Stripy Cat (Free pattern)

Following on from my Father’s Day Fat Gnome for my Daddy, here’s the present I’ll be giving my Mum for her birthday next week (it’s also my Dad’s birthday tomorrow – It’d be an expensive month June if I couldn’t crochet!). This amigurumi is based on my Mum’s cat Astra (long story there – basically my Dad, a fireman, rescued her from beneath the bonnet of an Astra car when she was a kitten).

Front view

Back view.

I learnt to crochet the right way round for this pattern – you’ll notice that my Gnome (and probably others I’ll post in the future) are wrong side out. I think it looks nice either way, but I especially wanted the Stripy Cat the right way out to give her that zigzag fur look.

Free pattern after the jump.

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