Despicable Me Minion (free pattern)

Yarndango post… erm… five? I only signed up to four but sod it – I’m enjoying it so I’ll carry on! If you’ve not checked it out yet follow the link or click the banner over to the left. Anyway – here it is, the big one that I’ve been wanting to post for weeks but couldn’t because it was a birthday present.

A Despicable Me Minion!


He’s keyring sized, so only three inches high. I made this for two reasons:

1) My friend is really into animation, and since this year I’ve been hand making all my presents (saved a ton doing that!) I thought this was the perfect way to celebrate her passion.

2) I really really love the Minions and have wanted to make one forever. I cannot wait for Despicable Me 2!

I’ve been so excited about this because it’s the first amigurumi I’ve made that’s of an actual, established character that I’ve been really 100% satisfied with the final result (much as I love Bane Bat). He whipped up so easily too – every thing I tried went perfectly which almost never happens! Now there are loads of Minion patterns out there, and mine is just adding to the bunch. But the great thing is, every pattern I’ve seen is different, just like the minions so I don’t feel like I’m repeating or competing with anyones work.

Plus most of the ones I found have two eyes and I think the one eyed guys are cuter.

Full pattern and lots of how to photos after the jump.

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