Midweek Squee: Phone case (free pattern)

I didn’t update the blog this weekend because I was in an absolutely foul mood and had also spent the week battling with a rather sick kitty (tip for cat owners – mixing the antibiotics with cream cheese is a God send!). I’ve got a pattern I’m really pleased with coming this weekend though, as long as some decorative bits I need to finish turn up in the post.

Tonight though (it’s 10:25pm here) I’ve whipped up a quick little pattern, not an amigurumi but a way of saying thank you for putting up with the erratic updates of late!

The stripy phone case:

Amiguruthi stripy phone case

I know, I’m not breaking any moulds here. That’s why this is a Midweek Squee shorty rather than my big weekend posts.

The case shown is for a Samsung Galaxy Ace (the WORST phone in the world, but I’m stuck with it until 2015. Stupid contracts). Don’t worry though, I’ll tell you how to work it out for your own phone.

Free pattern after the jump.

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Midweek Squee: Despicable Me 2 Mini Minion (Free Pattern Link)

This weekend saw the UK release of ‘Despicable Me 2’ (I believe the US release is later – ha! We got something first for once!).

I haven’t seen it yet (I’m going today hopefully!) but when I do this little guy is coming with me:

Amiguruthi Mini Minion


Yes, a very mini minion! He was my entry into an experiment over at Mad Crochet Lab. She had a group of us volunteer to turn her Easiest Amigurumi Ever Pill (which you may remember I made in it’s original incarnation last year) into DM2 minions. Really fun, SUPER quick and great for knocking up in a spare hour when you’ve been itching to crochet you’re-not-quite-sure-what all day.

Have a go yourself. Or maybe you want the slightly bigger challenge of tackling my own Amiguruthi Minion Keyring?

Amiguruthi Despicable Me Minion

On selling…

Selling huh? Not a usual Amiguruthi topic. I wasn’t sure what to post about today. I’ve been working on two patterns plus an experiment for Mad Crochet Lab, so I’ve nothing concrete to post, and I was going to put it off a couple of days, until I saw a discussion on Facebook that I have to weigh in on.

The discussion revolved around selling items made from someone else’s free pattern. Now, my opinion is that if I designed the pattern and let you have it either for free or for a fee, what you make is still yours to do as you wish with. As long as appropriate credit is given to me as the designer, and you’re not selling the pattern itself, then why shouldn’t you profit from your talent? I’m glad to help you on your way to a little financial gain, be it cost of materials or a way over priced piece – if someone will offer you money for it then take it and enjoy the buzz of a job well done. Let me know its happened so I can link you up on here and enjoy your buzz vicariously too!

I know other crochet pattern designers who have the opposite response – they’ve designed it therefore only they can sell the finish piece. Which is fine too. It’s personal opinion and if they intend on selling then why should they let you set up as rival to them? It’s just business sense (I never INTEND to sell, which is why I don’t have this rule – if I did then I might revoke the privilege). Even if they don’t intend on selling, then it’s still their wish and should still be respected.

Anyway, the argument being had was that it was wrong for one designer to tell someone to not sell finished products made from their design, a wish that was clearly posted on the blog with the pattern. The fact the designer was incredibly rude to the person they were contacting to take down their Etsy listing didn’t help, and I agree was NOT the way to go about it. A polite email might have meant the issue never came up.


The people commenting on the thread (which was the seller asking if it was legal to sell from a free pattern against the designers wishes) were being incredibly rude too, ranting about how it’s illegal to try and stop someone selling their version and how the designer had ‘no right’ to stop her, and making hurtful comments in response.

Now hang on. I’m pretty sure if I tried to sell items I’d made from patterns in a published book that specifically stated not to sell them, then I’d be in the wrong. As a lot of the books do – or at least they limit the amount you can make and sell. Why is it different for a home crafter, self publishing on their blog? If it were my wish then I’d expect that to be respected, as I would respect the wishes of other designers. Just because a pattern is offered for free does not make it suddenly nothing to do with the designer. And if you disagree with that, then find a pattern you can sell, or take the opportunity to learn to design your own patterns. At the very least, restrict your selling to friends you know off line, and only take the cost of materials. Don’t put plough ahead anyway, stick it on Etsy, and get offended when you’re caught.

Mostly though? I was ashamed of my community. And that’s sad. The crochet community is the coolest community ever, the most accepting and the most generous, and it contains some freaking amazing people in it (yes reader I’m talking about YOU. You rock). it’s even better than the Brony community, which is saying something. But tonight? Instead of the polite, well mannered, respectful girls and guys that I’m used to, all I saw were petty, hateful people, ragging on someone trying to make a living from something they love and taking pride in their own work. And NO-ONE has the right to take that away from them, no matter how rudely they expressed themselves, and regardless of some unclear legality.

Aaand, end rant. Feel free to discuss and argue in the comments, but don’t make it hurtful or personal. Amiguruthi’s usual updates of silly critters and less seriousness will resume soon. In the mean time, here’s a cat image that makes my boyfriend giggle like a three year old.

human kitty


Midweek Squee – One Year Blogiversary!

So Tumblr emailed me today – Amiguruthi is 1 year old!

Why is Tumblr emailing me? Well, I started out over there for a couple of months before transferring to WordPress where I am now. So I’ll have a mini celebration here and now:

WHOO! ONE YEAR! *Crazy dancing*


And at the weekend I’ll work out when the official Amiguruthi anniversary is and do a proper post when I have more time 😀



Midweek Squee: Real World Employment

Hi all.

