Flail / Morning Star (Free Pattern)

So if you look around my patterns, you’ll see that I make a lot of quite girly stuff – cats feature heavily, along with animated cute stuff. So I thought I’d man up over Christmas when it came to making a gift for the mister and make this.

Amiguruthi Flail / morning star

It’s a flail – or a morning star as he informed me when he opened it. It’s a weapon, that’s all I cared about (last year I gave him throwing stars, and he already owns a couple of swords, a few knives and – until recently – a staff. None of which are crochet. He’s not a violent person, he just did martial arts for years and these thing accumulate! In my own hoard I have a spear. Because when you go to Kenya you can’t not come home with a spear). At least this one I can wield without worrying about lopping off limbs – it doesn’t hurt, as was demonstrated during the post Christmas dinner recovery when he gave into the temptation to whack me with it!

If you’d like to welcome soft toy violence into your life, the free pattern is after the jump.

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