Giant Push Pin (Free Pattern Link)

So last week Sunday passed by with no blog update because I was celebrating the final hand in for my university essays. I got all my results back, I’ve passed everything AND got two thirds of a Masters Degree into the bargain, which is pretty darned good. I’ve NOT passed my teaching course entirely yet – that assessment comes in the next couple of weeks – but it’s nice to have the essay portion over and done with!

Anyway, because school is all about stationery, I decided to crochet myself Jean Herman’s Gigantic Pushpin for Yarndango this week.

Amiguruthi Pushpin Amiguruthi Pushpin


Look! It’s as big as my crochet hook! I saw the pattern months and months ago and was more amused than I probably should be. It’s a really nice pattern, super simple to do and a good way to spend a brainless hour or so. And at the end – giant stationery! I want to make a whole set with lots of differently coloured pushpins, some paper clips, perhaps even a stapler. For teh lolz. Then I remember that I don’t really have room for the collection in my house.

But then I remember, I have a classroom to decorate…

3 thoughts on “Giant Push Pin (Free Pattern Link)

  1. This is awesome! I love giant plushies of everyday objects! They are so much fun and this one is totally appropriate to celebrate all your accomplishments so far! Thank you for sharing with us. I’ll be posting and linking to you in just a little bit. Still writing up my pattern, at the moment. 🙂

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