Snuggles the Penguin (Free Pattern Link)

Last week I said I’d blog my sister’s birthday present – and here he is!

Amiguruthi Snuggles


It’s Snuggles the Penguin! Snuggles is a pattern by All About Ami, although hers is blue, has a different scarf and no hat. Mine is red because it’s my sister’s favourite colour. The scarf and hat are just to put an Amiguruthi spin on it.

There is a story here. My sister turned 21 last week, and as her present I adopted her a penguin. A real one – she gets newsletters and a certificate and photo and all that jazz, and there might be an opportunity to go and see it. Penguins have always been a joke between us – when we were really really freezing waiting for the bus to school one day we joked that someone should invent spray on penguins, who would huddle round our legs and keep us warm. Genius idea right? We’re researching the technology…

Amiguruthi Snuggles


Here’s my sister and her penguins – I’m sure Snuggles will be happy with her (although her cat has apparently already tried to eat him…)

Adjustments and a mini pattern review can be found after the jump.

The pattern was a nice simple one to follow, although it was a much larger undertaking than I’d expected – a lot of increases in this penguin! I’m not entirely convinced by his tummy – it seemed to shape completely wrong to Stephanie’s photos when I was making it, so it’s all ruffled at the base instead of smooth. If it hadn’t been such a big piece I would have to remade the tummy using a standard multiple of six flat circle, but I made it work with the official version. The ruffles just allow Snuggles to stand up properly! He’s still insanely cute even with this cosmetic flaw.

As always with an All About Ami pattern, the instructions are very clear and easy to follow, and the photo tutorial (available on a different page to linked) makes it very clear and did help me keep track of where I was.

With this Snuggles being red I was initially going to try make him a summer penguin, give him a summery rainbow scarf instead of the original pattern’s traditional stripy winter one, and possibly a pair of sunglasses. I made the scarf by ch105 in green, then changing colours every row for four rows. At the end are little felt clouds.

I gave up on sunglasses when I couldn’t get them to look right, and went for a bobble hat instead.

The hat is made by ch10, then around 20 rows of 9sc (I didn’t count but I know it was around 20). Then you sew the two short ends together, draw the top together and sew closed to create the cone shape. The pop-pom is made using a fork. Instructions for that are here.

Amiguruthi snuggles


As you can see from the photo (where Snuggles is getting used to my calm and sleepy kitty before contending with my sister’s smaller, more likely to eat him kitten) I also didn’t have any 12mm safety eyes, so I went for these cute highlighted felt ones instead – a 2p sized circle of black felt, and a small white oval of felt glued on top.


8 thoughts on “Snuggles the Penguin (Free Pattern Link)

  1. Your Snuggles looks so cute with his little warm hat! I love these small All About Ami patterns. They are so clear and easy to follow. Plus, they work up pretty quick! I hope your sister’s kitty doesn’t eat him :3

  2. I’m so glad you put up the link for this pattern, as I have a friend totally potty about penguins, so I’m going to make her one as a surprise gift! 🙂
    Many thanks – and snuggles looks really cute with his hat and scarf 🙂

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