Santa and Rudolf

I finally put my tree up and feel kinda Christmassy so here’s Amiguruthi’s only Christmas pattern of 2013!

Amiguruthi Santa and Rudolf

Ok, they’re not exactly the most complicated patterns out there, but know what that means? It means in this week and a half we have left before the big day you can whip up a tree full of them!

Free pattern after the jump.

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Amiguruthi goes to the craft faire.

Hi everyone. This is a couple of weeks late but I still wanted to post it cos it was quite a big thing for me, even if it was pretty much a fail! Plus, it’ll give you a sneak peek of a couple of free patterns I’ll be posting soon.

A couple of weeks back me and my friend did a craft faire together. It was at our old high school (which was super weird because between us leaving and the faire ten years later it had been burnt down and rebuilt to look like something out of Glee!). We arrived super early and set out our stall:

Amiguruthi stall

That’s my friend Jenny. She does some amazing graphic art and you can check her out at

I had on my branded t-shirt:

I’d even got business cards made:

Amiguruthi craft faire

Here’s my stock:

2013-11-17 09.43.38 2013-11-17 09.43.28 2013-11-17 09.43.15 2013-11-17 09.43.07 2013-11-17 09.42.59 2013-11-17 09.42.52 Amiguruthi craft faire

All patterns my own, expect for:
Owl pattern by A Morning Cup of Jo Creations.
Mini Minion pattern by Mad Crochet Lab.
Super Hero Pencils, Santa and Rudolf coming soon to Amiguruthi!

The day was five hours long and I sold a grand total of (drum roll please…) FOUR ITEMS!

Yeah, four. One of which was to my own Mum. Although I did sell three of the owls to a friend later on and I also gave away a Rudolf and a Wonder Woman Pencil.

To be honest although I’m a little miffed I didn’t expect to sell much because footfall at the event was dire – maybe twenty people came in all day! Asking round not even the more experienced stall holders sold much either. Oh well. I’ll consider doing another next year but we need to research a popular one first I think. Plus my stock can go to a local gallery in town who I have contacts with and who say they’re happy to sell my stuff (they’ve done so before). It was a fun experience and that’s the main thing right?

Ok, I PROMISE I’ll be back with a free pattern next time. The run up to Christmas is very busy so I can’t promise when, but I’ll let you help choose – just comment below with your favourite and I’ll post that pattern first.

Super Hero Pencils, Santa and Rudolf, or The Lady?

Super Hero Pencils, Santa and Rudolf, or The Lady?

Oogie Boogie (Free Pattern)

Hi y’all. Today’s blog post is a lot later than normal, because I slept and played an epic DnD campaign. It’s nice to put off blogging with things that aren’t work though!

Ok so, what do I have for you today then? Well, some of you who have me added on Facebook will have seen this when I first made it, which was actually at Christmas time. I was going to make it a piece of art work, but I’ve never quite come up with an idea I really liked, so I’ve decided to release the pattern anyway. From a suggestion by a Facebook friend, one crochet block filled day was smashed by *drumroll please*

Oogie Boogie!

oogie normal amiguruthiNow you might be asking ‘what are those spots on his stomach?’ (unless you saw me post this as a WIP all those months ago). WELL, Oogie has a secret. See, when you shine a light on him, he reflects it back at you!

oogie light amiguruthiArgh! The spots are the legs of huge gross spiders! Argh!


Sorry. I bought some light reflective yarn (read, thin strips of plastic) and he seemed the perfect project for it. Pattern after the jump (although sadly without construction photos ‘cos I forgot to take them!). Also not included was an awesome suggestion from the same Facebooker who suggested him in the first place – making lots of little crochet bugs and filling him with those. Add a zip to close the hole and then when unzipped they’d all come bursting out. Yeah, that would’ve been awesome…

Shame I’d already finished him by that point 😦

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Harley Quinn and The Joker (Free Pattern Edit)

As I type, my wrists are bloomin’ sore. This last fortnight has been one of neglecting my university studies to focus on my crochet. Meh – there’re other trainee teachers out there to meld the minds of the yoofs! If you’ve followed me on Facebook you’ll have seen a few bit – I’ve an Oogie Boogie that I’ve played about with, a mobile phone case, and I’ve also joined in with the Fairy themed CAL running over a Mad Crochet Lab.

So please bare with me this weekend for just posting a quicky pattern edit. Using my Basic Amigurumi Human Base, I made these for my little sister and her boyfriend for Christmas – Harley Quinn and The Joker.

