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Hi everyone.

I was going to post what I’d made for my sister’s birthday tomorrow, but then I realised she might then see it before I give it her, so delay that one a week.

Instead, I’ve been collecting images of people’s versions of my patterns again. I love seeing photos of things you guys have made from my designs, so please if you have any you haven’t sent me or which haven’t been put on Ravelry do email me at Especially if you’ve made something based on my Basic Amigurumi Human Base – I’m saving them for the next Readers Gallery.

First up is one of my favourite things I’ve been sent – a Giant Rubber Duck!

pamvdz Ravelry Duck3 pamvdz Ravelry Duck2 pamvdz Ravelry Duck1

pamvdz was incredibly helpful in testing this pattern and sent me quite a few corrections I had missed which I really appreciated. And look! Purple duck! I’m impressed.

I’ve been sent a few other cool things too – my Flail is pretty popular. I’ve been sent it in it’s classic form:

o0dove0o Ravelry Flail


In bright pink girl form:

CharminglyWicked Ravelry Flail


And in super upsized incredibly spiky form!:

jld2247 Ravelry Flail

jld2247. I don’t think I can take credit for this one, except in the form of inspiration. I love it though. EDIT: She’s just Ravelry messaged me and added: ‘The handle is 19.5 inches long. The ball is roughly 32 inches in circumference. And the spikes are 6.5 inches long.’

Also popular is my Batman Keyring. I’ve been sent them from S-Max Jewels:

S-Max Jewels Batman Facebook

And janiewaah, who made Robin and The Joker as well.

janiewaah Ravelry batman janiewaah Ravelry robin janiewaah Ravelry joker

(They’re posed in egg cups – I thought they were giant teeth).

A pattern still getting a lot of hits is Puppy Love. And manatina has used it for a lovely tribute to her friend’s dog MacArther, who is pictured in the background.  

manatina puppy love

A few months back now, the Treblemaking Hookers on Facebook had a Yarn Bombing day. I didn’t get my butt in gear in time to join in, but Denise Niemann chose my Unhappy Lil’ Slug to bomb her local Post Office with – hopefully he’s nicely happy with some mystery recipient!

Denise Niemann slug at post officeDenise Niemann slug

A little hint to the future now – I released my Cute Lil’ VooDoo Doll pattern last year when I was still learning to crochet. He’s been popular, but I’ve reworked him for a future post as a re-release, and he actually looks more like Jamie Lasher’s version here:

Jamie Lasher Voodoo doll email

You’ll also see my Fat Gnome re-jigged if you download my Guide to Crochet, but here’s Cmaizy’s version using the original pattern. I love the bird in the background!

Cmaizy Gnome

Another pattern I’ll be talking about in the near future is my Jellyfish. Here’s Laweinberger‘s version to remind you what it looks like – I like the stretched out tentacles on hers.

Laweinberger Jellyfish Ravelry

And lets end on the second biggest invaders of the crochet community behind the owl – Minions! I posted my pattern this time last year, and Tiverknitter sent me a few that she’d made.

Tiverknitter Minion Ravelry

That’s all for now – again, I LOVE seeing your stuff, so please do add them to my Ravelry, post them on my Facebook or drop me a photo by email as above. If I’ve included your project today and not credited you it’s because I don’t have a link to your internet presence, so just let me know and I’ll add it in 🙂

Shrunken Head (Free Pattern)

Howdy. A day later than usual I know, but forgive me – I was re-jigging a totally awesome pattern for you.

Earlier in the week, I was watching the ever fantastic QI, a British TV panel comedy show based around general knowledge and random facts, presented by the wonderful Stephen Fry. The episode featured shrunken heads, and Mr Fry gave out some genuine fake shrunken heads from Ecuador (I think – I may be wrong with the location!). They were made from goats skin, not humans, but straight away I wanted to crochet one.

Here’s the result:

Amiguruthi Shrunken Head (1)


Close up:

Amiguruthi Shrunken Head (36)


I played around with hook sizes a bit, so the one on the left is bigger since it’s made on a 3.5mm E hook and is more true to life, fills the palm of your hand size, whereas the one on the right uses a 2mm hook and is slightly smaller, so would be less distracting to say, hang from your car’s rear view mirror. Add a lavender sachet and it becomes a creepy air freshener.

I spent ages frogging and shaping them, only to remember near the end that Wooly Toons has an excellent pattern on her site too. But her’s are based on the Beetlejuice characters, whereas mine are more aimed towards the real ones. One can never have too many option when it comes to tiny noggings though, it must be said 😉

Free pattern for your own totem after the jump.

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Midweek Squee: Despicable Me 2 Mini Minion (Free Pattern Link)

This weekend saw the UK release of ‘Despicable Me 2’ (I believe the US release is later – ha! We got something first for once!).

