The Liebster Award

It has been a truly tiring week. I started my first ever proper teachers job at a local secondary school (aged 11 to 16 for those not UK based). I teach Textiles, so I have to get boys on side with sewing. Which has worked largely in the younger years, but is going to be a challenge for the older years me thinks. And some of my students are rather challenging. It’s that kind of school. Fun, not scared me off yet, but very very tiring! Plus I was on stage in an amateur Murder Mystery this weekend, so free time has been spent rehearsing. Phew!

Because of that I haven’t really done any crochet this week (I haven’t even managed to read through any crochet blogs, that’s how busy I’ve been!). But luckily I DO have a post for you, because the lovely Me in Stitches has nominated me for The Liebster Award.

I have to admit I hadn’t come across Me in Stitches before, which is both a shame (because her blog has a lovely mix of crafts and musing and is written very well) and kinda squee worthy because it means that people who AREN’T my friends read my blog too! I’m still shocked that this occurs even though from the lovely comments you guys leave I do know it happens lol.

Here’s the rules for the award anyway:

1. List eleven random facts about yourself
2. Nominate eleven bloggers for the award
3. Let them know about the nomination
4. Answer the eleven questions you were asked when you were nominated
5. Ask eleven questions for the new award winners to answer

Well, if I tag you in this splurge that counts as me letting you know right? Also it seems to demonstrate my inability to do anything in the correct order lol.

Kreepy Kim Sofia, Little Muggles, Treblemaking hookers, Middle of a Stitch, HIJinKs Crochet, My Life With Yarn, AmigurumiBB, The Craft Frog, Crochet Cricket, AmiguruMEI, and Little Yarn Friends.

Go click, enjoy!

11 Random facts about Amiguruthi

1 – I recently started a second blog which will irregularly update when something inspires me, be it world wide news, a social issue or just something I’ve been pondering. It’s called Outside of Amiguruthi.

2 – I dislike calling animals by human names. My pets have always had silly names – Squeak the cat, Scampi and Chips the gerbils – except for one cat as a child which was called Jasper, and even he was named after a character in ‘101 Dalmatians’ instead of it just being a name we liked. Plus I’m sure it was my brother who cast the deciding vote there…

3 – I have recently started sleeping across the bed instead of straight down it. Luckily the other half has a flipped sleep cycle from years of working crappy shifts, so he tend to sleep through the day, but he is trying to reflip it now he’s starting uni in October. I don’t know if I’ll ever sleep well again…

4 – My foot has a bone in the bottom (or possibly it’s one of my toes) which dislocates at the most inconvenient moments. It hurts and can only to fixed by springing up and down then walking across the room and back.

5 – My ideal job would be located in a room on my own where I didn’t have to talk to anyone. Which makes it extra ironic that I’m actually a teacher really. (I’m not anti-social, I just like to have my own space and control over it).

6 – bad grammar really annoys me. I was driving behind a car with a bumper sticker that used the wrong ‘your’ (‘your too close’ not ‘you’re too close’) and I didn’t feel quite right until they turned off a few minutes later and I was free from looking at it.

7 – Johnny Depp is going to knock on my door any day now and ask me to marry him. True fact.

8 – I’m doing my first craft stall in November with one of my friends. I’m not entirely confident I’ll manage to make enough stock but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

9 – I hold grudges for a REALLY long time. Like, years and years. Even when the issue has been solved and move on from, there’s still a little bit of me that will occasionally think of it and get angry.

10 – I happen to think rhino’s are the most graceful creatures ever. I love them! It really annoys me that I can’t work out my own crochet pattern for one that looks right to me – luckily there’re some great ones out there already.

11 – My holiday this year was one night in York (a town about two hours away for me) for the other half’s birthday. I didn’t sleep all night because I find it hard to sleep in unfamiliar places, but since I haven’t been able to afford a holiday in a couple of years then it was just lovely to be not at home. Next year I plan to have a real vacation!

