve already mentioned Squeak on here, named for the stupid little squeaky meow she used to make when she was still a stray and decided that she was moving in with us…

3) I got assessed as Dyspraxic last week. The results haven’t come back yet, but the psychologist who did the tests says my mental capacity and artistic capacity is too good to be officially Dyspraxic, even if my physical traits do fit the condition. So basically if they’d tested me as a kid before I learnt all my coping mechanisms it might be a different story. I wouldn’t benefit from being Dyspraxic, I just kinda want there to be a reason that I’m such a klutz other than that I’m a little thick.

4) I recently discovered the TV series ‘American Horror Stories’. I’m hooked, it’s great. Other than that, my favourite TV series are ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘How I Met Your Mother’, ‘Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Glee’.

5) I would give my right hand to meet Meat Loaf in person. He’s amazing.

6) I regularly sit on my feet until they go so numb it hurts. Usually its because I’m crocheting and haven’t noticed, but often its also because Squeak is the most attention craving kitty in the world and MUST be sitting on me if I’m on the sofa. So I get a very harassed glare when I finally have to kick her off to stretch out again.

7) The best job I’ve ever had was being a Reprographics Technician in a school. Basically I photocopied all day long in a room on my own with two industrial size photocopiers that did everything. It was awesome, generally easy but with the odd challenge to keep it interesting, and nothing to take home at the end of the day. The pay was crap though, so teacherdom here I come!

8) My partner, Ash, is half American, and his brother lives over in San Francisco. Which means at some point in my life I may end up living in America, because I know he’d like to give it a try.

9) My house is a tip. I really should be tidying up rather than on the internet. Meh.

10) I have no desire to travel, which makes people look at me like I’m weird. But honestly? I love my home, I love understanding what people are saying or what all the signs say, and I get lost and confused often enough when that’s the case anyway that plonking me in a whole new country would freak me out a little. That said, I went on a huge expedition to Kenya when I was 16 which was pretty awesome, so maybe that’s the way forward – let someone else lead me round and I’ll just follow along and enjoy the experience.

Aaaaaand my nominees are:
1) Mad Crochet Lab – my bestest crochet friend, who has all kinda of awesome amigurumi patterns.
2) Planet June – way to famous to do this, but her videos pretty much taught me to crochet so I can’t not give her the nod.
3) Nerdigurumi – geeky crochet patterns a plenty!
4) All About Ami – responsible for the Dragon pattern that convinced me to start crocheting in the first place.
5) Geek Girl Crochet – Very cool yarn art (she’s surpassed the title of meer amigurumi!)
6) Little Yarn Friends – SO FREAKIN’ CUTE!
7) Itchy Crochet Designs – new to my blog radar, but awesomely funny on Facebook.

Go check out all their blogs, and next week I’ll be back with a free pattern to whip up in time for Christmas.

7 thoughts on “Sunshine Blog Award

  1. You are my new best (WWW) friend, apart from having the same taste in TV and no desire to travel the Meat Loaf comment sealed it.

    Crochet Widower does a mean Meat impression (he does need a wig mind)

    So glad I entertain you xxxx

    • Ha awesome! I’m addicted to him I really am. My brother lent me his greatest hits when I was about 11 and since then it’s been a rabid fandom – my Meat Loaf ami is in the archives of the blog lol. I’m well jealous you have an impressionist in the house – my other half hates him (mind you he does like Dubstep so apparently has no taste in music whatsoever).

  2. Your yarniversary is coming up! 🙂 Congrats! I hope you do something fun.

    Also, the feet numbing thing happens to me a lot too. When I try to move later, I realize I can’t.

    • Next Tuesday is my Yarniversary, there will be squee! I was vagually thinking of doing something super awesome free pattern wise, but I’m knee deep in Xmas present crochet though so I might have a delayed celebratory pattern instead (gives me time to think what to actually do too lol).

      I fall over way too many times that I’m proud to announce because of sitting on my feet…

  3. WOW! I am so honored to get an award and be included in that list of awesomely talented crafters! Thank you so much (but I especially loved being your “bestest crochet friend.” You about brought me to tears! Big hugs to you! Ahh, my legs fall asleep all the time! I always sit with one leg tucked up under me. I figure if my grandmother could still do that when she was 94 then I’m going to also! Maybe it’s what kept her so limber. I love all the names your cats have or had. So much better than the typical “Fluffy.” I don’t care if you are dyspraxic – you are always welcome at my dance parties. I may even make you look good! And if you ever do get the travel bug, maybe we will meet up somewhere! ❤ I'll post about my award sometime after the Yarndango post that I'm working on right now. Thank you again, my wonderful and talented friend.

    • You deserve it hon – I’ve felt confident enough to blog so long mainly cos of the support you gave me when I first started 🙂
      I hope I’m as limber as your grandmother at 94! That’s pretty amazing. If I ever do get the travel bug I’ll swing by to a dance party too 😀

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