Eeyore Aerial Topper (Free Pattern)

So I don’t think this can technically be counted as part of Yarndango, since I designed it back March/ April time, but I’ve crocheted a few of these now and so I thought I’d share the pattern. There’s nothing new because I have no time whatsoever this week to actually crochet which is a whole bucket load of sucky. Life should calm down in a couple of weeks though.

Anyway – enough of my personal woes, here’s what I’m giving you this week. The Eeyore Aerial Topper!



Aerial Toppers are, of course, things that stick on your car aerial (sometimes also called Aerial Boppers). They’re very useful for helping you find your car in packed car parks, something I definitely needed. As a HUGE Eeyore fan, I knew what I wanted to grace my little KA when I got her last summer. After quickly losing an official Disney one I decided that It’d be far more personal, and a damned site cheaper, to crochet my own. Make yours with the pattern after the jump. If you’re not a driver, they also make great Pencil Toppers for school/ college/ uni.

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