Discworld (Free Pattern)

I first discovered the Discworld books when I was probably in my preteens, when my older brother left ‘Mort’ on the kitchen table and I was in need of something to read. I picked it up not really expecting much, and then spent the rest of the summer hungrily hunting down other books from the series. And I’ve been pretty much addicted ever since. My favourite books are the Watch books – there’s something about Sam Vimes, Captain Carrot and Sergeant Angua that really just grabs me. I don’t have a favourite book, I find it impossible to pick one. But when I have nothing to read, or when I don’t feel well, or when I just really fancy phasing out and losing myself in another world it’s always Discworld that I return to.

So when Terry Pratchett died back in March, I knew I needed – not wanted, needed – to pay tribute somehow. And I’ve finished in time to tie in nicely with the release of the final (sob) Discworld book ‘The Shepherd’s Crown‘ next month, so consider this free pattern my prerelease gift to you, in memory of a man whose creativity and writing genius far outstrips anyone else ever. You’re missed Sir Terry- RIP.

I present: The Discworld.

Discworld (37) Discworld (40) Discworld (39) Discworld (48) Discworld (45) Discworld (43) Discworld (42)

The turtle, Great A’tuin, and the disc itself are my patterns, and the four elephants, Tubul, Jerakeen, Berilia and Great T’Phon, are made using Mad Crochet Lab’s Elephant pattern which you can buy for just $2 at the link. Patterns for my parts are available free after the jump.

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My Little Pony Lapghan (Free Pattern based on Linked Pattern)

Alternative title: Ten things I learnt when I finally made a Lapghan.

MLP Lapghan (8)

Two posts in less than a month? It’s a record! This is a double as well, including some of my excellent ranting, as well as a freebie pattern at the end.

So in September 2014, I decided that it was high time I finally learnt to make a granny square. Except that I couldn’t find a pattern I liked that I could get to work (don’t get me started on trying to get this damned thing to work, beautiful but impossible even with an English pattern translation!). So I made a Hexagon instead.

MLP Lapghan (5)

And then I decided to make an Afghan.

And then I started crocheting, and downgraded to Lapghan. Because thing Number 1 I learnt?

1. Making so many hexagons drives you insane.

In total I only made 49 of these things, and it took me three and a half months. On New Years Eve I made 14 of those 49 (it’s not as sad as it sounds – we stayed in and did a ‘Lord of the Rings’ extended edition marathon and I crocheted while I watched, it was awesome). I had to put it down for long lengths of time because the idea of having to make another damned hexagon almost  put me off crochet for life.

2. I need how much yarn???

I have a basket where I keep my project of the moment, and during this one I had 16 different balls of yarn in there. I dreaded running out of one cos I didn’t have a clue where I found some of them. Which leads me to…

3. Sometimes coincidences happen.

One of my friends commissioned some Minions for a Christmas present for her Grandson, and as part of her payment gave me a couple of balls of random purple yarn she had no use for. I put them somewhere and forgot about them, until I ran out of a shade of purple with one hexagon still to go. Cue panicked dig through the yarn stash and wouldn’t you know it? Random purple yarn = exact right colour. Spooky.

4. Don’t mix your yarn thicknesses.

I discovered part way through making this Lapghan that I was using a mix of Double Knit, Worsted Weight and Sports Weight yarn. I had always thought that DK and WW were two names for the same thing. Apparently not. Oops. Made attaching the hexagons together a bit hit and miss and required some stretching on one or two of them.

5. Sewing together is both infuriating and therapeutic all at once.

I attacked my sewing up in batches – make seven hexagons, sew them into one big hexagon, repeat.

MLP Lapghan (1)

I both loved and loathed this bit, because although it took time, it was kinda cool to see the work grow as I did it. It was fairly mindless too so good for zoning out.

6. Tying in the ends is a bitch though.

Honestly, I know that I’m meant to sew in the tails or whatever, but I’m lazy so the knots are just gonna be made as small as possible ok? Cool.

7. I do not know how people make multiple Afghans a year.

Honestly, you crafters simply amaze me sometimes.

8. Blocking doesn’t actually have to take forever.

Some will tell you that when you block a piece of work, you need to do it by lovingly soaking it in a specific temperature of water, perhaps with some fabric softener or starch or whatever, then pinning it out and leaving it however long it takes yarn to air dry. Balls to that – get the iron out, works just as well in a tiny percentage of the time.

