The Lady (Free Pattern)

BONUS COMPETITION! If anyone can think of an awesome name for this pattern, I will change it and give credit and link back if you have a blog or store of your own. And internet cookies*.

*Disclaimer: Not real cookies. Unless you buy some and pretend they were from me.

EDIT: Competition closed, The Lady’s official name is:

Layla Antoinette

The name is an amalgamation of two submissions from Katy the Night Owl and Katnisscrochet. Enjoy your internet cookies ladies!

So last week I asked for people’s opinions and my Lady pattern won the vote, so here she is!

Amiguruthi The LadyAmiguruthi The Lady

She’s posable and everything! The Lady was made as a gift for my brother’s girlfriend, who had requested ‘something for her desk at work’ ages ago. She’s big on history and textiles, especially dress and corset making, so I intended on making a beautiful Victorian style doll with a crinoline skirt. She actually looks more like she’s wearing some kind of space crinoline, but she was well received either way! Free pattern after the jump. Continue reading

Yahtzee Zero Punctuation (Free Pattern)

Right guys, here’s Yarndango entry whatevermabob the post I had intended to put up last week until I lost the pattern (it was lurking on my desktop called something stupid – I found it by accident!). Although to be fair the post last week about things I wish I knew before I picked up my hook proved to be pretty popular!

This week, heeeeere’s Yahtzee!

amiguruthi yahtzee amiguruthi yahtzee


For those of you who have just looked at the photo and have no idea who I’m on about, Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw is a video games reviewer on the Escapist website in a segment called Zero Punctuation. Now, I’m a casual gamer at best, but I still love ZP. His reviews are always hilariously sardonic, and it’s all little animated stills with a fast paced voice over, generally trashing the latest release (occasionally praising it too). The guy above is Yahtzee’s avatar in the videos, and I’ve been meaning to immortalise him in crochet for a very long time.

I am going to give out the free pattern to this, although I don’t have permission. I can’t find a contact address directly for Yahtzee to ask permission, and I don’t think the Facebook page is a) manned by the man himself or b) slow moving enough for any post of mine to be seen by him in amongst the fanboy wailing. So Yahtzee, if you do stumble upon this and disapprove, give me a hollar ok? :p

Pattern and more photos after the jump.

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Harley Quinn and The Joker (Free Pattern Edit)

As I type, my wrists are bloomin’ sore. This last fortnight has been one of neglecting my university studies to focus on my crochet. Meh – there’re other trainee teachers out there to meld the minds of the yoofs! If you’ve followed me on Facebook you’ll have seen a few bit – I’ve an Oogie Boogie that I’ve played about with, a mobile phone case, and I’ve also joined in with the Fairy themed CAL running over a Mad Crochet Lab.

So please bare with me this weekend for just posting a quicky pattern edit. Using my Basic Amigurumi Human Base, I made these for my little sister and her boyfriend for Christmas – Harley Quinn and The Joker.

Amiguruthi Harley Quinn Joker


It took a few edits to the patterns, the most notable being the head and body balls being turned on their ends, mainly so that I could do the coloured halves of Harley’s costume, and then I ended up doing the same on the Joker just so that they looked like a pair.

And the addition of boobs.

Close ups and discussion after the jump (not technically patterns, but I’ll describe the edits so you could feasibly attempt your own too).

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Jelly Tot Sprite (Free Pattern)

I am back in the time stream! By which I mean what you are reading is a post typed up and posted on the same day, not one of my scheduled posts from the past. My house move went ok, although we’ve been living here for six weeks and the spare rooms are still not unpacked because life happened. Me and the mister are involved with an amateur theatre group, who decided to do a challenge of putting on ‘How the Other Half Loves’ (a very complicated Alan Ayckbourn play) with only six weeks of rehearsals, which mean I haven’t had an evening free to unpack since roughly five weeks ago! But that goes on this week (wish me luck!) so after that I’ll be free to unpack and finally sort out my craft half room. I’m taking over half of one of the spare rooms, as much out of necessity as design. My wool stash is currently piled haphazardly in a corner and my amigurumi are in a box waiting to be displayed.

Anyway, enough waffle from me. On to the interesting stuff: a new pattern! Partial credit goes to Geek Girl Crochet who inadvertently helped me with the head when she was trying to help me with my Clanger. It’s not the exact pattern she helped me write, because I changed the last third while I was messing about, but I wouldn’t have concocted the rest of this creature without her input, so thank you!

Without further ado, here is the Jelly Tot Sprite:

The Jelly Tot Sprite is one of those creations which was never intended to be made, but which forced itself upon my hook and wouldn’t leave until she was created. She’s a little bit creepy like that. She’s bigger than anything I’ve designed before, standing a good six inches tall. The hypnotic eyes will make you feel slightly uncomfortable, but will burn into your soul and won’t let you leave her. But it’s ok, she can be easily appeased with chocolate milk.

I have no idea why she’s called the Jelly Tot Sprite. It just seemed to fit. She was going to be a mushroom…

Make your own after the jump.

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Red Castle Crashers Knight (Free Pattern)

I made this pattern up a while back, but now seems a perfect time to release it. Yes, I’m off the grid writing from the past to post in the future (or the present as you’re reading) but I wanted to give something awesome in the middle of what will be some very quick minor posts. I present – The Red Castle Crashers Knight.

Castle Crashers is a game on the Xbox 360. It features little cartoon knights who are freaking adorable. There’re loads of different colours, but the red one is very well known (the main four are Red, Orange, Blue and Green) so I decided to try the pattern with him.

Make your own after the jump.

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Basic Amigurumi Human Base (free pattern)

Freebie pattern of the week, and Yarndango project number 4 – the Basic Amigurumi Human Base (also linked to Handmade Monday)


This is one of the two I’ve been excited about posting, not because I think it’s particularly awesome (that comes next week!) but because I’m pleased with how it turned out. I spent hours and hours doing trial and error to get this base sorted for the finalised, bits-added-to-it-to-make-a-specific-character project I’ll detail later in the week (it’s being used as a present that won’t get passed on in time and I’m not sure if the recipient reads my blog, so split post it is lol). I’m sure it’ll get used in a few of my projects in the future too, since I’ve already created a second character using it and have plans for a few more!

Anyway, for now, here’s how to make the base. Pattern and lotsa how to photos after the jump.

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Cute Lil’ Voodoo Doll (free pattern)

This weeks offering to the amigurumi gods is a pattern I created back the beginning of the year. It’s very simple and quick, especially for beginner crocheters.

A cute lil’ Voodoo Doll, for anyone who needs a bit of heart soothing, or some revenge…

Ooh look – borders and text too!

More photos and free pattern after the jump.

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