Amiguruthi Harley Quinn Joker


It took a few edits to the patterns, the most notable being the head and body balls being turned on their ends, mainly so that I could do the coloured halves of Harley’s costume, and then I ended up doing the same on the Joker just so that they looked like a pair.

And the addition of boobs.

Close ups and discussion after the jump (not technically patterns, but I’ll describe the edits so you could feasibly attempt your own too).

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Flail / Morning Star (Free Pattern)

So if you look around my patterns, you’ll see that I make a lot of quite girly stuff – cats feature heavily, along with animated cute stuff. So I thought I’d man up over Christmas when it came to making a gift for the mister and make this.

Amiguruthi Flail / morning star

It’s a flail – or a morning star as he informed me when he opened it. It’s a weapon, that’s all I cared about (last year I gave him throwing stars, and he already owns a couple of swords, a few knives and – until recently – a staff. None of which are crochet. He’s not a violent person, he just did martial arts for years and these thing accumulate! In my own hoard I have a spear. Because when you go to Kenya you can’t not come home with a spear). At least this one I can wield without worrying about lopping off limbs – it doesn’t hurt, as was demonstrated during the post Christmas dinner recovery when he gave into the temptation to whack me with it!

If you’d like to welcome soft toy violence into your life, the free pattern is after the jump.

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Mug Cosy (Free Pattern)

God morning/ afternoon/ whatever time it is when you read this. For me it’s 8:53 on a Sunday and by rights I should be asleep. But it’s a week until Christmas and the pile of presents to make isn’t going to get any smaller by me catching up with my zeds! If you’re in a similar ‘what the heck do I get for x person?’ kinda state of mind to me, then this pattern is probably for you – the ever popular, totally simple and quick but looks like you’ve put some effort in mug cosy!

mug cosy mug cosy


Please excuse my bad photography – I repeat, for me it’s pretty early! And I know it’s not an amigurumi, but I’m bending my blog remit a little lol.

I have four friends plus my brother and Dad who I can’t really afford to spend much on this year but wanted to give something personal to. So initial branded mug cosies seemed a good way forward. I also followed this tutorial from a Beautiful Mess on decorating the mugs using sharpies – although if you’re going to do that, I recommend not using the coloured sharpies as they all faded horribly in the oven and I had to go over everything again. Black, blue and (oddly) pink worked well, and orange went brown but still showed up.

Anyway – jump through below and there’s a photo tutorial on the mug cosy! I think this also counts towards the ongoing Yarndango!

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Midweek Squee: Virtual Handmade Holiday Craft Collaborative Project.

So the call went out on Facebook a month or so back from Teeni of Mad Crochet Lab for submissions of holiday related crochet for a cool project she was putting together – a ball wreath photographed and overlaid with images of crochet related to Christmas. It had to be nothing religious which ruled out my Clanger angel but luckily let me contribute my very first crochet project, a zombie snowman.


There are many, many things wrong with this ami, it’s inside out, it’s not the most even of pieces and my embroidery (and photography!) were not up to much. But it does hold a special place in my heart since it started this whole crazy crochet journey and for that reason I submitted him. Luckily Teeni has as skewed a sense of humour as me because she included him (along with the fine work of many other artists) in the final image:


Isn’t it cool? Teeni made it up into some cards and a lucky winner (not me unfortunately!) got sent copies, but I’m going to use my digital copy to make gift tags this year. And next year I may attempt to make a ball wreath myself cos Teeni’s looks gorgeous!

Congrats to everyone who has their work featured – I’m gonna try find a list of who everyone is so I can link spam, but apologies if it takes me a while (Teeni if you have it anywhere I’d appreciate the list!).

EDIT: Link spam!

•Bow – Crocheted and Designed by Jaime of Crochet Dynamite
•Button and Ball Tree – Crocheted and Designed by Janice Howe-Palmer
•Zombie Snowman – Crocheted and Designed by Amiguruthi
•Boomers (Male Kangaroo) – Crocheted and Designed by Kim of Woolly Toons
•Snowman Ornament – Crocheted and Designed by Liz of Crochet Creations by Liz
•Army of Snowmen – Crocheted and Designed by Amanda of Itchy Crochet
•Grinch – Crocheted and Designed by Kim of Kim’s Sticks and Strings
•Hat and Mitten Set – Crocheted and Designed by Anne of Crafted Whimzies
•Wreath Crocheted by Mad Crochet Lab and Inspired by Kate of the Greedy for Color blog

The Snowman pattern I used can be found for free by clicking the link.