BB-8 (Free Patern)

I saw ‘Star Wars’ over Christmas. Soooo good. And I’m not even a huge Star Wars geek (although I know enough to know that the first three movies don’t actually exist). I really loved the feminist kick to it (although don’t even get me started on Darth Snape). I also really loved this little guy:

Everyone in the crochet community must have gone nuts the second they saw BB-8 right? He’s practically designed to be Amigurumified! (One day I will attempt Chewie too, but til then do you like my backpack?) They pretty much gave us the challenge – BB-8 is probably the new Minions. So of course I crocheted him. And so can you – free pattern after the jump.

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Rat Dissection (free pattern)

Allo! Amiguruthi is back! And with a disgusting but cute pattern for this little lab experiment:

Lab Rat (3)

I actually made this one back in August, when my sister requested him as a birthday present after she saw aKNITomy’s fabulous knitted version on Etsy. Then I got busy and promptly forgot to post his pattern. He came back to my memory thanks to my recent activity in a little show I wrote, directed and (due to last minute actor illness) performed in called ‘The Pied Piper’. For the last four months I’ve been off doing this show as a panto. For those non-UK readers, pantomime (commonly shortened to panto) is a children’s show with a dose of adult jokes, based on fairy tales and featuring large doses of slapstick humour. They’re generally performed around Christmas time, although since my group is amateur we push it back to February to avoid clashing with the big boys. It’s the first thing I’ve ever written or directed for stage and I could wax lyrical about how proud I am of it all, but this here blog is about crochet and you’re all here to learn how to make rat guts. So without any further ado, follow the pattern link after the jump.

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Roller Derby Ami (Free Pattern)

Guys, I have discovered a new obsession, nearly as life consuming as crochet.

Roller Derby.

For the uninitiated, Roller Derby is basically rugby (or american football) on roller skates, minus the ball. The idea is to get one player on a team of five past the other teams players to score points, and to do that you push the other team’s players out of the way or get in the way of them moving in order to let your jammer (the point scorer) through your wall of blockers. If you’ve ever seen ‘Whip It’ it’s that, only not actually quite as violent, and on a flat track in my case. I’m only very new new to the sport, so not at a game playing level yet until I pass some more minimum skills, but I am loving it.

And as is the case when you love something and also make ami’s, of course you crochet it!

Amiguruthi Derby Girl (2) Amiguruthi Derby Girl (1)

Meet Ami! On the left here she is skating on my boyfriend’s team’s floor. On the right she’s been expertly modelled by my team mate Ninja Nina* from the Halifax Bruising Banditas. Check us out if you’re UK based, we’re recruiting! Check us out if you’re not UK based too of course 😉

*Names are a thing in Derby, as are personalised numbers. Mine is Rainbow D45H, after the My Little Pony character. I’m cool…

Pattern for Roller Derby Ami after the jump.

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River Fairy (Free Pattern)

At Christmas my family have a tradition. Christmas Eve, we all get together, exchange presents from us kids (there’re three of us, all plus partners) and watch a film together. It’s probably the part of Christmas I look forward to the most. Christmas just gone, we watched ‘The Great and Powerful Oz’. It was ok, but mainly I like it because it inspired this weeks pattern, of a character who is on screen for no more than a couple of minutes – the River Fairy.

Original design at link below the photo. Credit to Michael Kutsche.

Original design at link below the photo. Credit to Michael Kutsche.

Make you own with the free pattern after the jump. Intermediate pattern – and the first time I’ve incorporated Double Crochet and Triple crochet into a pattern!

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Superhero Pencil Toppers (Free Pattern)

Hello one and all – first post of 2014! I haven’t been felled on my New Year night out, just getting back into the swing of being back at work and rehearsing Pantomine (I’m going to be the fairy!).

Today’s offering is a pattern I previewed last year – the Superhero Pencil Toppers.

Amiguruthi Superhero Pencil Toppers


From left to right – Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, Iron Man and Captain America.

They’re super easy and super quick and would make super presents for the hard to buy for boyfriend (or girlfriend) this Valentine’s Day. It’s just over a month away after all…

Free pattern after the jump

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Minion Goggles (Free Pattern)

Quick question for you all – how many Minion amigurumi or hats have you seen in the last week? Roughly a million?

Yes, the Minions are still super popular, and it doesn’t look set to abate any time soon. Which is awesome because I love the Minions, but it’s getting harder to find an original way to celebrate the love.