I haven’t seen it yet (I’m going today hopefully!) but when I do this little guy is coming with me:

Amiguruthi Mini Minion


Yes, a very mini minion! He was my entry into an experiment over at Mad Crochet Lab. She had a group of us volunteer to turn her Easiest Amigurumi Ever Pill (which you may remember I made in it’s original incarnation last year) into DM2 minions. Really fun, SUPER quick and great for knocking up in a spare hour when you’ve been itching to crochet you’re-not-quite-sure-what all day.

Have a go yourself. Or maybe you want the slightly bigger challenge of tackling my own Amiguruthi Minion Keyring?

Amiguruthi Despicable Me Minion

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Keyring (Free Pattern Link/ edit)

I loooove ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ (Pegasista for life!) and when my zip pull broke on my purse a few months back, I decided I wanted a pony on there. But I couldn’t decide which one out of the mane six I wanted, so I decided to make them all in miniature!

I found a pattern for Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans, and decided they’d be perfect bodies for some very little My Little Ponies. A few little additions like wings, horns, feet, hair, hats and cutie marks later and here they are! They’re not all perfect, but I love this.


The edits I made were very simple, and as after the jump.

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Rhino (Free Pattern Link)

Hello! I’m writing from the future! it’s actually the 25th of September, but I’m going to pretend I’m writing not long before you read. I think this counts as a Yarndango entry too 🙂

Today (see what I did there?) I’m actually in the middle of carting boxes over to my new house (hopefully right this second I’m sitting with a cuppa and my mysteriously quickly unpack hooks and yarn, supervising the other half being manly and shifting all the heavy things. A girl can dream right?).

Just a quicky to showcase my version of someone else’s design. A few months ago, I came across the Little Bigfoot range by Amigurumi to Go. These are some totally cute ami animals including a monkey, a giraffe, a turtle and my favourite, a hippo. So I crocheted a hippo.

Aww hippo!

But anyone who knows me well knows that my favourite animal is – the rhino!

So I added on to the design:

A simple horn and voila – rhino!


This little guy hangs on my bag now and I love him.

The pattern is really simple to follow, but challenging enough to keep you interested. There are some nice little details like sewing on toe nails (claws I assume in some of the other patterns!) and the felt inside the ears. I suggest you give it a try. The Hippo Pattern is here, and look to the the right and there’s a list of the other versions.

If you want to add a horn it’s really simple.

Ch2/ magic ring

Round 1: 4sc in second chain from hook/ centre of ring. [4]
Round2: 4sc [4]
Round 3: Dec, Dec [2]

Finish off and sew on the end of the nose.

I think that’s how I did it. If you try it and it looks odd drop me a message and I’ll have a rethink!

Go visit Amigurumi to Go too.

Since I’m moving house and have no internet access until November I won’t be able to respond to comments most likely. I will read any that get posted, and I’ll respond in time, it’ll just take me a while. Thanks for understanding! 

Despicable Me Minion (free pattern)

Yarndango post… erm… five? I only signed up to four but sod it – I’m enjoying it so I’ll carry on! If you’ve not checked it out yet follow the link or click the banner over to the left. Anyway – here it is, the big one that I’ve been wanting to post for weeks but couldn’t because it was a birthday present.

A Despicable Me Minion!


He’s keyring sized, so only three inches high. I made this for two reasons:

1) My friend is really into animation, and since this year I’ve been hand making all my presents (saved a ton doing that!) I thought this was the perfect way to celebrate her passion.

2) I really really love the Minions and have wanted to make one forever. I cannot wait for Despicable Me 2!

I’ve been so excited about this because it’s the first amigurumi I’ve made that’s of an actual, established character that I’ve been really 100% satisfied with the final result (much as I love Bane Bat). He whipped up so easily too – every thing I tried went perfectly which almost never happens! Now there are loads of Minion patterns out there, and mine is just adding to the bunch. But the great thing is, every pattern I’ve seen is different, just like the minions so I don’t feel like I’m repeating or competing with anyones work.

Plus most of the ones I found have two eyes and I think the one eyed guys are cuter.

Full pattern and lots of how to photos after the jump.

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Batman villain bat keyrings (free pattern)

So here’s the follow up to last weeks Batman and Robin pattern – the Batman villain series. Introducing: Bane, The Joker and Harley Quinn!

(Harley Quinn after the jump is a little different, but I forgot to retake the group shot after I improved her before I gave her away). 

Clearer photos and how to edit the pattern from last week after the jump.

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Batman and Robin bat keyrings (free pattern)

Holy Crochet, Batman! A couple of weeks ago I saw ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and was hit by a moment of pattern inspiration – I’d make a Batman bat!

During the making, I was also hit by further inspiration – how cute would a Robin bat sidekick be?!

These critters are probably two inches tall, making them perfect keyring size – the pattern to make both is after the jump. Both are made as part of Yarndango over at Aunty’s Tea Room.

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Cute Lil’ Voodoo Doll (free pattern)

This weeks offering to the amigurumi gods is a pattern I created back the beginning of the year. It’s very simple and quick, especially for beginner crocheters.

A cute lil’ Voodoo Doll, for anyone who needs a bit of heart soothing, or some revenge…

Ooh look – borders and text too!

More photos and free pattern after the jump.

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