Superhero Pencil Toppers (Free Pattern)

Hello one and all – first post of 2014! I haven’t been felled on my New Year night out, just getting back into the swing of being back at work and rehearsing Pantomine (I’m going to be the fairy!).

Today’s offering is a pattern I previewed last year – the Superhero Pencil Toppers.

Amiguruthi Superhero Pencil Toppers


From left to right – Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, Iron Man and Captain America.

They’re super easy and super quick and would make super presents for the hard to buy for boyfriend (or girlfriend) this Valentine’s Day. It’s just over a month away after all…

Free pattern after the jump


The Essentials

Hook: 3.5mm (E)

Yarn: DK in colours as described per superhero below.

Also Needed: 30mm polystyrene ball, standard HB pencil, felt in colours as described per superhero.

Finished size: 30mm.


CH = Chain

Sc = Single Crochet

INC = Increase

DEC = Decrease

Before you begin, take a polystyrene ball and poke a hole in it big enough for it to sit on your pencil. I recommend starting with a ball point pen, then swapping to the pencil. You can either glue it on to the pencil using a hot glue gun like I did or if you want it removable then you’ll have to deal with it coming off as you crochet!

You will crochet the basic pattern as follows (colour changes per superhero detailed below).

Magic ring.
Round 1: 9sc loosely into centre of ring [9]

Slide the pencil into the ring then pull closed around it. The polystyrene ball should be above the ring and you will crochet around it. (It’s easiest to do the first 7 rounds away from the ball, then wiggle the work up and continue to crochet around the ball from there).

Round 2: {2sc, INC} around [12]
Round 3: INC around [24]
Round 4-7: Sc around [24]
Round 8: DEC around [12]
Round 9: {2sc, DEC} around [9]

Finish off and leave a tail to sew the top closed.

Use the same basic pattern each time, but change colour and add felt where described for each superhero.


Rounds 1-3: Red
Round 4: Yellow
Rounds 5-9: Blue

Cut a rectangle of red felt and attach on round 7 as a cape. Cut the superman logo from yellow felt and add an ‘s’ with red marker (or red felt if you can cut that small) and glue to the blue portion of the ball.

Green Lantern

Rounds 1-9: Green

Cut a circle of white felt and add the lantern logo (circle with a line at top and bottom) using green marker (or again, green felt if you can cut that small). Glue to the centre of the ball.

Wonder Woman

Rounds 1-3: Blue
Round 4: Yellow
Rounds 5-7: Red
Rounds 8-9: Peach

Cut a thick ‘W’ shape from yellow felt. Split across the middle using a thin black marker or embroidery. Glue to the red portion of the ball.


Rounds 1-3: Black
Round 4: Yellow
Rounds 5-9: Grey

Cut a rectangle of black felt and attach on round 7 as a cape. Cut the batman logo from black felt glue to the grey portion of the ball.

Iron Man

Rounds 1-4: Yellow
Rounds 5-9: Red

Cut a triangle from blue felt. Glue it point down on the red portion of the ball.

Captain America

Rounds 1-3: Navy
Round 4: Alternate red and white sc (join round with a sl st and colour change before starting round 5)
Rounds 5-9: Navy

Cut a five point star from white felt. Glue to upper navy portion of the ball.

If anyone is inspired to design any other superheroes I’d love to add your patterns here with full blog/ Facbook/ Ravelry credit. Just comment below or email amiguruthi[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk.





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