Harley Quinn and The Joker (Free Pattern Edit)

As I type, my wrists are bloomin’ sore. This last fortnight has been one of neglecting my university studies to focus on my crochet. Meh – there’re other trainee teachers out there to meld the minds of the yoofs! If you’ve followed me on Facebook you’ll have seen a few bit – I’ve an Oogie Boogie that I’ve played about with, a mobile phone case, and I’ve also joined in with the Fairy themed CAL running over a Mad Crochet Lab.

So please bare with me this weekend for just posting a quicky pattern edit. Using my Basic Amigurumi Human Base, I made these for my little sister and her boyfriend for Christmas – Harley Quinn and The Joker.

Amiguruthi Harley Quinn Joker


It took a few edits to the patterns, the most notable being the head and body balls being turned on their ends, mainly so that I could do the coloured halves of Harley’s costume, and then I ended up doing the same on the Joker just so that they looked like a pair.

And the addition of boobs.

Close ups and discussion after the jump (not technically patterns, but I’ll describe the edits so you could feasibly attempt your own too).

Harley Quinn

Harley was made for my little sister, who has been a fan for years. When we went to see the Batman Live Stage Show last year she went as her (I was Poison Ivy – we’re never ones to pass up a cosplay opportunity!).

amiguruthi harley quinnamiguruthi harley quinnamiguruthi harley quinn


In the grand scheme of things, Harley was a simple edit to the pattern. Instead of trying to change colour half way through each row I had to turn the balls sideways, but that meant I just had to change at round 10 on the head and round 7 on the body, and do an arm and leg in each colour (although to be really accurate, I should have colour changed the feet and hands on each too). The points on her head are simply:

Ch2/ magic ring
Round 1: 6sc into centre of magic ring/ 2nd chain from hook [6]
Round 2-3: Sc around [6]
Round 4: INC around [12]
Round 5-6: INC around [12]
finish off, stuff lightly and sew in place.

Her boobs are nice and simple too, and oddly similar:

Ch2/ magic ring
Round 1: 6sc into centre of magic ring/ 2nd chain from hook [6]
Round 2: INC around [12]
Round 3: [Sc, INC] around [18]
Round 4: Sc around [18]
Finish off, stuff lightly and stitch in place.

amiguruthi harley quinn

After that it’s all just felt and cotton balls. The neck, wrists and ankles need a bumpy ring, and the neck has balls on the bumps. The balls also need sticking on the end of the head points. The face is a simple mask shape, with embroidered eyes, nose and mouth. Don’t forget the black eye mask made of felt too – I had her sat on my mantle piece for a week and kept grouching because SOMETHING was wrong and I couldn’t work it out – turns out I hadn’t given her a mask.


The Joker

My sister’s boyfriend is also a long time Joker fan (even before he met my sister – isn’t that cute?). He jokingly commented ages ago that he seemed to be the only person I’d not crocheted something for, so the idea was cemented then.

amiguruthi the joker amiguruthi the joker amiguruthi the joker


The Joker took a lot of additions to the pattern, most of which I unfortunately can’t remember fully. But I can remember basically so I’ll tell you what I think I did, and if anyone tries it they can let me know!

The additions were adding a nose and ears, bow tie and the tail coat. I seem to think the ears were:

Magic ring
Row 1: 2sc into centre of the ring[2] DON’T CLOSE THE RING FULLY – ONLY HALF CLOSE IT.
Row 2: INC around [4]
Finish off, and sew to the side of the head in a half circle shape.

The nose was:
Row 1: Sc along starting in 2nd chain from hook [4] ch1 turn.
Row 2-3: SC along [4]
Finish off, fold in half length ways and sew along the edge to make a cylinder. Sew in the centre of the face.

The bow tie was very simple – a chain of 31 stitches, tied into a bow and sewn in place.

Right here’s where I’m really fuzzy! The tail coat. I chained enough to reach around half of the body circle, and crocheted enough rows to go front the bottom of the body to the neck join between the head and the body, plus three rows to fold over as a collar. Then I separately made the two points for the tail, I think by:

Row 1: Sc along starting in the 2nd chain from the hook [6] ch1 turn
Row 2: Sc along [6] ch1 turn
Row 3: [Sc, DEC] along [4] ch1 turn
Row 4: DEC, DEC [2] ch1 turn
Row 5: DEC [1]

Then the colour changes make up the rest – change the hands to the purple sleeves on round 6; the legs are black for rounds 1-4, white rounds 5-7 and purple rounds 8-11.

The hair went through three incarnations. I tried it in wool by doing a row along the forehead using this technique from EssHaych, then when that wouldn’t lay in the right place I tried gluing it down which went HORRIBLY wrong, and in the end I settle for making it from felt which actually looks way better than I’d imagined so I call it a win.

amiguruthi harley quinn and the joker amiguruthi harley quinn and the joker


There we have it. Sorry the lack of coherency in the pattern but I didn’t actually intend to post it as a proper pattern when I was making them. I hope it’s followable / improvisationable for anyone wanting to make their own however.

Wow – not so quick a post really! And don’t worry – I’ve managed to get my uni work done too. You know, mostly…

8 thoughts on “Harley Quinn and The Joker (Free Pattern Edit)

  1. These are fantastic! So awesome that you are getting good use of your basic human pattern. I am so impressed with Harley’s two-toned head (and yes, I’ll admit it, I’m 12 too, because I also think her boobs are awesome, LOL).

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    • Ch2/ magic ring
      Round 1: 6sc into centre of magic ring/ 2nd chain from hook [6]
      Round 2-3: Sc around [6]
      Round 4: INC around [12]
      Round 5-6: INC around [12]
      finish off, stuff lightly and sew in place.

      I hot glue gunned the pompoms onto the end 🙂 x

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