Rat Dissection (free pattern)

Allo! Amiguruthi is back! And with a disgusting but cute pattern for this little lab experiment:

Lab Rat (3)

I actually made this one back in August, when my sister requested him as a birthday present after she saw aKNITomy’s fabulous knitted version on Etsy. Then I got busy and promptly forgot to post his pattern. He came back to my memory thanks to my recent activity in a little show I wrote, directed and (due to last minute actor illness) performed in called ‘The Pied Piper’. For the last four months I’ve been off doing this show as a panto. For those non-UK readers, pantomime (commonly shortened to panto) is a children’s show with a dose of adult jokes, based on fairy tales and featuring large doses of slapstick humour. They’re generally performed around Christmas time, although since my group is amateur we push it back to February to avoid clashing with the big boys. It’s the first thing I’ve ever written or directed for stage and I could wax lyrical about how proud I am of it all, but this here blog is about crochet and you’re all here to learn how to make rat guts. So without any further ado, follow the pattern link after the jump.

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Basic Amigurumi Human Base (free pattern)

Freebie pattern of the week, and Yarndango project number 4 – the Basic Amigurumi Human Base (also linked to Handmade Monday)


This is one of the two I’ve been excited about posting, not because I think it’s particularly awesome (that comes next week!) but because I’m pleased with how it turned out. I spent hours and hours doing trial and error to get this base sorted for the finalised, bits-added-to-it-to-make-a-specific-character project I’ll detail later in the week (it’s being used as a present that won’t get passed on in time and I’m not sure if the recipient reads my blog, so split post it is lol). I’m sure it’ll get used in a few of my projects in the future too, since I’ve already created a second character using it and have plans for a few more!

Anyway, for now, here’s how to make the base. Pattern and lotsa how to photos after the jump.

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