Sneak Peek: Dragon

Hi guys. You’ll have noticed the posts have been scaling back on their regularity recently. This looks like it’ll be an unfortunately regular trend due to work commitments – apparently when you become a teacher you sign all your free time away as well as a hefty down payment of your creative mojo.

Don’t worry, Amiguruthi isn’t going away, it isn’t even been put on hiatus, it’ll just become one of those blogs that update less frequently but with super awesome patterns when it does update! Hopefully when summer rolls round and I get six weeks off I can have a splurge and get lots of awesome things in the pipeline. I have plans, I just need time!

To tide you over, here’s something I’ve been making this week:

Dragon Amiguruthi (50) Dragon Amiguruthi (41) Dragon Amiguruthi (39) Dragon Amiguruthi (37)

He’s a dragon*! A Gingerbread dragon to be precise, made for a contest. I’ll be giving you the basic pattern next weekend (hopefully) or the weekend after, and showing you my edits and the original I was trying to imitate.

Bare with me folks! Thanks for sticking around.

*Yes, I’m aware he looks more like a Goblin from the angle of the first photo!

Dragon (link to free pattern)

One of my reasons for learning to crochet is because I found this:

All About Ami dragon

It’s the cutest amigurumi ever, and I coveted it, so link hopped til I found where he was from. I was amazed to find that he was made from a free pattern, on a blog of other awesome free patterns. The creator was Stephanie from All About Ami, which is my favourite amigurumi blog – check it out, it’s filled with squee!

Anyway, enough butt kissing. After seven months learning to crochet well (including reading Stephanie’s tutorial about crocheting the right way round and having that eureka moment I hadn’t had with any other tutorial) I finally felt ready to give him a go. Here’s how he turned out:

Obviously there’re a few differences (colour, size of head wings, two fangs because one just looked like drool…) but I’m pleased with him. More photos and my thoughts on following the pattern after the jump, or you can head straight over to the Dragon pattern on All About Ami.

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