Midweek Squee: Phone case (free pattern)

I didn’t update the blog this weekend because I was in an absolutely foul mood and had also spent the week battling with a rather sick kitty (tip for cat owners – mixing the antibiotics with cream cheese is a God send!). I’ve got a pattern I’m really pleased with coming this weekend though, as long as some decorative bits I need to finish turn up in the post.

Tonight though (it’s 10:25pm here) I’ve whipped up a quick little pattern, not an amigurumi but a way of saying thank you for putting up with the erratic updates of late!

The stripy phone case:

Amiguruthi stripy phone case

I know, I’m not breaking any moulds here. That’s why this is a Midweek Squee shorty rather than my big weekend posts.

The case shown is for a Samsung Galaxy Ace (the WORST phone in the world, but I’m stuck with it until 2015. Stupid contracts). Don’t worry though, I’ll tell you how to work it out for your own phone.

Free pattern after the jump.

The Essentials:

Hook: 3.5mm

Wool: Three complimentary colours (I used Patons Smoothie DK in green, blue and purple).

Finished Size: approx 2.5″ wide by 4.5″ tall


Ch = Chain

Sc = Single Crochet

INC = Increase

SL ST = Slip Stitch

Begin in green (colour 1)

Ch as many chains as the width of your phone plus one for turning. Mine was 14, so I chained 15.
Measure across the bottom of the phone not across the front, because if you measure across the front your chain won’t take the depth of the phone into account.

Round 1: Sc around the chain [in my case, 28 – 14 per side]
Round 2: {Sc (number of ch minus 2) [in my case 14-2=12], INC, INC} twice [32 in my case]

Change to blue (colour 2) 

Round 3 – 5: Sc around

Change to purple (colour 3)

Round 6 – 8: Sc around

Change to green (colour 1)

Round 9 – 11: Sc around

Change to blue (colour 2) 

Round 12 – 14: Sc around

Change to purple (colour 3)

Round 15 – 17: Sc around

Change to green (colour 1)

Round 18 – 20: Sc around

Change to blue (colour 2) 

Round 21 – 23: Sc around

Change to purple (colour 3)

Round 24 – 26: Sc around

Check your phone – if it’s snuggly in there and covered to the top you can stop now, if not carry on in the same three rows of each colour pattern until yours is tall enough. Then, sticking to your last colour (purple in my case)

Round {27}: SL ST around.

Finish off and weave in the end.

Every time you change colour tie it off as you go – don’t try to do them at the end because it will get annoying!

Simple phone sock, done.


5 thoughts on “Midweek Squee: Phone case (free pattern)

  1. The phone case is cute. I made one like it last year, only I added a shoulder strap, That was good for me.Thanks for the updates. Jo.C.

    • Yeah I assumed there’d be a few similar ones out there. A shoulder strap sounds a cool addition – i was considering adding a belt loop to mine, but it’s a bit floppy for it. x

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