Mug Cosy (Free Pattern)

God morning/ afternoon/ whatever time it is when you read this. For me it’s 8:53 on a Sunday and by rights I should be asleep. But it’s a week until Christmas and the pile of presents to make isn’t going to get any smaller by me catching up with my zeds! If you’re in a similar ‘what the heck do I get for x person?’ kinda state of mind to me, then this pattern is probably for you – the ever popular, totally simple and quick but looks like you’ve put some effort in mug cosy!

mug cosy mug cosy


Please excuse my bad photography – I repeat, for me it’s pretty early! And I know it’s not an amigurumi, but I’m bending my blog remit a little lol.

I have four friends plus my brother and Dad who I can’t really afford to spend much on this year but wanted to give something personal to. So initial branded mug cosies seemed a good way forward. I also followed this tutorial from a Beautiful Mess on decorating the mugs using sharpies – although if you’re going to do that, I recommend not using the coloured sharpies as they all faded horribly in the oven and I had to go over everything again. Black, blue and (oddly) pink worked well, and orange went brown but still showed up.

Anyway – jump through below and there’s a photo tutorial on the mug cosy! I think this also counts towards the ongoing Yarndango!

You will need:

3.5mm (E) crochet hook.
Yarn in two complimentary colours – one for the background and one for the edging and letter.
Yarn Needle


Double Crochet (DC)
Chain Stitch (CH)
Slip Stitch (SL ST)
Chain embroidery stitch (excellent video tutorial here and I’ll try describe it below too).

To start – measure your mug and chain as many as you need to go from rim to base, minus 1cm at the top, and also measure around it fully minus about a 1″/ 2.5cm gap to work out how many DC’s you’ll need (it’s about 1DC = 1cm). For my mug that was 15 chain stitches and 23 rows, so I’ll write like that, but edit as necessary.

Ch17 in your base colour.
Row 1: 15DC starting in third chain from the hook. [15] Ch2 and turn.
Row 2 – 22: 15DC [15] Ch2 and turn.
Row 23: 15DC [15] Finish off and weave in the ends.

Gives you:



I told you it was simple yeah? But it’s the decoration that takes the photos lol.

Ok, grab your edging colour and keep the 3.5mm crochet hook. There are two ways you can add the loop – what I call the half assed way (only two lines of edging) or the what-I-should-have-done-on-everyones-if-I-weren’t-being-lazy way.

For the half assed way:

Pull up a loop through the corner of your work as if you’re working along a short edge (the bottom left corner in the picture above).

1: 6 SL ST (or however many it takes to get the centre of the edge).
2: CH 25, then loop it around and SL ST into the 6th SL ST of the above.
3: 6 SL ST (or however many it takes to get the the end of the edge) and finish off.

That gives you this:



On the opposite short side:

Pull up a loop through the corner of your work.
1: 12 SL ST (or however many it takes to get the end).

It does look ok, I just prefer the method I’m going to show you now that I used on my brother’s and Dad’s mugs.

To do the what-I-should-have-done-on-everyones-if-I-weren’t-being-lazy way:

Ch25 leaving a long tail. Secure the tail edge in the centre of the short edge (sew it in place).



Loop the chain round and SL ST where you sewed the tail.
SL ST around all four edges of your mug cosy, finish off when you get back to the loop.



Much more professional and finished looking.

Add a button in the centre of the short end without the loop. Mine are placed on the second row of DC from the end, about 2cm in, but test it on your mug to see where you need your button. I got cool pencil shaped buttons coloured to match the yarn, but you can use anything really.

161220122374 081220122357

You can choose to decorate the centre however you wish – make an amigurumi to stitch on, embroidery a nice image, make a motif/embellishment/ applique/ whatever you call it. I chose to add the receivers initial using chain stitch.

Chain stitch is nice and easy but looks way more effort than it actually is.

Five steps to follow:

1) Using a yarn needle, pull your yarn up through the work, tie a knot or secure it at the back somehow.
2) Pull your yarn back down through the same hole, but make sure you leave a small loop (don’t pull it all the way back down).
3) Bring your needle back up inside the loop, about half a cm away from the first hole.
4) Repeat step two. This forms a new loop which holds the original loop in place.
5) Repeat until your row or curve is as long as it need to be or your letter is complete. Then simply secure the last chain with a small stitch round the loop.

And in pictoral form (sorry I didn’t photograph doing it so MS Paint to the rescue!)
chain stitch

Once you’ve done a row you can loop through it anywhere to create your letter, so say I wanted to make a ‘T’ for example, I’d embroidery a line of say seven chains, then start a new line going down from the fourth chain, looped through the side of the stitch. For the ‘K’ below, I started with a vertical line, then did the two diagonal lines from the centre stitches.



Experiment and see what you can make.

Once your cosy is finished it looks like one of these:

161220122376 161220122375


Then you simply wrap it round the mug and close the loop over the button through the mug handle.

Done. Total time to make one? Maybe an hour, and that was with me getting distracted by the TV too.

mug cosy mug cosy

4 thoughts on “Mug Cosy (Free Pattern)

  1. These are the best stocking stuffer/small gift idea! Quick, useful, and personalized! I am so glad I see one with a “T” on it – that one must be mine! LOL. Nice work, yet again! 🙂

    • Thanks hon – they’ve been a god send this year for people I didn’t have an idea for. And if I can learn some interesting stitches by next year they might be given to everyone else (so I’ll get your address for 2013 ;p)

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