Clive the Monster (Free Pattern)

So the following posters have been spotted around London recently :

Credit: chloeolympe on Instagram, via Buzzfeed

Credit: chloeolympe on Instagram, via Buzzfeed

I’m not from London, I’m from West Yorkshire, but imagine my glee when the Buzzfeed article about this mentioned that Clive’s owner, James McMahon was from South Yorkshire. So I, of course, like any concerned citizen, searched my yarn stash, having a suspicion that mini Monsters often like to hide in such places. Lo and behold, look what I found:

Clive (21)

He appears to have changed colour to blend in – camouflage is a wonderful skill. I have contacted James to see about returning his companion. Watch this space. In the meantime, if you’d like to make your own Clive, follow the pattern after the jump.

The Essentials:

Hook: 3.5mm (E)

Wool: Any – who says Monsters have to all be the same?!

Also needed: x3 6mm safety eyes, scraps of felt.

Finished Size: approx 3” tall.

Terms (US terminology):

CH = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

INC = Increase

DEC = Decrease

SL ST = Slip Stitch



Magic ring

Round 1: 6sc into centre of the magic ring [6]
Round 2: INC around [12]
Round 3: {1sc, INC} repeat around [18]
Round 4: {2sc, INC} repeat around [24]
Round 5: {3sc, INC} repeat around [30]
Round 6: {4sc, INC} repeat around [36]
Round 7: {5sc, INC} repeat around [42]
Round 8-11: Sc around [42]
Round 12: {5sc, DEC} repeat around [36]
Round 13: {4sc, DEC} repeat around [30]
Round 14: {3sc, DEC} repeat around [24]
Round 15: {2sc, DEC} repeat around [18]

Add the safety eyes now. Cut a small circle out of coloured felt and push your safety eye through that first:

Clive (2)Clive (5)


The middle eye should be slightly higher than the outer two.

Round 16: {1sc, DEC} repeat around [12]

Stuff firmly

Round 17: DEC around [6]

Finish off and weave in the tail.


Speaking of, Tail

Magic ring

Round 1: 6sc into centre of the magic ring [6]
Round 2-3: Sc around [6]
Round 4: {1sc, INC} around [9]
Round 5-6: Sc around [9]

SL ST to join the round, and finish off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Clive (6)

Stuff slightly, and sew in place just off centre at the back, so you can see it peeping out of the side.

Clive (8)

Hands and Arms (make 2)

Ch7, leaving a long start tail

Row 1: 2sc, stop, ch3
Row 2: 2sc, stop, ch3
Row 3: 2sc, continue with 4sc into original chain.

Clive (9)

You’ll notice your hand has a hole. Unless you’re going for the stigmata look, weave one of the tails up the arm and use it to close the gap. Use the remaining tail to sew in place.
NB: These might actually be antenna, Clive is not very forthcoming about this fact.

Clive (11)

Feet (make 2)

Magic ring

Round 1: 6sc into centre of the magic ring [6]
Round 2: Sc around [6]

Still connected, ch4

Row 4: 3sc, SL ST into one stitch of round 2, ch 4
Row 5: 3sc, SL ST into next stitch of round 2, ch 4
Row 6: 3sc, SL ST into next stitch of round 2.

Finish off, leaving a log tail for sewing.

Clive (12)

Thread the tail out through the top of the leg (if you shape it there’ll be a slight bump).

Clive (13) Clive (14)

Sew in place on the bottom of Clive, so that his tail forms a third resting point for him to stand freely.

Clive (15) Clive (17)

Add a cute little smile with white felt (Clive has seven teeth, and no preference about these being attached by glue gun or by stitching).

Clive (19)

Give Clive a home, love him well, and don’t lose him the next time you visit London. Otherwise you’ll have to make put up your own posters…

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