Magic the Gathering Planeswalkers (Pattern Edit)

Hello all. Any Magic the Gathering (MtG) fans out there? For those not in the know, MtG is a card game where you summon monsters and cast spells in order to beat your opponent. It’s what Pokemon wishes it was (let’s face it, noone actually PLAYS Pokemon, we all just love the characters and had collect em all fever in High School…)

MtG is the reason I’m with my partner by the way – I drunkenly butted into a conversation he was having to inform him that I used to love the game as a kid, then wandered off. Later on he sidled over with ‘Do you REALLY play Magic cards?!’ and the rest is history! Luckily he stayed with me, even though I’m terrible at the game, and had actually oversold my ability considering that I had totally forgotten how to play but thought he was hot so lied through my teeth. Ah it must be love… 😉

Anyway, enough waffle. One of the key elements of MtG is the Planeswalkers. They’re the uber characters in the game, have the best skills and can be attacked instead of your player life points, in a nutshell. There’s loads of mythos around each one and many, many more than the ones I have made, but the five below are from a recent card set. All are made using my Ami Me Base pattern.


Chandra - Red Planeswalker

Chandra – Red Planeswalker


Liliana - Black Planeswalker

Liliana – Black Planeswalker


Jace - Blue Planeswalker

Jace – Blue Planeswalker


Nissa - Green Planeswalker

Nissa – Green Planeswalker


Gideon - White Planeswalker

Gideon – White Planeswalker

Group shot, with their creepy alter-egos!

Amiguruthi Magic the Gathering (6)

Clearer group shot, ready to cause chaos 😀

Amiguruthi Magic the Gathering (7)

Need more MtG? Check out my Ajani Goldmane pattern edit too.

11 thoughts on “Magic the Gathering Planeswalkers (Pattern Edit)

  1. My boyfriend plays. Once upon a time he played yu-gi-oh and it was me who wanted to play MTG as I couldn’t stand yu-gi-oh but he ended up playing it as I’m a really sore loser. These are wonderful and I will have to show him x

    • I’m exactly the same – my boyfriend is one of those players who makes everything look super easy and fluid and I’m still going ‘Erm – ok, I cast Liliana… NO WAIT! COUNTER SPELL! COUNTER SPELL! Ah goddamnit who cares anyway?!’ lol x

  2. I’ve not heard of the game, or the characters, before (I’m in the UK), but I absolutely love them!
    Your character Chandra could be my daughter, who is a red-headed fire-worker!
    Here’s a link to one of her performance photos:

    • Ah wow she’s like a proper doppelganger! That’s so cool!
      I’m in the UK too! I think it’s more underground, usually associated with teenage boys still over here though 🙂 x

      • It’s probably an age thing too! Lol
        If I asked, I guess my daughter would recognise it anyway 🙂
        I love your amigurumi anyway – it must be so great to be able to design something, then bring it to such wonderful light?
        Will you be selling patterns of your characters at all? If you are, please let me know?
        I guess you’ll know which one I want to make? Lol

        • I have the base pattern up for free (the link is on the ‘free patterns’ tab at the top) but I just sort of improvised the outfits. It’s mainly just changing colour at the right point for the boots trousers and tops, pretty simple to work out your own with a bit of thinking on 🙂 I generally sit down and work it out line by line and pray for the best lol x

          • Thanks for that 🙂
            I’m amazed I didn’t notice this before when looking at your patterns! Lol
            I’ll give it a go [when I’ve got my WIP’s down to a workable amount!] – I’ll let you see what I come up with then 🙂

  3. I can see a warhammer book behind Chandra! Do you play that too? 🙂 I’m a big fan of both MTG and Warhammer. And I love your patterns they are amazing! x

    • Well spotted! It’s my boyfriend’s book, but I did way back when play Elves. I was terrible at it tbh, much better at the painting the figures than moving them correctly lol. Do still have my army somewhere tho x

  4. Hay, these are beautiful. 🙂 I made the body, but can’t seem to find the clothes pattern. Is there any way I can get the pattern? My husband will flip when I make them. He is obsessed. 🙂

    • Heya! Sorry I never did a pattern for the clothes unfortunately. Most of them are improvised just by changing the body colour at the right times and then making squares and rectangles and circles and layering them up into the armor and accessories. Sorry that I can’t be more helpful than that x

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