So it’s lucky that someone on my Facebook mused at the idea of being a Minion for Halloween this year, because otherwise I would never have been inspired to make these:

Amiguruthi Minion Goggles


Look ma – I’m a Minion too!

The little one eyed minions are my favourite, and I did consider making a huge one eyed version of this, but I haven’t been able to find anything I could use for the lens. So two eyed it is! I’ve only found one other Minion Goggles pattern, but that one looked more like a sleep mask whereas I was going for real(ish)ism.

Check out the free pattern (including how to size it to your own head or that of your child/lover/pet) after the jump.

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Readers Gallery 2

Hi everyone.

I was going to post what I’d made for my sister’s birthday tomorrow, but then I realised she might then see it before I give it her, so delay that one a week.

Instead, I’ve been collecting images of people’s versions of my patterns again. I love seeing photos of things you guys have made from my designs, so please if you have any you haven’t sent me or which haven’t been put on Ravelry do email me at Especially if you’ve made something based on my Basic Amigurumi Human Base – I’m saving them for the next Readers Gallery.

First up is one of my favourite things I’ve been sent – a Giant Rubber Duck!

pamvdz Ravelry Duck3 pamvdz Ravelry Duck2 pamvdz Ravelry Duck1

pamvdz was incredibly helpful in testing this pattern and sent me quite a few corrections I had missed which I really appreciated. And look! Purple duck! I’m impressed.

I’ve been sent a few other cool things too – my Flail is pretty popular. I’ve been sent it in it’s classic form:

o0dove0o Ravelry Flail


In bright pink girl form:

CharminglyWicked Ravelry Flail


And in super upsized incredibly spiky form!:

jld2247 Ravelry Flail

jld2247. I don’t think I can take credit for this one, except in the form of inspiration. I love it though. EDIT: She’s just Ravelry messaged me and added: ‘The handle is 19.5 inches long. The ball is roughly 32 inches in circumference. And the spikes are 6.5 inches long.’

Also popular is my Batman Keyring. I’ve been sent them from S-Max Jewels:

S-Max Jewels Batman Facebook

And janiewaah, who made Robin and The Joker as well.

janiewaah Ravelry batman janiewaah Ravelry robin janiewaah Ravelry joker

(They’re posed in egg cups – I thought they were giant teeth).

A pattern still getting a lot of hits is Puppy Love. And manatina has used it for a lovely tribute to her friend’s dog MacArther, who is pictured in the background.  

manatina puppy love

A few months back now, the Treblemaking Hookers on Facebook had a Yarn Bombing day. I didn’t get my butt in gear in time to join in, but Denise Niemann chose my Unhappy Lil’ Slug to bomb her local Post Office with – hopefully he’s nicely happy with some mystery recipient!

Denise Niemann slug at post officeDenise Niemann slug

A little hint to the future now – I released my Cute Lil’ VooDoo Doll pattern last year when I was still learning to crochet. He’s been popular, but I’ve reworked him for a future post as a re-release, and he actually looks more like Jamie Lasher’s version here:

Jamie Lasher Voodoo doll email

You’ll also see my Fat Gnome re-jigged if you download my Guide to Crochet, but here’s Cmaizy’s version using the original pattern. I love the bird in the background!

Cmaizy Gnome

Another pattern I’ll be talking about in the near future is my Jellyfish. Here’s Laweinberger‘s version to remind you what it looks like – I like the stretched out tentacles on hers.

Laweinberger Jellyfish Ravelry

And lets end on the second biggest invaders of the crochet community behind the owl – Minions! I posted my pattern this time last year, and Tiverknitter sent me a few that she’d made.

Tiverknitter Minion Ravelry

That’s all for now – again, I LOVE seeing your stuff, so please do add them to my Ravelry, post them on my Facebook or drop me a photo by email as above. If I’ve included your project today and not credited you it’s because I don’t have a link to your internet presence, so just let me know and I’ll add it in 🙂

Smaug the Dragon (Free Pattern Link)

It’s been Comic Con this last week. Being in the UK and incredibly poor I couldn’t go, although I have caught up on the news and lived vicariously through friends who were there. But it’s just not the same. *Sigh* Maybe next year.

Because of Comic Con, I decided to go geeky this week on the blog. Ladies and gentlemen – Amiguruthi is the Mother of Dragons!

