Ami-Me (Free Pattern and edit shots)

Hiya everyone. It’s Summer! And that means SUMMER HOLIDAYS! Yay! I now have six weeks off work (well, six weeks at home with a lot of stuff to do before I start the new school year but I’m not complaining). And that means I should have a bit more time to post things on here. Which I will start with now with my Ami-Me.

For anyone who doesn’t read Mad Crochet Lab, Ami-Me is a CAL she’s ran these last two years. The idea is you make up (or amend) a pattern for a mini you. She’s displaying all this year’s entry over at her blog so go check them out (Traces is my favourite!). I didn’t get to take part last year, so I made it a bit of a mission to manage it in 2014. And success! Meet my Ami-Me:

Amiguruthi Ami Me Amiguruthi Ami Me

My Ami-Me is all kitted up for Roller Derby (my skates, pads and helmet actually are those colours too). And she’s posable too, thanks to some concealed pipe cleaners. She’s made as a blank, naked body then I created clothes to sew her into plus removable equipment. Then I made her the best accessory ever – an Ami-Boyfriend!

Amiguruthi Ami Me Amiguruthi Ami Me

Based on my actual other half, again with (at the time!) accurate kit (yes he does have horns on his helmet – his Derby name is Lucky Devil (mine is Rainbow D45H). He bought red skates shortly after making but at the time they were correct).

Amiguruthi Ami Me

I liked this pair so much, I also recently Ami-fied my Mum and Dad for their birthdays, but I did theirs using colour changing while making the bodies to create the clothing, to make the process quicker.

Amiguruthi Ami Me Amiguruthi Ami Me

I plan to do the rest of my family as their birthdays (or possibly Christmas) happen.

Anyhoo – pattern! Free! After the jump.

The Essentials:

Hook: 2mm

Wool: Skin tone plus clothing tones.

Also needed: Felt in the appropriate hair colour, 6mm safety eyes, small bit of black embroidery thread or wool.

Finished Size: approx 4” tall.

Terms (US terminology):

CH = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

INC = Increase

DEC = Decrease

Head and Body

Magic ring in skin tone

Round 1: 6sc into centre of the magic ring [6]
Round 2: INC around [12]
Round 3: {1sc, INC} repeat around [18]
Round 4: {2sc, INC} repeat around [24]
Round 5: {3sc, INC} repeat around [30]
Round 6-9: Sc around [30]

If using safety eyes, insert these between round 7 and 8 at this point.

Round 10: {3sc, DEC} repeat around [24]
Round 11: {2sc, DEC} repeat around [18]
Round 12: {sc, DEC} repeat around [12]

Stuff firmly

Round 13: DEC around [6]

Body – continues from head without cutting the yarn. Crochet all in skin tone if creating clothes later, change to shirt colour around Round 16 and trouser colour around Round 20 if crocheting clothing at same time.

Round 14: INC around [12]
Round 15: {1sc, INC} repeat around [18]
Round 16: Sc around [18]
Round 17: 7Sc, DEC four times, 3Sc [14]
Round 18: Sc around [14]
Round 19: DEC twice, 10Sc [12]
Round 20: Sc around [12]

Stuff firmly

Round 21: {1sc, DEC} around [9]
Round 22: {1Sc, DEC} around [6]

Finish off and weave in the ends. Rounds 17 and 19  should give a bit of shaping, neither male or female orientated, just giving a bit of chest and butt definition.

Amiguruthi Ami Me

Legs (x2)

If creating clothes later, crochet all in skin tone. If creating clothes as you crochet, start in shoe colour, then switch to trouser colour at Round 4, or skin colour if wearing shorts then switch to short colour whenever you like depending on how short your shorts are!).

Magic ring in skin tone

Round 1: 6sc into centre of the magic ring [6]
Round 2: INC around [12]
Round 3: {1sc, INC} repeat around [18]
Round 4: Sc around [18]
Round 5: {sc, DEC} repeat around [12]

Stuff feet

Round 6: {Sc, DEC} repeat around [8]
Round 7-16: Sc around [8]

Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing. You’ll be stuffing the legs with a pipe cleaner like so:

Amiguruthi Ami Me

Except the orange bit will be going through the body. See my River Fairy post for full description of adding pipe cleaners.

Slot one leg onto the pipe cleaner, slip the pipe cleaner through the body and sew in place. Slip the other leg onto the protruding pipe cleaner and sew that one in place. (Look at the arms on the River Fairy post – there’s photos of the process there!)

Amiguruthi Ami Me

Arms (x2)

If creating clothes later or if making an Ami wearing a vest, crochet all in skin tone. If creating clothes as you crochet, switch to shirt colour when necessary – around Round 4 for long sleeves, around Round 8 for short sleeves.

Magic ring in skin tone

Round 1: 6sc into centre of the magic ring [6]
Round 2-10: Sc around [6]

Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Amiguruthi Ami Me

Stuff a pipe cleaner in one arm, thread the pipe cleaner through the body and sew arm in place, then thread on the second arm and sew that in place.

Amiguruthi Ami Me

Stitch a smile in place and add your hair using your preferred method. I couldn’t be bothered with the latch hooking so I went for felt and it’s really effective.

Amiguruthi Ami Me

Oops – not sure I should share naked photos of my boyfriend on the internet!

The boyfriend above is made using short strips of felt triangles (kinda like crocodile teeth if you can imagine it) glue gunned on in layers. My hair was made by cutting two squares the length of my head from forehead to mid back (the length of my hair) and chopping it into strands held together by a thing strip at the top (like fringing). One either side of the head to form a centre parted hair style, plus a mini version for a fringe gave me my hair. I did my Dad’s similar to the spiky style, but used curves since his is curly, and my Mum’s was made same at mine but cut to a shorter length. I wish I’d photographed the processes but I was sort of improvising when I did it so didn’t think to.

I then added accessories (glasses made from jump rings in three cases!) and clothing. I wish I could tell you how I made mine and my boyfriends clothing but again it was improvised so try it yourself and have fun. For an experienced crocheter it should be a doddle, and for a newbie designer it’s a nice beginner project to work out – not too hard but something challenging to get your teeth into nevertheless. I can tell you I made shoes like this:


Round 1: 6sc into centre of the magic ring [6]
Round 2: INC around [12]
Round 3: {1sc, INC} repeat around [18]
Round 4: {2sc, INC} repeat around [24]
Round 5: Sc around [24]
Round 6: {2sc, DEC} repeat around [18]
round 7: Sc around [18]
Round 8: {sc, DEC} repeat around [12]

Please feel free to blog your own clothing – just don’t blog this pattern, and please do link back to me. I’ll add any links back to your blog to this post too if you send me them. Don’t forget to call into the Mad Crochet Lab too – the CAL  is ended but I’m sure she’d be interested in your version nevertheless.

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