Amiguruthi is published!

For once I’m actually posting EARLY for you guys! I’m not counting this as a Midweek Squee, even though it’s being posted midweek and is totally squeeworthy, because I probably won’t get time to post at the weekend. So I’m bending my rules a little lol.

Anyway – excellent news! I recently entered a competition in Let’s Get Crafting’s Knitting and Crochet Magazine. You had to pick a starter sentence from three given (I chose ‘Asking the woman at the bus stop what she was knitting turned out to be the best question I ever asked’). I wrote a short story in a Film Noir style, full of puns about crafters of all kinds, and investigating a yarn bombing (see what I did there?).


The story is published in this month’s issue of Knitting and Crochet Magazine, so UK peeps can get their mitts on a copy from tomorrow (Friday 8th November) although subscribers will have had theirs posted to them on Wednesday (mine arrived then anyway).

This is what the cover looks like. Look! Mentioned on the front too!

It’s a magazine well worth buying even if it didn’t feature yours truly – free yarn, needles and hook and loads of cool patterns.

But you know, buy it mostly for my writing talent 😉

10 thoughts on “Amiguruthi is published!

  1. Congratulations!!
    I’ve got that magazine, but i must confess to bypassing that bit as i was too busy choosing what to crochet. I will read it now, knowing that it’s you :0)

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