Smaug the Dragon (Free Pattern Link)

It’s been Comic Con this last week. Being in the UK and incredibly poor I couldn’t go, although I have caught up on the news and lived vicariously through friends who were there. But it’s just not the same. *Sigh* Maybe next year.

Because of Comic Con, I decided to go geeky this week on the blog. Ladies and gentlemen – Amiguruthi is the Mother of Dragons!

Amiguruthi Dragon

Ok, so actually the pattern is forĀ Smaug the Dragon, who is the evil dragon in The Hobbit. Also Daenerys’ dragons are green, white and black not blue, but meh. ThisĀ isn’t my pattern, it’s by ChrysN on Instructables – click the link above to go to the free pattern download. I found it months and months ago, and started it straight away, then got distracted by something and he’s been sat in my project tin, missing a wing for longer than I care to think about. ChrysN’s Smaug looks like this:

Credit: ChrysN, Instructables, link in body of blog

Credit: ChrysN, Instructables, link in body of blog

Pretty fearsome right? And look at the glowing eyes! She (I assume she, someone correct me if they know differently!) does detail how to do the electronics in the pattern, which I was all set to do then I sourced all the stuff and it was going to cost too much. So my version just has safety eyes.
Close up time!

Amiguruthi DragonFrom tail to nose, he’s roughly 30cm. I made mine with a 2mm crochet hook, so he’s probably slightly smaller than the original which was made with a 2.5mm hook. I didn’t add the spikes down his back because I’m not convinced I like them. I wanted my dragon to look a bit cuddlier, and they didn’t really fit. I am debating about doing felt spikes though – opinions welcome in the comments!

Amiguruthi DragonThe pattern was quite a nice one to follow. I made a few changes during the making because some of the instructions were either incorrect or I was having a blonde day when I read them and couldn’t work them out (the latter is entirely probable!). I also decided I like the look of the back feet more so did all four feet the same, whereas the original pattern has bendy front legs.

The body of the dragon is made in three separate parts, mainly so the electronics can be put in easily. If I had decided earlier on in the process that I wasn’t doing the electronics then I would probably have just crocheted it all in one piece and stuffed as I went because it would be possible, so there’s a tip for you. Doing it in three separate pieces is nice and easy, and essential if you’re adding the LED eyes, but I’ve ended up with a weird join between tail and body that I could’ve avoided.

I absolutely LOVE the shaping of the face. It’s no so clear in the photos, but there’s a little eyebrow ridge that is just perfect and the ears are just so dang cute. The wings are really nice as well, although I got very confused when making them about which end was which (luckily there’s an assembly photo later on which cleared that up).

He’s got a colour change belly too, which was a pain to do but so worth all the tying off of threads:

Amiguruthi DragonSo there’s my dragon. I quite fancy making my own realistic dragon pattern now for a much bigger, more posed dragon. Might be a future plan (there’s lots of WIPs in my house at the moment!).

The only thing left to do is name him. Suggestions encouraged!