Superhero Pencil Toppers (Free Pattern)

Hello one and all – first post of 2014! I haven’t been felled on my New Year night out, just getting back into the swing of being back at work and rehearsing Pantomine (I’m going to be the fairy!).

Today’s offering is a pattern I previewed last year – the Superhero Pencil Toppers.

Amiguruthi Superhero Pencil Toppers


From left to right – Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman, Iron Man and Captain America.

They’re super easy and super quick and would make super presents for the hard to buy for boyfriend (or girlfriend) this Valentine’s Day. It’s just over a month away after all…

Free pattern after the jump

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Splattered Zombie Pin Cushion (Free Pattern)

Two weeks without an update? Oops. Sorry. Last weekend I gave myself time off from working to go have a life, and that meant I didn’t get to update. But Halloween is coming up rapidly, and I missed joining in last year for one reason or another so here’s this years super quick sacrifice. Erm, offering. Crochet pattern. That’s the one – this year’s crochet pattern. Extra to the Shrunken Heads of course.

Meet the Splattered Zombie Pin Cushion.

Splattered Zombie Pin Cushion Amiguruthi

She’s sort of similar to my Cute Lil’ VooDoo Doll, but a bit more, well, dead. Splattered as it says. Handy for keeping the pins at hand of course. So don’t feel too sad – she does have gainful employment. Big Unhappy Slug is still job hunting by the way. Update soon.

Free pattern after the jump.

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Gizmo (Free Pattern)

Finally I can show you my long running WIP. Without further ado, here’s GIZMO! (Yarndango number 39!)

Amiguruthi Gizmo

For anyone not a child of the 80s or early 90s, Gizmo is the cute main character of the Gremlins movies. They’re super cheesy horror movies with genuinely scary undertones (just ask my sister about the spider Gremlin in the second film!). The first film is by far the better, although the second one is the one that got played on TV every Christmas when I was a kid. I grew up watching Gremlins, but it never occurred to me to amigurumify one until someone on Facebook linked to an article that mentioned the film. After that, well, what else could I do?

Loads of how to photos and the free pattern after the jump.

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Yahtzee Zero Punctuation (Free Pattern)

Right guys, here’s Yarndango entry whatevermabob the post I had intended to put up last week until I lost the pattern (it was lurking on my desktop called something stupid – I found it by accident!). Although to be fair the post last week about things I wish I knew before I picked up my hook proved to be pretty popular!

This week, heeeeere’s Yahtzee!

amiguruthi yahtzee amiguruthi yahtzee


For those of you who have just looked at the photo and have no idea who I’m on about, Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw is a video games reviewer on the Escapist website in a segment called Zero Punctuation. Now, I’m a casual gamer at best, but I still love ZP. His reviews are always hilariously sardonic, and it’s all little animated stills with a fast paced voice over, generally trashing the latest release (occasionally praising it too). The guy above is Yahtzee’s avatar in the videos, and I’ve been meaning to immortalise him in crochet for a very long time.

I am going to give out the free pattern to this, although I don’t have permission. I can’t find a contact address directly for Yahtzee to ask permission, and I don’t think the Facebook page is a) manned by the man himself or b) slow moving enough for any post of mine to be seen by him in amongst the fanboy wailing. So Yahtzee, if you do stumble upon this and disapprove, give me a hollar ok? :p

Pattern and more photos after the jump.

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Harley Quinn and The Joker (Free Pattern Edit)

As I type, my wrists are bloomin’ sore. This last fortnight has been one of neglecting my university studies to focus on my crochet. Meh – there’re other trainee teachers out there to meld the minds of the yoofs! If you’ve followed me on Facebook you’ll have seen a few bit – I’ve an Oogie Boogie that I’ve played about with, a mobile phone case, and I’ve also joined in with the Fairy themed CAL running over a Mad Crochet Lab.

So please bare with me this weekend for just posting a quicky pattern edit. Using my Basic Amigurumi Human Base, I made these for my little sister and her boyfriend for Christmas – Harley Quinn and The Joker.

Amiguruthi Harley Quinn Joker


It took a few edits to the patterns, the most notable being the head and body balls being turned on their ends, mainly so that I could do the coloured halves of Harley’s costume, and then I ended up doing the same on the Joker just so that they looked like a pair.

And the addition of boobs.

Close ups and discussion after the jump (not technically patterns, but I’ll describe the edits so you could feasibly attempt your own too).

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Flail / Morning Star (Free Pattern)

So if you look around my patterns, you’ll see that I make a lot of quite girly stuff – cats feature heavily, along with animated cute stuff. So I thought I’d man up over Christmas when it came to making a gift for the mister and make this.

Amiguruthi Flail / morning star

It’s a flail – or a morning star as he informed me when he opened it. It’s a weapon, that’s all I cared about (last year I gave him throwing stars, and he already owns a couple of swords, a few knives and – until recently – a staff. None of which are crochet. He’s not a violent person, he just did martial arts for years and these thing accumulate! In my own hoard I have a spear. Because when you go to Kenya you can’t not come home with a spear). At least this one I can wield without worrying about lopping off limbs – it doesn’t hurt, as was demonstrated during the post Christmas dinner recovery when he gave into the temptation to whack me with it!

