Oogie Boogie (Free Pattern)

Hi y’all. Today’s blog post is a lot later than normal, because I slept and played an epic DnD campaign. It’s nice to put off blogging with things that aren’t work though!

Ok so, what do I have for you today then? Well, some of you who have me added on Facebook will have seen this when I first made it, which was actually at Christmas time. I was going to make it a piece of art work, but I’ve never quite come up with an idea I really liked, so I’ve decided to release the pattern anyway. From a suggestion by a Facebook friend, one crochet block filled day was smashed by *drumroll please*

Oogie Boogie!

oogie normal amiguruthiNow you might be asking ‘what are those spots on his stomach?’ (unless you saw me post this as a WIP all those months ago). WELL, Oogie has a secret. See, when you shine a light on him, he reflects it back at you!

oogie light amiguruthiArgh! The spots are the legs of huge gross spiders! Argh!


Sorry. I bought some light reflective yarn (read, thin strips of plastic) and he seemed the perfect project for it. Pattern after the jump (although sadly without construction photos ‘cos I forgot to take them!). Also not included was an awesome suggestion from the same Facebooker who suggested him in the first place – making lots of little crochet bugs and filling him with those. Add a zip to close the hole and then when unzipped they’d all come bursting out. Yeah, that would’ve been awesome…

Shame I’d already finished him by that point ūüė¶

The Essentials:

Hook: 3.5mm

Wool: toxic green, red DK; light reflective yarn (optional)

Also needed: Black embroidery thread, black felt

Finished Size:¬†approx 5‚ÄĚ tall


CH = Chain

Sc = Single Crochet

INC = Increase

DEC = Decrease

FLO = Front Loops Only

SL ST = Slip Stitch


Body (bottom up)

Ch2/ magic circle

Round 1: 6sc into 2nd ch from hook/ centre of magic circle [6]
Round 2: INC around [12]
Round 3: {1sc, INC} repeat around [18]
Round 4: {INC x5, 4Sc} repeat [28]
Round 5: 5Sc, INC x4, 10Sc, INC x4, 5Sc [36]
Round 6: Sc around FLO (turns the base flat) [36]
Round 7: Sc around [36
Round 8:{5sc, INC} repeat around [42]
Round 9: {6sc, INC} repeat around [48]
Round 10-14: Sc around [48]
Round 15: {6sc, DEC} repeat around [42]
Round 16: {5sc, DEC} repeat around [36]
Round 17-18: Sc around [36]
Round 19: {4sc, DEC} repeat around [30]
Round 20: {3sc, DEC} repeat around [24]
Round 21-23: Sc around [24]
Round 24: {2sc, DEC} repeat around [18]
Round 25-26: Sc around [18]
Round 27: {1sc, DEC} around [12]
Round 28-29: Sc around [12]


Round 30: DEC around [6]
Round 31: DEC around [3]

SL ST across the hole to close (into second ch from the hook). Don’t cut the yarn yet.

CH10 (gives the trailing off head).

Finish off and weave in the tail.

You should have a sort of pair shape.

Arms (x2, worked from shoulder to hand) 

Leaving a long beginning tail for sewing, ch13, join to the last ch on hook to form a loop.

Round 1: Sc around [12]
Round 2-6: Sc around [12]
Round 7: DEC around [6]
Round 8: Sc around [6]
Round 9: DEC around [3]
Round 10: Sc around [3]

Finish off, weave in the tail and stuff lightly. Sew in place about two thirds of the way up your pear body (where it starts to get thinner). If you’re going to make the dice, sew them so that one dice can be held on the hip and one in the air. Or however you want would probably work actually.

Feet (x2, worked toe backwards)

Ch2/ magic circle

Round 1: 6sc into 2nd ch from hook/ centre of magic circle [6]
Round 2: INC around [12]
Round 3-5: Sc around [12]

Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing, and flatten. Sew in place under the body, making sure that Oogie doesn’t fall over.

To finish your Oogie Boogie, use the black embroidery thread to sew all around the outside edge of his body INCLUDING his arms and head – this gives him a stitched together look. Also add some slanted eyes and a wide, smiling mouth in black felt.

If you’re using reflective yarn, use it to give the eyes some definition and to add some jagged teeth. To make spiders, glue small strips of yarn, bent in the middle, to a circle of black felt and glue to the body.

Dice (optional, make 2)

In red, ch17

Row 1: Sc along starting in the second chain from the hook [16] Ch1 and turn.
Row 2-4: Sc along [16] Ch1 and turn EXCEPT after Row 4.

Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Count 9 stitches down the long edge of your long strip. Attach you yarn and continue as follows:

Row 1: 4sc along the side of the strip, picking up stitches as you go [4] Ch1 and turn.
Row 2-4: Sc along [4] Ch1 and turn EXCEPT after Row 4.

Repeat on the other side of the strip. This should give you a cross shape. Now you simply sew the edges together, folding the net into a dice. Stuff before you sew the final side shut, then embroider on the dots (for reference, 3 goes opposite 4, 2 opposite 5, and 1 opposite 6). I used a cross stitch in reflective yarn, but do as you feel best at this point.

Voila – Oogie Boogie done!

Oogie Boogie Amiguruthi

This must be Yarndangonumber 37ish. Stacking them up now!



7 thoughts on “Oogie Boogie (Free Pattern)

  1. He’s awesome! I love how he is so cute and so evil all at the same time. That’s quite a talent! The reflective yarn is pretty cool – I’ve never used it before.

    • I was looking for reflective fabric and ebay one day and spotted it. It was made to sound like actual yarn which it clearly isn’t, so I haven’t tried crocheting with it yet – it’d be an interesting experiment. x

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