Amiguruthi Dragon

Ok, so actually the pattern is for Smaug the Dragon, who is the evil dragon in The Hobbit. Also Daenerys’ dragons are green, white and black not blue, but meh. This isn’t my pattern, it’s by ChrysN on Instructables – click the link above to go to the free pattern download. I found it months and months ago, and started it straight away, then got distracted by something and he’s been sat in my project tin, missing a wing for longer than I care to think about. ChrysN’s Smaug looks like this:

Credit: ChrysN, Instructables, link in body of blog

Credit: ChrysN, Instructables, link in body of blog

Pretty fearsome right? And look at the glowing eyes! She (I assume she, someone correct me if they know differently!) does detail how to do the electronics in the pattern, which I was all set to do then I sourced all the stuff and it was going to cost too much. So my version just has safety eyes.
Close up time!

Amiguruthi DragonFrom tail to nose, he’s roughly 30cm. I made mine with a 2mm crochet hook, so he’s probably slightly smaller than the original which was made with a 2.5mm hook. I didn’t add the spikes down his back because I’m not convinced I like them. I wanted my dragon to look a bit cuddlier, and they didn’t really fit. I am debating about doing felt spikes though – opinions welcome in the comments!

Amiguruthi DragonThe pattern was quite a nice one to follow. I made a few changes during the making because some of the instructions were either incorrect or I was having a blonde day when I read them and couldn’t work them out (the latter is entirely probable!). I also decided I like the look of the back feet more so did all four feet the same, whereas the original pattern has bendy front legs.

The body of the dragon is made in three separate parts, mainly so the electronics can be put in easily. If I had decided earlier on in the process that I wasn’t doing the electronics then I would probably have just crocheted it all in one piece and stuffed as I went because it would be possible, so there’s a tip for you. Doing it in three separate pieces is nice and easy, and essential if you’re adding the LED eyes, but I’ve ended up with a weird join between tail and body that I could’ve avoided.

I absolutely LOVE the shaping of the face. It’s no so clear in the photos, but there’s a little eyebrow ridge that is just perfect and the ears are just so dang cute. The wings are really nice as well, although I got very confused when making them about which end was which (luckily there’s an assembly photo later on which cleared that up).

He’s got a colour change belly too, which was a pain to do but so worth all the tying off of threads:

Amiguruthi DragonSo there’s my dragon. I quite fancy making my own realistic dragon pattern now for a much bigger, more posed dragon. Might be a future plan (there’s lots of WIPs in my house at the moment!).

The only thing left to do is name him. Suggestions encouraged!


Midweek Squee: Despicable Me 2 Mini Minion (Free Pattern Link)

This weekend saw the UK release of ‘Despicable Me 2’ (I believe the US release is later – ha! We got something first for once!).

I haven’t seen it yet (I’m going today hopefully!) but when I do this little guy is coming with me:

Amiguruthi Mini Minion


Yes, a very mini minion! He was my entry into an experiment over at Mad Crochet Lab. She had a group of us volunteer to turn her Easiest Amigurumi Ever Pill (which you may remember I made in it’s original incarnation last year) into DM2 minions. Really fun, SUPER quick and great for knocking up in a spare hour when you’ve been itching to crochet you’re-not-quite-sure-what all day.

Have a go yourself. Or maybe you want the slightly bigger challenge of tackling my own Amiguruthi Minion Keyring?

Amiguruthi Despicable Me Minion

Kerbal (Free Pattern)

Amiguruthi is boldly going where no amigurumi has gone before (probably) – SPACE.

Or near space anyway.

Let me explain.

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a lovely bloke in the states for a commission. He’d seen my Readers Gallery and was interested in the Kerbal I’d featured. We discussed it further, during which I’d said I didn’t make the featured Kerbal and offered to put him in touch with the original crocheter, however he decided he’d like to commission a whole new amiguruthi original from me instead, making a slightly bigger Kerbal for a near space balloon project (one of those where they send up a balloon to the edge of space to take photos). Yup – my yarny creation is going to be an almost astronaut!

Here’s the first result (Yarndango 40):

Amiguruthi Kerbal Amiguruthi Kerbal Amiguruthi Kerbal


This one is called John. His new owner liked him so much he commissioned a second one too, this one with a screaming face:

Amiguruthi Kerbal Amiguruthi Kerbal Amiguruthi KerbalHe’s called Glenn (Yarndango 41?). I hope his screaming isn’t portentous for the mission. Although Kerbal’s are meant to die horrible painful deaths in space travel related crashes…

Free pattern is after the jump if you fancy making your own.

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