9. Work out the lay plan before you start.

It’s confusing as all hell trying to remember which hexagon goes where in the little seven hexagon flowers, and it’s even more confusing trying to work out how to fit seven of these mini ones together into the final Lapghan. At one point I thought I’d messed up entirely and chosen a shape that couldn’t be tessellated how I’d expected. Luckily not the case!

10. I will never make an Afghan or Lapghan again.

Sorry, not happening. It’s lovely, but…. just… no. No.

Unless it gets really cold.

Or I find a cool pattern.


Free pattern link and explanation of the colours of my ‘My Little Pony’ inspired Lapghan after the jump.

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Amiguruthi goes to the craft faire.

Hi everyone. This is a couple of weeks late but I still wanted to post it cos it was quite a big thing for me, even if it was pretty much a fail! Plus, it’ll give you a sneak peek of a couple of free patterns I’ll be posting soon.

A couple of weeks back me and my friend did a craft faire together. It was at our old high school (which was super weird because between us leaving and the faire ten years later it had been burnt down and rebuilt to look like something out of Glee!). We arrived super early and set out our stall:

Amiguruthi stall

That’s my friend Jenny. She does some amazing graphic art and you can check her out at www.jennystorey.com

I had on my branded t-shirt:


I’d even got business cards made:

Amiguruthi craft faire

Here’s my stock:

2013-11-17 09.43.38 2013-11-17 09.43.28 2013-11-17 09.43.15 2013-11-17 09.43.07 2013-11-17 09.42.59 2013-11-17 09.42.52 Amiguruthi craft faire

All patterns my own, expect for:
Owl pattern by A Morning Cup of Jo Creations.
Mini Minion pattern by Mad Crochet Lab.
Super Hero Pencils, Santa and Rudolf coming soon to Amiguruthi!

The day was five hours long and I sold a grand total of (drum roll please…) FOUR ITEMS!

Yeah, four. One of which was to my own Mum. Although I did sell three of the owls to a friend later on and I also gave away a Rudolf and a Wonder Woman Pencil.

To be honest although I’m a little miffed I didn’t expect to sell much because footfall at the event was dire – maybe twenty people came in all day! Asking round not even the more experienced stall holders sold much either. Oh well. I’ll consider doing another next year but we need to research a popular one first I think. Plus my stock can go to a local gallery in town who I have contacts with and who say they’re happy to sell my stuff (they’ve done so before). It was a fun experience and that’s the main thing right?

Ok, I PROMISE I’ll be back with a free pattern next time. The run up to Christmas is very busy so I can’t promise when, but I’ll let you help choose – just comment below with your favourite and I’ll post that pattern first.

Super Hero Pencils, Santa and Rudolf, or The Lady?

Super Hero Pencils, Santa and Rudolf, or The Lady?

Smaug the Dragon (Free Pattern Link)

It’s been Comic Con this last week. Being in the UK and incredibly poor I couldn’t go, although I have caught up on the news and lived vicariously through friends who were there. But it’s just not the same. *Sigh* Maybe next year.

Because of Comic Con, I decided to go geeky this week on the blog. Ladies and gentlemen – Amiguruthi is the Mother of Dragons!

Amiguruthi Dragon

Ok, so actually the pattern is for Smaug the Dragon, who is the evil dragon in The Hobbit. Also Daenerys’ dragons are green, white and black not blue, but meh. This isn’t my pattern, it’s by ChrysN on Instructables – click the link above to go to the free pattern download. I found it months and months ago, and started it straight away, then got distracted by something and he’s been sat in my project tin, missing a wing for longer than I care to think about. ChrysN’s Smaug looks like this:

Credit: ChrysN, Instructables, link in body of blog

Credit: ChrysN, Instructables, link in body of blog

Pretty fearsome right? And look at the glowing eyes! She (I assume she, someone correct me if they know differently!) does detail how to do the electronics in the pattern, which I was all set to do then I sourced all the stuff and it was going to cost too much. So my version just has safety eyes.
Close up time!

Amiguruthi DragonFrom tail to nose, he’s roughly 30cm. I made mine with a 2mm crochet hook, so he’s probably slightly smaller than the original which was made with a 2.5mm hook. I didn’t add the spikes down his back because I’m not convinced I like them. I wanted my dragon to look a bit cuddlier, and they didn’t really fit. I am debating about doing felt spikes though – opinions welcome in the comments!

