The Lady (Free Pattern)

BONUS COMPETITION! If anyone can think of an awesome name for this pattern, I will change it and give credit and link back if you have a blog or store of your own. And internet cookies*.

*Disclaimer: Not real cookies. Unless you buy some and pretend they were from me.

EDIT: Competition closed, The Lady’s official name is:

Layla Antoinette

The name is an amalgamation of two submissions from Katy the Night Owl and Katnisscrochet. Enjoy your internet cookies ladies!

So last week I asked for people’s opinions and my Lady pattern won the vote, so here she is!

Amiguruthi The LadyAmiguruthi The Lady

She’s posable and everything! The Lady was made as a gift for my brother’s girlfriend, who had requested ‘something for her desk at work’ ages ago. She’s big on history and textiles, especially dress and corset making, so I intended on making a beautiful Victorian style doll with a crinoline skirt. She actually looks more like she’s wearing some kind of space crinoline, but she was well received either way! Free pattern after the jump. Continue reading