Om Nom (Free Pattern)

So today’s free pattern is this little guy – Om Nom from Cut the Rope! He also counts as my Yarndango entry number God knows what now.

Om Nom Cut the Rope


I know most of my readership comes from America, and I’m not sure how big Cut the Rope was over there, so sorry if I’m preaching to the converted here. Cut the Rope is a cute little Android game where you have to cut ropes to feed candy to an adorable little green alien thing called Om Nom. It was big in the UK about a year ago, but I only discovered it last week. It’s amazing how much sitting around there is when your house floods (between panicked mopping, bailing out buckets full of water, and frantically calling your landlord, parents and the water board of course). So I nabbed my other half’s phone and got a little addicted to feeding Om Nom. And from addiction very rapidly came this amigurumi, which I have to admit is one of my proudest makes ever.

Om Nom eats candy:

Om Nom Cut the Rope


BIG candy:






And even crochet hooks:



Make your own with the free pattern (stage by stage photos plus more adorable photo shoots) after the jump!

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