Amiguruthi DragonThe pattern was quite a nice one to follow. I made a few changes during the making because some of the instructions were either incorrect or I was having a blonde day when I read them and couldn’t work them out (the latter is entirely probable!). I also decided I like the look of the back feet more so did all four feet the same, whereas the original pattern has bendy front legs.

The body of the dragon is made in three separate parts, mainly so the electronics can be put in easily. If I had decided earlier on in the process that I wasn’t doing the electronics then I would probably have just crocheted it all in one piece and stuffed as I went because it would be possible, so there’s a tip for you. Doing it in three separate pieces is nice and easy, and essential if you’re adding the LED eyes, but I’ve ended up with a weird join between tail and body that I could’ve avoided.

I absolutely LOVE the shaping of the face. It’s no so clear in the photos, but there’s a little eyebrow ridge that is just perfect and the ears are just so dang cute. The wings are really nice as well, although I got very confused when making them about which end was which (luckily there’s an assembly photo later on which cleared that up).

He’s got a colour change belly too, which was a pain to do but so worth all the tying off of threads:

Amiguruthi DragonSo there’s my dragon. I quite fancy making my own realistic dragon pattern now for a much bigger, more posed dragon. Might be a future plan (there’s lots of WIPs in my house at the moment!).

The only thing left to do is name him. Suggestions encouraged!


Midweek Squee: Despicable Me 2 Mini Minion (Free Pattern Link)

This weekend saw the UK release of ‘Despicable Me 2’ (I believe the US release is later – ha! We got something first for once!).

I haven’t seen it yet (I’m going today hopefully!) but when I do this little guy is coming with me:

Amiguruthi Mini Minion


Yes, a very mini minion! He was my entry into an experiment over at Mad Crochet Lab. She had a group of us volunteer to turn her Easiest Amigurumi Ever Pill (which you may remember I made in it’s original incarnation last year) into DM2 minions. Really fun, SUPER quick and great for knocking up in a spare hour when you’ve been itching to crochet you’re-not-quite-sure-what all day.

Have a go yourself. Or maybe you want the slightly bigger challenge of tackling my own Amiguruthi Minion Keyring?

Amiguruthi Despicable Me Minion

Giant Push Pin (Free Pattern Link)

So last week Sunday passed by with no blog update because I was celebrating the final hand in for my university essays. I got all my results back, I’ve passed everything AND got two thirds of a Masters Degree into the bargain, which is pretty darned good. I’ve NOT passed my teaching course entirely yet – that assessment comes in the next couple of weeks – but it’s nice to have the essay portion over and done with!

Anyway, because school is all about stationery, I decided to crochet myself Jean Herman’s Gigantic Pushpin for Yarndango this week.

Amiguruthi Pushpin Amiguruthi Pushpin


Look! It’s as big as my crochet hook! I saw the pattern months and months ago and was more amused than I probably should be. It’s a really nice pattern, super simple to do and a good way to spend a brainless hour or so. And at the end – giant stationery! I want to make a whole set with lots of differently coloured pushpins, some paper clips, perhaps even a stapler. For teh lolz. Then I remember that I don’t really have room for the collection in my house.

But then I remember, I have a classroom to decorate…

Midweek Squee: Virtual Handmade Holiday Craft Collaborative Project.

So the call went out on Facebook a month or so back from Teeni of Mad Crochet Lab for submissions of holiday related crochet for a cool project she was putting together – a ball wreath photographed and overlaid with images of crochet related to Christmas. It had to be nothing religious which ruled out my Clanger angel but luckily let me contribute my very first crochet project, a zombie snowman.


There are many, many things wrong with this ami, it’s inside out, it’s not the most even of pieces and my embroidery (and photography!) were not up to much. But it does hold a special place in my heart since it started this whole crazy crochet journey and for that reason I submitted him. Luckily Teeni has as skewed a sense of humour as me because she included him (along with the fine work of many other artists) in the final image:


Isn’t it cool? Teeni made it up into some cards and a lucky winner (not me unfortunately!) got sent copies, but I’m going to use my digital copy to make gift tags this year. And next year I may attempt to make a ball wreath myself cos Teeni’s looks gorgeous!

Congrats to everyone who has their work featured – I’m gonna try find a list of who everyone is so I can link spam, but apologies if it takes me a while (Teeni if you have it anywhere I’d appreciate the list!).

EDIT: Link spam!

