Splattered Zombie Pin Cushion (Free Pattern)

Two weeks without an update? Oops. Sorry. Last weekend I gave myself time off from working to go have a life, and that meant I didn’t get to update. But Halloween is coming up rapidly, and I missed joining in last year for one reason or another so here’s this years super quick sacrifice. Erm, offering. Crochet pattern. That’s the one – this year’s crochet pattern. Extra to the Shrunken Heads of course.

Meet the Splattered Zombie Pin Cushion.

Splattered Zombie Pin Cushion Amiguruthi

She’s sort of similar to my Cute Lil’ VooDoo Doll, but a bit more, well, dead. Splattered as it says. Handy for keeping the pins at hand of course. So don’t feel too sad – she does have gainful employment. Big Unhappy Slug is still job hunting by the way. Update soon.

Free pattern after the jump.

The Essentials

Hook: 2mm

Yarn: Any – I used sports weight, so it was quite thin, but it’d work just as well in DK. I chose lilac as it looks a bit dead. Green, cream or grey would also look dead or you can buck the trend with a nice bright colour.

Also Needed: Embroidery thread in red and a contrasting colour.

Finished size: Approx 2 inch long, one inch tall.


CH = Chain

Sc = Single Crochet

INC = Increase

DEC = Decrease

SL ST = Slip Stitch


The head is super super simple. It’s just a standard ball.

Magic circle

Round 1: 6sc centre of magic circle [6]
Round 2: INC around [12]
Round 3: {1sc, INC} repeat around [18]
Round 4: {2sc, INC} repeat around [24]
Round 5: {3sc, INC} repeat around [30]
Round 6-10: Sc around [30]
Round 11: {3sc, DEC} repeat around [24]
Round 12: {2sc, DEC} repeat around [18]
Round 13: {1sc, DEC} repeat around [12]
Round 14: DEC around [6]

Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing. No photo here because my camera (ie: phone) died and I couldn’t be bothered to move to go get the charger. I love you guys, but I was comfy and I trust you know what a ball looks like.


This is where it gets funky. It’s simple if you just trust me and follow what I say. I’ll try to show it on a photo too.

Ch 10
SL ST to join
You should have a long thin oval and your working yarn is in the centre.

5Sc up the chain towards the top oval.
SL ST to join to the oval.
Finish off and weave in the ends.

It turns out like a thin ‘H’ shape. You might want to experiment with blocking at this stage to keep it from curling up, but I kinda like the fact she looks like she’s writing in agony.

I’m not a sadist, honest.

Splattered Zombie Pin Cushion Amiguruthi

I’m not sure how helpful this diagram is going to be but here’s a visual representation. Start at pink and follow it round.

Splattered Zombie Pin Cushion Body Diagram Amiguruthi

Sew your head to the centre of one of the long ovals.

Splattered Zombie Pin Cushion Amiguruthi

Almost finished now!

Embroider a face onto your Splattered Zombie Pin Cushion’s head. Two big cross eyes, a wonky mouth and a little red tongue.

Splattered Zombie Pin Cushion Amiguruthi

And now she’s ready to help you sew all your Halloween goodies. Or just leave her on the doorstep as a warning to those wretched kids…

Splattered Zombie Pin Cushion Amiguruthi

4 thoughts on “Splattered Zombie Pin Cushion (Free Pattern)

  1. oh my word I saw this lil’ fellow (about 10 min ago) and made it ASAP….I am in love with its cuteness every time I look at him I giggle ….I used worsted weight yarn (4 ply) in rose pink and my fav hook a (Suzan Bates # I or 9) I love the size it gave me….LOL….did I say cute,Adorable in ♥ with….LOL…thank you so much for this free pattern

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