Midweek Squee: Yarndango

I’m quite getting into this Midweek Squee idea, so I think I’ll add them as a semi-regular thing. I’ve started back at uni this week doing my teacher training PGCE – I’m going to be a textiles teacher! – so knowing me I’ll now start being absolutely shattered and will get very irregular with the Midweek Squee, but we’ll see how it goes šŸ™‚

Reyt (that’s Yorkshire for ‘right’ by the way. I say it a lot). I wanted to do a round up Yarndango. You’ll have seen me tag my past few posts with this, and might not have had a wander over to Aunty’s Tearoom to see what it actually is. Yarndango (which is linked in this post AND in the graphic over to the left – you may have to scroll down a bit) is a year long challenge to make a new crochet or knitted piece every week. You’re only obligated for a month (four projects) but I’m now on my fifth week and I think I’ll be continuing as long as the aforementioned shattered-ness doesn’t stop me getting the yarn out! TheĀ wholeĀ thing is the brainchild of the totally awesome Teeni from Aunty’s Tearoom. I got chatting to her after fluking a competition on her blog and winning Alf the Alien (who you can read more about here). Teeni is totally lovely and has helped me gain confidence as a crochet blogger purely by enthusiastically commenting on my posts and liking things on my Facebook and – most importantly – by linking my creations in her Yarndango posts. So I thought it was high time I returned the favour! So this is mainly a kiss-arsey thank you to Teeni, although I will show you the creations of another Yarndangoer too.

So – Teeni has done five Yarndango creations too:


In order they are:

1) The Spiderman Spider (and regular spider too) with free pattern. Spookily, Teeni was doing this as I was making my Batman Bats. I take it as a sign I was meant to join the project!

2) Crochet Pills. Shown are the Chill Pill and the Fat Pill, but the free pattern is so simple it’d be easily customisable into anything you can think of! I’m going to be trying to make Sleeping Pill when I next get five minutes to sit down and pick up the hooks!

3) Gossamer the Hairy Monster. Who is a character from the bugs bunny cartoons – remember him?

4) The Count. My favourite of hers – it’s a muppet! She cleverly made this into a finger puppet too. I love how detailed she’s made him.

5) Severed Finger Lip Balm Holders with free pattern AND a giveaway contest. Not only is it a current theme (it’s Halloween soon) it’s just the spin this quite common pattern needed to jazz it up.

Go visit all the posts, and take a stroll through the rest of her blog too. Then come back here a meet Melanie from Pumpkin’s Patch.


Melanie uses a piece of kit called a Knifty Knitter, which is sort of a plastic ring with pegs on it that you weave around to create your knits. It looks like a really simple way to get into yarn craft but has some great results as you can see above. In order then:

1) Hats (by Melanie and her daughter – yay for spreading the yarn love to the next generation!). Yes, that is also a phot of her cat INSIDE a hat in progress.

2) Pumpkins (my fave of hers so far) plus bonus rope (by her hubby) and flower.

3) Classy shoulder bag with flower decoration (it’s not just circular things you can make on that!).

Melanie also does some amazingly cool cards and Iris Folding which is seriously gorgeous, so go check out the rest of her blog too.

So this post has hopefully illustrated why you too should get involved with Yarndango – go check it out now!