DnD D20 (Free Pattern)

I recently started playing Dungeons and Dragons (well, I say recently, it was over six months ago actually). We play the ‘sit round and talk about it and occasionally get the models out so we can visualise the fight’ style of DnD, 2 hours every other Sunday.

My name is Amiguruthi, and I’m a huge geek.

I love it, I really do. The group are a mix of old and new friends (including my other half who I dragged along after my first game cos I knew he’d love it too. He does). Not long after I started playing, the Dungeon Master and his wife had a son. So now we have a baby at the game who on occasion has been threatened as an unbeatable monster if we don’t stop misbehaving.

I haven’t given them a congratulations gift yet because I didn’t actually see the sprog during the first couple of months of his life due to stopped play and theatrical adventures of my own, so like the incredibly organised person I am totally forgot.

Then last week I followed through on a threat to make this as as my newest Yarndango project:

amiguruthi D20

amiguruthi D20

amiguruthi D20




















An amigurumi D20.

It’s probably not exactly game worthy, but I’m hoping baby Dungeon Master likes it.

Free pattern to make your own after the jump. Also, yes those are Instagram pictures – you can follow me at http://instagram.com/amiguruthi/

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