What was next? Bare with me while I scroll up to find out…

11 answers to Me in Stitches’ questions.

1. What item couldn’t you live without?

I should say something like ‘my 3.5mm crochet hook’ but that’d be tacky (*cough* I couldn’t though *cough*) so instead I will say my car.

2. Can you play a musical instrument?

Hahahahahaha! I laugh because I am the LEAST musical person you could ever hope to meet. The boyfriend plays damned near everything under the sun, I would have trouble playing the triangle. I always wished I could play the saxophone though. They’re just sexy. I hate jazz mind you so it’s probably worked out for the best…

3. Who is your favourite artist? (Of the Music variety or of the art variety or both if you feel that way)

Musically Meat Loaf, art wish Salvador Dali. Love me some operatic rock and surrealism.

4. If you were on death row what would you order for your last meal?

I would have a Sunday dinner with garlic chicken, honey roast parsnips and mashed potatoes made by my Mum, followed by a deep friend Mars Bar and a big slab of Cadburys Marvellous Creations jelly bean and popping candy chocolate.

5. Where in the world you most like to visit?

Ireland, proper rural Ireland though not touristy Dublin. It’s so close to the UK I know, but I love the culture and the dancing and the accent and yet I’ve still never managed to go. Maybe for the holiday next year I should look into it.

6. If you were on The Great British Bake Off what would your signature dish be?

Burnt burniness with extra burnt bits. I’m a terrible cook! Although I do make a damned good lasagne and my ginger bread men aren’t too shabby actually so probably those.

7.Can you knit?

I am learning! I don’t enjoy it is much as crochet, but I can do the basics which is good enough for me.

8. Do you have any pets?

I do – the adorable fuzz ball that is Squeak the cat is sat on me knee right now, digging her claws in and trying to annoy me enough that I’ll get up and feed her even though it isn’t her dinner time for another hour and a half. (The boyfriend actually held up in front of the clock and tried to explain the concept of seven o clock, but she wasn’t interested).

9. What did you last dream about?

I just remember there being my and my mister and three bottle of booze on a window sill. Sorry, not a clue what that was on about!

10. Do you know the rules of chess?

In theory I do. I know how all the pieces move. Can’t play it though (much to the other half’s chagrin – he loves chess. The nerd).

11. Who is the hero of the Greek Epic ‘The Illiad’?

Right – WITHOUT Googling, I want to say Homer.
I’m going to Google it.
Oh, well wasn’t  THAT confusing missus?! I’ve not read it actually so I picked a name I recognised associated with it – Homer’s the writer. I feel a little bit more vindicated – the writer brought the poem to the masses therefore he is a literary hero and my answer is therefore still valid so ner!

11 questions for my nominees

1 – Since you’re all crochet or knitting blogs – what is the most prevalent colour in your yarn stash?

2 – What was your favourite subject at school?

3 – The last book you read was ______

4 – Do you have a cleaning schedule or routine?

5 – Do you read any craft magazines?

6 – what did you want to be as a child? Have you managed it?

7 – Describe the outfit that you think suits you best.

8 – What would your perfect day be?

9 – Iron Man or Batman?

10 – Did you cry at Marley and Me (book or film or both)?

11 – Your hero turns up on your door step – why are they there?

And to finish on a funny (knitting related but I’m sure it applied to crochet too):


10 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Congrats on the new job! Teaching sewing must be interesting. I was always scared to use the sewing machine at school- my teacher had to tell me to relax often. Also, thanks for the nom!

    • I haven’t even put my kids on the machines yet and one of them has already expressed abject terror lol. It’s all about the practise (although it is very fun telling students horror stories about what could happen when it all goes wrong…) x

  2. I meant to reply to this ages ago but then life got in the way!

    I love your answers! Especially Meatloaf. He is so underrated.

    And if you couldn’t tell by my last post in Batman vs Ironman, its Ironman all the way!

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