If you’d like to welcome soft toy violence into your life, the free pattern is after the jump.

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Mug Cosy (Free Pattern)

God morning/ afternoon/ whatever time it is when you read this. For me it’s 8:53 on a Sunday and by rights I should be asleep. But it’s a week until Christmas and the pile of presents to make isn’t going to get any smaller by me catching up with my zeds! If you’re in a similar ‘what the heck do I get for x person?’ kinda state of mind to me, then this pattern is probably for you – the ever popular, totally simple and quick but looks like you’ve put some effort in mug cosy!

mug cosy mug cosy


Please excuse my bad photography – I repeat, for me it’s pretty early! And I know it’s not an amigurumi, but I’m bending my blog remit a little lol.

I have four friends plus my brother and Dad who I can’t really afford to spend much on this year but wanted to give something personal to. So initial branded mug cosies seemed a good way forward. I also followed this tutorial from a Beautiful Mess on decorating the mugs using sharpies – although if you’re going to do that, I recommend not using the coloured sharpies as they all faded horribly in the oven and I had to go over everything again. Black, blue and (oddly) pink worked well, and orange went brown but still showed up.

Anyway – jump through below and there’s a photo tutorial on the mug cosy! I think this also counts towards the ongoing Yarndango!

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Om Nom (Free Pattern)

So today’s free pattern is this little guy – Om Nom from Cut the Rope! He also counts as my Yarndango entry number God knows what now.

Om Nom Cut the Rope


I know most of my readership comes from America, and I’m not sure how big Cut the Rope was over there, so sorry if I’m preaching to the converted here. Cut the Rope is a cute little Android game where you have to cut ropes to feed candy to an adorable little green alien thing called Om Nom. It was big in the UK about a year ago, but I only discovered it last week. It’s amazing how much sitting around there is when your house floods (between panicked mopping, bailing out buckets full of water, and frantically calling your landlord, parents and the water board of course). So I nabbed my other half’s phone and got a little addicted to feeding Om Nom. And from addiction very rapidly came this amigurumi, which I have to admit is one of my proudest makes ever.

Om Nom eats candy:

Om Nom Cut the Rope


BIG candy:






And even crochet hooks:



Make your own with the free pattern (stage by stage photos plus more adorable photo shoots) after the jump!

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Diablo Sackboy (Free Pattern Link)

Another modified pattern for you and Yarndango this week.

I made this for my boyfriend for Valentines Day 2012, so this is one of my oldies. I had only been crocheting for a few months when I attempted it, so I was really pleased I managed it because the patterns looks quite complicated for a newbie. Luckily it was very well written.

What was it? A Diablo Sackboy


Diablo is a video game – the third in the series was released recently and I lost my other half to it for a good month. He’d been excited about it for a couple of years before that, so I knew what was coming. I also knew he’d appreciate this present.

So what modifications did I make? Well, the original pattern in the Little Big Planet Sackboy pattern from Nerdigurumi. As you can see at the link, she has him finished with a zipper in her version, like the actual video game character, but I left that out because I was more interested in the shape rather than authenticity (we’re an Xbox 360 household, and Little Big Planet is a PS3 game, so actually isn’t one we’ve played overly much. Not enough to form more than a passing attachment to the character anyway).

I also added some spikes at the elbows, knees and on the back (latter not shown – he’s packed in a box for moving as I write too so I can’t snap a quick shot like I would normally). These were just simple. I also added the big ol’ horns which took more creativity. I crocheted two thin pointed tubes, and wired them to give them the curly shape. To do that, I unfolded a big paper clip, slipped it through the head and slipped the horn tubes over. Sew the tubes to the head and pose away!

I added the big pink diamond too, but nowadays I’d make that a whole lot differently!

Nerdigurumi wrote a very clear pattern, and I didn’t have any trouble following it, so if you fancy making your own Sackboy of any kind (there are some fantastic Sackboy edits out there in the big wide web) give hers a try. If you make a Diablo, get yourself some protection though – Diablo is the bad guy!

Raw! Ninja takes a shot…

Since I’m moving house and have no internet access until November I won’t be able to respond to comments most likely. I will read any that get posted, and I’ll respond in time, it’ll just take me a while. Thanks for understanding! 

Team GB Olympic Hammer Throwing Lemming (link to free pattern)

The Olympics have started! I watched the opening ceremony, felt proud to be British, and then probably won’t be watching any more until the closing ceremony. I’m just not that into sport…

But, I am into Lemmings and I am into crochet, so I got involved with the Ravellenic – Ravelry’s wooly answer the the Olympics. The idea is that you join a team and submit your creations in different events to win ‘medals’. I joined Team Planet June, because I’ve wanted to crochet her Lemming pattern for the longest time. Here’s my entry to the Toy Toss: The Team GB Hammer Throwing Lemming!

More photos and a pattern analysis after the jump, but if you just want to get the patten follow the link above.

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