Marriage Equality Bunnies (Free Pattern)

Today, Amiguruthi is getting serious for a bit. Unless you live under a rock, you will have seen the red and pink equals sign popping up as peoples profile picture all over Facebook. If noone has explained it to you, this picture shows that the bearer supports marriage equality for all sexualities. It relates to an American vote happening soon about if gay people should be allowed to legally marry, but I know it’s certainly hit home here in the UK too since at the moment our own Prime Minister is taking some backlash over his support of gay marriage (about the only good thing he’s done with his time in parliament!).

I haven’t seen a yarn world response to this, although I know it must be out there. Which is why, this Easter, I present to you the Marriage Equality Bunnies:

Just like any other bunnies in love...

Just like any other bunnies in love…

... until you turn them round.

… especially when you turn them round.










I’m straight (my gay friends laugh at me about how straight I am even!) but I know a lot of people affected by this, which is why I’m showing my support. I wish everyone with the power to make these decisions was as accepting as my Dad. My Dad is a Yorkshire man, and a lapsed Christian, which means that he is stubborn, he has a tendency to make off colour jokes, he is friendly as hell, I’m pretty sure believes in God at least a little, and the rest of the world thinks that he should be the last person for gay rights. Stereotypes often hit the Yorkshire man hard. The reason I say I wish everyone were as accepting as him is best illustrated with a story. When I was really little, we’re talking under ten here, I once asked him “Dad, would you be happy if I married someone who was a different colour?”. A teacher had challenged us to ask our parents this after we’d been talking about racism in school. There’s a link, I promise. He turned round to me, and he said, in more or less these exact words, “As long as they don’t hurt you, and as long as you love them, I don’t care what colour, job or anything he is, or even if he’s a woman. ” Because of that, I’ve know I could grow up to marry whoever the heck I liked*. This is also the man who, even though he didn’t really understand what was going on, and even though he wasn’t sure he liked the idea, and even though for the past five years he’d known her as a girl, casually called my female to male transgender friend ‘son’ as if it were no big deal (considering that the friend in question was having a hard time with coming out as a man, this meant the world to him).

If my Dad ran the world, everyone would be happy.

*Although after a bit of thought, he did add “Unless he’s someone like the idiot across the road” to the heart warming story above. And even then I get the feeling that I could still marry him, but Dad and my million uncles would drag him out the car park at the reception and threaten him to within an inch of his life, just to make sure he towed the line. I love my Dad.

Anyway, politics and gooeyness aside, make your own bunny couple, share them with the world and stand up for what is right. Free pattern after the jump.

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