Midweek Squee: Real World Employment

Hi all.

Just a quicky little post right now, and (fingers crossed) a much better one this weekend. I estimate that with just half an hour I can finish my WIP. Finding that half an hour might be a push though!

I had a job interview today for my real world profession of Textile Teacher, and I’m ecstatic to say that I got it! From September, once my course is finished actually TRAINING me to be a teacher, I’ll be out there twisting the minds of the young ‘uns. And I’m sure amigurumi helped me, because the panel of students (yes, students!) who did a quick interview with me were well intrigued by the idea (actual comment, after I’d described what Amigurumi was “Are they in 3D?!”. He couldn’t believe his ears lol).

Also, if you follow me on Facebook you’ll already have heard that I’ve had my first unsolicited commission for a completely new amigurumi. So I suppose I’d better get off the internet and try to find time amongst the paper work to actually design and make it. Watch this space for further details…

And just to finish, a knitting related picture I found lurking on my hard drive and totally want to crochet versionify to put on a t-shirt:

(If anyone knows the artist let me know so I can credit)

(If anyone knows the artist let me know so I can credit)

8 thoughts on “Midweek Squee: Real World Employment

  1. Congratulations! You know I’d be worried about a LOT of people being in the position to mold young minds, but I’m not at all worried about YOU! I know you’ll do a great job and it’s so wonderful that you’ll get to put all your previous efforts to work for you now! I think you’ll be a great teacher and the students will be better off for having you!!! And yes, that knitting illustration should totally be crochet versionified! (See you are already making new words, LOL)

    • Thanks Mad! I’m gonna teech thm da beeeest engleeeeesh skilz wiv mah noo wrdz n stoof (Amiguruthi is down with the kids).
      I hope I’m a great teacher – it’d be so cool to think that one day I’ll have 20 odd year old students doing all the crazy stuff i get up to because of a spark that was ignited or kept burning in my classroom 😀 x

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