Just a quicky little post right now, and (fingers crossed) a much better one this weekend. I estimate that with just half an hour I can finish my WIP. Finding that half an hour might be a push though!

I had a job interview today for my real world profession of Textile Teacher, and I’m ecstatic to say that I got it! From September, once my course is finished actually TRAINING me to be a teacher, I’ll be out there twisting the minds of the young ‘uns. And I’m sure amigurumi helped me, because the panel of students (yes, students!) who did a quick interview with me were well intrigued by the idea (actual comment, after I’d described what Amigurumi was “Are they in 3D?!”. He couldn’t believe his ears lol).

Also, if you follow me on Facebook you’ll already have heard that I’ve had my first unsolicited commission for a completely new amigurumi. So I suppose I’d better get off the internet and try to find time amongst the paper work to actually design and make it. Watch this space for further details…

And just to finish, a knitting related picture I found lurking on my hard drive and totally want to crochet versionify to put on a t-shirt:

(If anyone knows the artist let me know so I can credit)

(If anyone knows the artist let me know so I can credit)

Midweek Squee: Crochet at Play interview

Just a quicky Midweek Squee * – I’ve been getting interviewed again, this time by Crochet at Play. This time you can learn all about how I bemuse the other half and the cat, and why I need to get rich quickly.

Check out the blog post on Crochet at Play, and then go check out their database – thousands of free crochet patterns awaiting your perusal!

* Ok, so Monday isn’t midweek, but I’m being optimistic about how quickly the week is going to pass!

Midweek Squee: The Crochet Club House

Hiya everyone. I’m tagging this as a Midweek Squee despite it only being Monday because it really doesn’t fit any of my other categories.

In my teacher training I’ve been assigned two specialisms, the first being textiles, which I had to demonstrate enough knowledge of prior to gaining my place on the course, and second being Resistant Materials (wood, metal and plastic), which I was to build up by doing projects. My Lucky Tiny Kitty was part of one such project, and then I had a huge project to do too, which is what eventually became The Crochet Club House, which you may have heard me mention on my Facebook page.

So what is The Crochet Club House? Well, it’s this:

Amiguruthi Crochet Club House

For scale, this box stands maybe a foot and half tall by a foot wide and a foot and a half long. I made it from scratch and it contains everything a new crochet group needs for start up. See the innards and let me explain much more clearly after the jump!

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Midweek Squee – 2012 in review

So WordPress emailed me a summary of how Amiguruthi (the blog not me the person) did in 2012. Considering I’ve only been here for six months I thought it was kind of interesting to read.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 11,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 18 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

So yeah – hope you all had a good 2012, thanks for the support you’ve given me – It’s great to get the feedback, make friends, and I’ve even started being sent the odd photo of creations from my patterns which is awesome. You’re really helping my confidence (and rate of crochet!) by reading the blog, commenting on the odd post and even just lurking and clicking around the patterns (although if you’re doing that comment and say hi, I don’t bite! Except that one time, but he was totally fine in a week or so…).

Have a great 2013! My New Years Resolution is to learn to knit. Although the blog will still be crochet amigurumi in the main, there may also be the odd midweek squee about my adventures with needles.

Midweek Squee: Virtual Handmade Holiday Craft Collaborative Project.

So the call went out on Facebook a month or so back from Teeni of Mad Crochet Lab for submissions of holiday related crochet for a cool project she was putting together – a ball wreath photographed and overlaid with images of crochet related to Christmas. It had to be nothing religious which ruled out my Clanger angel but luckily let me contribute my very first crochet project, a zombie snowman.


There are many, many things wrong with this ami, it’s inside out, it’s not the most even of pieces and my embroidery (and photography!) were not up to much. But it does hold a special place in my heart since it started this whole crazy crochet journey and for that reason I submitted him. Luckily Teeni has as skewed a sense of humour as me because she included him (along with the fine work of many other artists) in the final image:


Isn’t it cool? Teeni made it up into some cards and a lucky winner (not me unfortunately!) got sent copies, but I’m going to use my digital copy to make gift tags this year. And next year I may attempt to make a ball wreath myself cos Teeni’s looks gorgeous!

Congrats to everyone who has their work featured – I’m gonna try find a list of who everyone is so I can link spam, but apologies if it takes me a while (Teeni if you have it anywhere I’d appreciate the list!).

EDIT: Link spam!

•Bow – Crocheted and Designed by Jaime of Crochet Dynamite
•Button and Ball Tree – Crocheted and Designed by Janice Howe-Palmer
•Zombie Snowman – Crocheted and Designed by Amiguruthi
•Boomers (Male Kangaroo) – Crocheted and Designed by Kim of Woolly Toons
•Snowman Ornament – Crocheted and Designed by Liz of Crochet Creations by Liz
•Army of Snowmen – Crocheted and Designed by Amanda of Itchy Crochet
•Grinch – Crocheted and Designed by Kim of Kim’s Sticks and Strings
•Hat and Mitten Set – Crocheted and Designed by Anne of Crafted Whimzies
•Wreath Crocheted by Mad Crochet Lab and Inspired by Kate of the Greedy for Color blog

The Snowman pattern I used can be found for free by clicking the link.