Rhino (Free Pattern Link)

Hello! I’m writing from the future! it’s actually the 25th of September, but I’m going to pretend I’m writing not long before you read. I think this counts as a Yarndango entry too 🙂

Today (see what I did there?) I’m actually in the middle of carting boxes over to my new house (hopefully right this second I’m sitting with a cuppa and my mysteriously quickly unpack hooks and yarn, supervising the other half being manly and shifting all the heavy things. A girl can dream right?).

Just a quicky to showcase my version of someone else’s design. A few months ago, I came across the Little Bigfoot range by Amigurumi to Go. These are some totally cute ami animals including a monkey, a giraffe, a turtle and my favourite, a hippo. So I crocheted a hippo.

Aww hippo!

But anyone who knows me well knows that my favourite animal is – the rhino!

So I added on to the design:

A simple horn and voila – rhino!


This little guy hangs on my bag now and I love him.

The pattern is really simple to follow, but challenging enough to keep you interested. There are some nice little details like sewing on toe nails (claws I assume in some of the other patterns!) and the felt inside the ears. I suggest you give it a try. The Hippo Pattern is here, and look to the the right and there’s a list of the other versions.

If you want to add a horn it’s really simple.

Ch2/ magic ring

Round 1: 4sc in second chain from hook/ centre of ring. [4]
Round2: 4sc [4]
Round 3: Dec, Dec [2]

Finish off and sew on the end of the nose.

I think that’s how I did it. If you try it and it looks odd drop me a message and I’ll have a rethink!

Go visit Amigurumi to Go too.

Since I’m moving house and have no internet access until November I won’t be able to respond to comments most likely. I will read any that get posted, and I’ll respond in time, it’ll just take me a while. Thanks for understanding!