Rat Dissection (free pattern)

Allo! Amiguruthi is back! And with a disgusting but cute pattern for this little lab experiment:

Lab Rat (3)

I actually made this one back in August, when my sister requested him as a birthday present after she saw aKNITomy’s fabulous knitted version on Etsy. Then I got busy and promptly forgot to post his pattern. He came back to my memory thanks to my recent activity in a little show I wrote, directed and (due to last minute actor illness) performed in called ‘The Pied Piper’. For the last four months I’ve been off doing this show as a panto. For those non-UK readers, pantomime (commonly shortened to panto) is a children’s show with a dose of adult jokes, based on fairy tales and featuring large doses of slapstick humour. They’re generally performed around Christmas time, although since my group is amateur we push it back to February to avoid clashing with the big boys. It’s the first thing I’ve ever written or directed for stage and I could wax lyrical about how proud I am of it all, but this here blog is about crochet and you’re all here to learn how to make rat guts. So without any further ado, follow the pattern link after the jump.

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Free Pattern: Guardian Bear

Has everyone seen this meme before?

The original image is from Begemott on DeviantArt. I love it – it totally describes what I feel about my bear Snuffy who I showed you all earlier in the week. And while idly flicking through the internet a couple of weeks back I got relinked to the meme and decided I HAD to make that bear.

Amiguruthi Guardian Bear Amiguruthi Guardian Bear Amiguruthi Guardian Bear

Yes he’s fighting a sheep in that last photo. I didn’t have any scary soft toy monsters!

I call him the Guardian Bear and he’d be a great make for anyone, but I think he’d be a particularly nice gift for a child who is struggling with nightmares. Or in my case an insomniac adult who’ll give anything a shot (I’m not sleeping because of monsters, sure – gimmie the Guardian Bear!).

Free pattern after the jump.

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Superhero Pencil Toppers (Free Pattern)

Hello one and all – first post of 2014! I haven’t been felled on my New Year night out, just getting back into the swing of being back at work and rehearsing Pantomine (I’m going to be the fairy!).

Today’s offering is a pattern I previewed last year – the Superhero Pencil Toppers.

Amiguruthi Superhero Pencil Toppers


From left to right – Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, Iron Man and Captain America.

They’re super easy and super quick and would make super presents for the hard to buy for boyfriend (or girlfriend) this Valentine’s Day. It’s just over a month away after all…

Free pattern after the jump

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The Lady (Free Pattern)

BONUS COMPETITION! If anyone can think of an awesome name for this pattern, I will change it and give credit and link back if you have a blog or store of your own. And internet cookies*.

*Disclaimer: Not real cookies. Unless you buy some and pretend they were from me.

EDIT: Competition closed, The Lady’s official name is:

Layla Antoinette

The name is an amalgamation of two submissions from Katy the Night Owl and Katnisscrochet. Enjoy your internet cookies ladies!

So last week I asked for people’s opinions and my Lady pattern won the vote, so here she is!

Amiguruthi The LadyAmiguruthi The Lady

She’s posable and everything! The Lady was made as a gift for my brother’s girlfriend, who had requested ‘something for her desk at work’ ages ago. She’s big on history and textiles, especially dress and corset making, so I intended on making a beautiful Victorian style doll with a crinoline skirt. She actually looks more like she’s wearing some kind of space crinoline, but she was well received either way! Free pattern after the jump. Continue reading

DnD D20 (Free Pattern)

I recently started playing Dungeons and Dragons (well, I say recently, it was over six months ago actually). We play the ‘sit round and talk about it and occasionally get the models out so we can visualise the fight’ style of DnD, 2 hours every other Sunday.

My name is Amiguruthi, and I’m a huge geek.

I love it, I really do. The group are a mix of old and new friends (including my other half who I dragged along after my first game cos I knew he’d love it too. He does). Not long after I started playing, the Dungeon Master and his wife had a son. So now we have a baby at the game who on occasion has been threatened as an unbeatable monster if we don’t stop misbehaving.

I haven’t given them a congratulations gift yet because I didn’t actually see the sprog during the first couple of months of his life due to stopped play and theatrical adventures of my own, so like the incredibly organised person I am totally forgot.

Then last week I followed through on a threat to make this as as my newest Yarndango project:

amiguruthi D20

amiguruthi D20

amiguruthi D20




















An amigurumi D20.

It’s probably not exactly game worthy, but I’m hoping baby Dungeon Master likes it.

Free pattern to make your own after the jump. Also, yes those are Instagram pictures – you can follow me at http://instagram.com/amiguruthi/

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Puppy Love (Free Pattern)

Have you noticed how cat heavy my blog is? If you scan down my patterns tab there are three kitties I think (and I have to admit plans for a fourth is already on the hook). So in the spirit of Valentines Day, for this weeks Yarndango I offer a peace gesture to the puppy lovers out there.

amiguruthi puppy love amiguruthi puppy love


A Dachshund puppy with heart shaped ear warmers. D’awww.

for some reason I can’t get a great photo of this guy, but hopefully you can all see the cute.

Free pattern and construction photos after the jump.

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Harley Quinn and The Joker (Free Pattern Edit)

As I type, my wrists are bloomin’ sore. This last fortnight has been one of neglecting my university studies to focus on my crochet. Meh – there’re other trainee teachers out there to meld the minds of the yoofs! If you’ve followed me on Facebook you’ll have seen a few bit – I’ve an Oogie Boogie that I’ve played about with, a mobile phone case, and I’ve also joined in with the Fairy themed CAL running over a Mad Crochet Lab.

So please bare with me this weekend for just posting a quicky pattern edit. Using my Basic Amigurumi Human Base, I made these for my little sister and her boyfriend for Christmas – Harley Quinn and The Joker.

Amiguruthi Harley Quinn Joker


It took a few edits to the patterns, the most notable being the head and body balls being turned on their ends, mainly so that I could do the coloured halves of Harley’s costume, and then I ended up doing the same on the Joker just so that they looked like a pair.

And the addition of boobs.

Close ups and discussion after the jump (not technically patterns, but I’ll describe the edits so you could feasibly attempt your own too).

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Flail / Morning Star (Free Pattern)

So if you look around my patterns, you’ll see that I make a lot of quite girly stuff – cats feature heavily, along with animated cute stuff. So I thought I’d man up over Christmas when it came to making a gift for the mister and make this.

Amiguruthi Flail / morning star

It’s a flail – or a morning star as he informed me when he opened it. It’s a weapon, that’s all I cared about (last year I gave him throwing stars, and he already owns a couple of swords, a few knives and – until recently – a staff. None of which are crochet. He’s not a violent person, he just did martial arts for years and these thing accumulate! In my own hoard I have a spear. Because when you go to Kenya you can’t not come home with a spear). At least this one I can wield without worrying about lopping off limbs – it doesn’t hurt, as was demonstrated during the post Christmas dinner recovery when he gave into the temptation to whack me with it!

If you’d like to welcome soft toy violence into your life, the free pattern is after the jump.

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Blue Cat (Free Pattern)

Last post before Christmas! Here I should do something Christmassy like a reindeer or Santa or something. But when have I ever managed to make a holiday themed amigurumi in the past? Maybe that should go down with knitting as my New Years Resolution…

Anyway, this week I have for you a pattern for yet another cat!

amiguruthi blue catamiguruthi blue cat


I was going to try something Christmassy, but then I remembered that a friend I am seeing over Christmas has her birthday in January and has requested a cat. She’d actually requested a specific one but can I heck as find the book the pattern is in, so I whipped up an Amiguruthi original for her instead.

Free pattern after the jump.

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