Minion Goggles (Free Pattern)

Quick question for you all – how many Minion amigurumi or hats have you seen in the last week? Roughly a million?

Yes, the Minions are still super popular, and it doesn’t look set to abate any time soon. Which is awesome because I love the Minions, but it’s getting harder to find an original way to celebrate the love.

So it’s lucky that someone on my Facebook mused at the idea of being a Minion for Halloween this year, because otherwise I would never have been inspired to make these:

Amiguruthi Minion Goggles


Look ma – I’m a Minion too!

The little one eyed minions are my favourite, and I did consider making a huge one eyed version of this, but I haven’t been able to find anything I could use for the lens. So two eyed it is! I’ve only found one other Minion Goggles pattern, but that one looked more like a sleep mask whereas I was going for real(ish)ism.

Check out the free pattern (including how to size it to your own head or that of your child/lover/pet) after the jump.

The Essentials:

Hook: 3.5mm (E)

Wool: Grey DK and black any weight (I used King Cole Mega Super Chunky but I’ll tell you how to do the strap in any weight).

Also needed: An empty, clean 2 litre bottle of pop (make sure it has smooth shoulders). Glue gun.

Finished Size: Custom fit strap, eyes approx 2″/2.5″ Diameter


CH = Chain

Sc = Single Crochet

SL ST = Slip Stitch


Eyes (make 2)

In grey DK, Ch 41. Join with a SL ST to form a ring.

Round 1-4: 40Sc
Round 5: 40 SL ST to neaten edge.

The SL ST round will result in a tighter round, so your eye part may slope slightly inwards here. This SL ST round is the front of the goggles.

SL ST round on top.

SL ST round on top.

Amiguruthi Minion Goggles


Sew your eyes together in the middle.


Ch enough chains to wrap around the back of your head from one side of the goggles to the other. If you’re measuring for yourself, hold the goggle eyes in place, then get someone to test your chain length as it’s easier than trying to hold everything yourself (if you’re making for someone else then get them to hold the eyes in place and you do the strap wrapping).

Because I used ridiculously chunky yarn it only took 20 odd chains. If you’re using DK it will be considerably more (perhaps 60-80 for an adult head? I’m not sure to be honest so if anyone tries these please let me know your results).

When you have your chain to the correct length, you need to SC rows back and forth until your band is one inch thick (Three rows for my super chunky yarn, probably six or seven for DK).

Make sure you leave a long tail for sewing when starting your chains, and after finishing off. Use the tail to sew the strap ends in place either side of the goggles.

Lenses (make 2)

If you look closely at my version, I’ve added in some plastic lenses to add authenticity and to help the eyes keep the rounded shape.

to make your lenses, cut the top off your 2 litre drinks bottle, then cut the sides away either side of the opening.

Amiguruthi Minion Goggles

You’re left with two big curves of plastic. Cut yourself a circle from each, around 2.5″ in diameter. Keep high up on the curved part of the plastic which was near the opening of the bottle to get a concave lens. I recommend cutting the circle too big to begin with, then you can size it up using your eye surrounds (remember how tightly you crochet and what yarn you’ve used will possibly make your version bigger or smaller than mine – better safe than having to run out to the shops for more drinks bottles!).

Use your glue gun to stick the lenses onto the back of the eye surrounds.

Amiguruthi Minion Goggles


It looks a bit messy, but you can trim any excess plastic or glue once dry. This should take away any scratchiness and make your goggles comfy to wear again.

If your lenses are slightly small, you can push them further forwards too, so that you have a yarn area behind the lenses which would be all that touches your face – this is probably safer for kids.

That’s your goggles finished – now just dungarees and some yellow body paint to buy before Halloween…

Amiguruthi Minion Goggles


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19 thoughts on “Minion Goggles (Free Pattern)

  1. Hello. All your patterns are so awesome and fun, congratulations. I love your blog, i just started to read it a couple of weeks ago, I am giving a try to the Panda project, but I am stuck at the nose part. I dont understand the row 6, as you end with a total of 18 stitches, and the row 5 was with 12 stitches. I just missed where the increases were made. Would you please help me clarify? Thanks a lot and keep the great work you do!

    • Hiya! Thanks for the lovely words 😀

      I’ve just looked back at the pattern and you’re right I haven’t actually said where to Increase – sorry about that! I hadn’t written it down when I was improvising the pattern so missed it.

      It should read:
      Round 6: {INC, Dc, Dc, INC} three times [18], with the INC as single crochets not double crochets.

      I’ll edit the pattern itself now I’ve seen this too – ta for alerting me to it! x

  2. I had around 80 sc using the “homespun” black yarn with a “F” hook.. But because of the size of the hook, I used a “H” hooks for the following rows till I had 1″

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