•Bow – Crocheted and Designed by Jaime of Crochet Dynamite
•Button and Ball Tree – Crocheted and Designed by Janice Howe-Palmer
•Zombie Snowman – Crocheted and Designed by Amiguruthi
•Boomers (Male Kangaroo) – Crocheted and Designed by Kim of Woolly Toons
•Snowman Ornament – Crocheted and Designed by Liz of Crochet Creations by Liz
•Army of Snowmen – Crocheted and Designed by Amanda of Itchy Crochet
•Grinch – Crocheted and Designed by Kim of Kim’s Sticks and Strings
•Hat and Mitten Set – Crocheted and Designed by Anne of Crafted Whimzies
•Wreath Crocheted by Mad Crochet Lab and Inspired by Kate of the Greedy for Color blog

The Snowman pattern I used can be found for free by clicking the link.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Keyring (Free Pattern Link/ edit)

I loooove ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ (Pegasista for life!) and when my zip pull broke on my purse a few months back, I decided I wanted a pony on there. But I couldn’t decide which one out of the mane six I wanted, so I decided to make them all in miniature!

I found a pattern for Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans, and decided they’d be perfect bodies for some very little My Little Ponies. A few little additions like wings, horns, feet, hair, hats and cutie marks later and here they are! They’re not all perfect, but I love this.


The edits I made were very simple, and as after the jump.

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Sleeping Pill (Free Pattern Link)

A slightly special – if rather short – Yarndango today, because it’s based on a design from Teenie’s Mad Crochet Lab, and Teenie is the creator of Yarndango!

One of her free patterns early on in the challenge was a pattern for a pill. She called it The Easiest Amigurumi Ever, and it really is. It’s a total stash buster so have a wander over there if you have some bits to use up. Teenie gave the basic pattern for two different sizes of pill, and the idea is to edit as fancied. When she posted the pattern I was going through an insomnia patch (I get them semi-regularly) so I decided to create a Sleeping Pill.


I have plans to add to this little guy at some point, give him a pillow, maybe a little sleeping hat and a teddy, if I can crochet that small. But for now he’s good to squeeze if I can’t sleep, and just the idea of him being in my house makes me smile when it’s 2am and I’m wondering if I should go dig out my actual doctor supplied sleeping pills.

My favourite bit of him is the hair. I based it on the Lemming pattern from Planet June that I did previously. Some fun fur style wool, a few rounds (instead of a separate cap I just did the first three rows in the different yarn and adjusted the second colour change a couple of rounds) and voila – instant bed head!

Hair close up

Just what the doctor ordered 🙂

Since I’m moving house and have no internet access until November I won’t be able to respond to comments most likely. I will read any that get posted, and I’ll respond in time, it’ll just take me a while. Thanks for understanding! 

Diablo Sackboy (Free Pattern Link)

Another modified pattern for you and Yarndango this week.

I made this for my boyfriend for Valentines Day 2012, so this is one of my oldies. I had only been crocheting for a few months when I attempted it, so I was really pleased I managed it because the patterns looks quite complicated for a newbie. Luckily it was very well written.

What was it? A Diablo Sackboy


Diablo is a video game – the third in the series was released recently and I lost my other half to it for a good month. He’d been excited about it for a couple of years before that, so I knew what was coming. I also knew he’d appreciate this present.

So what modifications did I make? Well, the original pattern in the Little Big Planet Sackboy pattern from Nerdigurumi. As you can see at the link, she has him finished with a zipper in her version, like the actual video game character, but I left that out because I was more interested in the shape rather than authenticity (we’re an Xbox 360 household, and Little Big Planet is a PS3 game, so actually isn’t one we’ve played overly much. Not enough to form more than a passing attachment to the character anyway).

I also added some spikes at the elbows, knees and on the back (latter not shown – he’s packed in a box for moving as I write too so I can’t snap a quick shot like I would normally). These were just simple. I also added the big ol’ horns which took more creativity. I crocheted two thin pointed tubes, and wired them to give them the curly shape. To do that, I unfolded a big paper clip, slipped it through the head and slipped the horn tubes over. Sew the tubes to the head and pose away!

I added the big pink diamond too, but nowadays I’d make that a whole lot differently!

Nerdigurumi wrote a very clear pattern, and I didn’t have any trouble following it, so if you fancy making your own Sackboy of any kind (there are some fantastic Sackboy edits out there in the big wide web) give hers a try. If you make a Diablo, get yourself some protection though – Diablo is the bad guy!

Raw! Ninja takes a shot…

Since I’m moving house and have no internet access until November I won’t be able to respond to comments most likely. I will read any that get posted, and I’ll respond in time, it’ll just take me a while. Thanks for understanding!